World of Warships- The Great CV Nerf Of 2020

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Hey guys, today we go over the accidental nerfing of the entire CV class after the release of 9.9, enjoy!

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  1. well most of the bugs, inlcuding the dmg one have been fixed…..

    • @Waffle Snek Wrong. The risk for a ship is getting destroyed. CVs don’t suffer that problem. Most of the time not even after its entire team has been destroyed already.
      Both the RTS and the current CVs are awful ideas. People just disagree which one is worse than the other. Personally, I think “AA blobs” makes up for boring, uninsteresting and predictable gameplay. But that is what CVs are here for: promote boring, uninteresting, predictable, unfair and dumbed down gameplay.

    • @Anthrax you tried RTS? First yeah, obviosly the point of CV is planes not guns. On the other hand CV can cause interesting situations, there was counter back in the day, and CV as I stated they suffer plane loses and also they risk the planes, you risk your HP they rism they planes. With planes they cannot do anything other than sailing and capping. As I stated. The problrm with current CVs is that PLANE LOSES DONT MATTER BECAUSE THEY REGENERATE, unlike the old RTS system.

    • @Waffle Snek And now that people are losing planes, regardless of them regenerating or not, CV players are pissed off.

      I did try the game back in the day with the old RTS crap. I dumped the game at that time. That was total bullshit. It continues to be bullshit, just not as much.
      And no. There wasn’t counterplay back then either. CVs could have at each other, but the rest were only prey.

    • @Anthrax They have always lost planes, the new CV gameplay just make it less apparent. The problem is that losing planes that you dont have control of VS losing planes that you have control of. It doesnt make sens from a gameplau perfective.

      As for the secodn point, it wast bullshit. Sire there were OP premiums and Mistakes but i can assure you that the CVs were limited, or at least the ones capable of anhailating all the enemy team. There was CV VS CV counterplay, you catapult figther shot down till the 6min time of being active ran out or till it died. DEF AA did something, plane losses were significant, etc. If you hate CVs because of how badly WG has inplented them then hate on WG no on the people that enjoy the current/old gameplay. Its not their fault that the class is in such state nor the way they interact with surface ships

    • @Waffle Snek That is a lame excuse imho. Your planes are in an AA bubble. Why have invulnerability? You also take damage while you have control of them. Same with the dumb slingshot mechanic.

  2. Basileus Raptorrus

    Graf Zeppelin, now just a secondary shooting, sluggish platform

    • Well it’s still a secondary monster so

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      It’s now a cruiser with 3 variants of spotter planes

    • Gulaschiltis Män

      Excellent. The less impact CV have, the more fun everyone else has!

    • Graf Zeppelin still has the capacity to have a massive impact on a match, with it’s secondary battery alone.

      That side, how do you stand on the issue for any other ship vlass? The same could be said for battleships, cruiser, or destroyers. The less influence a destroyer has, the more fun cruisers and BBs have. The less influence cruisers have, the more fun DDs have. The less influence BBs have, the more e fun cruisers have. So the final solution is just to remove all classes from the game, or what?

  3. You should acknowledge how this has absolutely decimated British CVs. I understand that most people don’t care but I just spent weeks grinding and now you get 1 attack off on equal teir ships whilst dodging flack and the rest of the squad gets shot down. The British Cvs are imo completely unplayable now…

    • Gulaschiltis Män

      @Alistair White uff my comment is literally about the time right after the “rework”. Of course DDs can do something, but if a CV wants you dead, you die, no matter how well your AA is. This is true for all classes, except for CVs. Sure a CV wouldn’t waste too much time trying to get you if you stay close to other ships, but thats beyond the point. CVs after the rework have impacted DDs the most it is not even close how crippled DD gameplay compared to pre rework, where it was quite hard already, but at least you didn’t have the huge threat of Mach 20 planes being able to fly across the map in under a minue and spotting you whenever they wish to
      Before CVs at least had to have an eye out for enemy CV. I don’t care if it doesn’t bother you as much, there are enough people, who are fed ul with this broken, unbalanced bullshit, of course all play around it, but games with CVs in it are bland and boring, because they cannot develop depth, because the CV dictates the whole course of the game, because it is so brokenly overpowered. And please don’t gimme shit that they are not, all sane Community Contributors acknowledge that fact. DDs, BBs and Cruisers are well balanced around each other stone paper scissor style, while CVs are all three combined with a gun added to the mix

    • All the CVs. They only have one function now spot. Thats it. They can’t do anything else.

    • @Gulaschiltis Män Firstly I like that rock paper scissors analogy, I will go off that. Yep, you aren’t wrong if a cv wants you dead, they will have you dead(even if you are a cv to, doesn’t happen often but it can still happen) The thing to remember is that when CVs were still rts they could unleash all of their power in one big go, whereas now they have move of a trickle of damage. Why this is all-important to know is that as a CV you do not at all feel like you run the show, no the opposite and while a super unicum player can pull a win from the shittiest team, a really good cv cannot have a huge impact on the whole course of the game. Yes we can hound down one or two ships until death over the course a long game, yes we can attack almost whatever we want, but we cannot keep it up forever, de-planing doesn’t properly exist but when you have 10 planes across all of your squads the effect is VERY similar. I understand that you don’t play CVs so to you all that it feels like is a shit storm of sky cancer, but I feel like you may change your opinion if you get to a t6 CV as this where gameplay starts to be high tier-ish.

      I understand you side of view, but also do not feel that you have the whole big picture under your belt. It is only a guess but based on your reasoning I THINK that you are a completely non-CV

    • @Alistair White it doesn’t matter if a CV “feels” he doesn’t run the show, neither does the damage really matter, what matters is, that a CV can establish mapcontrol like no other class in seconds, without any possibilty to be countered wherever he needs it. Why do you think, CVs are banned in basically all tournaments. While the RTS Cyvs could unleash all their strike power at once, HE COULD BE COUNTERED. If you had all your squads together to strike one ship and a Fighter straved them, well bad luck thats all your squads gone. Even if you got to strike an AA ship in that manner nd delete it, you would lose a significant amount of planes even without a fighter fucking em up, because the AA consumable hit ALL the squads at once, not just one at a time. So there was the possibility to get deplaned. And besides it took MUUUUUCH longer to get your planes up and flying again AND it took much longer for the planes to reach their targets. So it was a rral drawback for the rts CV to lose squads, not just because he could be deplaned, but also because he lost mapcontrol in the part of the map where he lost hid planes for much longer than nowadays. Heck if a CV player wants mapcontrol on the other side of the map, he can just abort his current squad, launch a new one, all while the last squad is completely safe and have mapcontrol in another part in seconds. How often would squads thst returned from a strike get deleted by fighters etc. Also you could use empty squads as sqouts etc etc. There was just so much more depth in the game, even if they were brokey op back then, too, there was at least VALID countermeasures. Did you mever wonder, why RTS CVs were allowed in plenty of tournaments bsck then, while they are basically banned in all today? Because the pros who know the game mechanics know how absurdly broken CVs are and that games are all the same bland dragfest with no tactical depth, when a CV is presebt. You can’t launch ambushes, you can’t counterplay them, you always have to ball up, DDs are obsolete, because a CV does everything better than a DD without any of the drawbacks.

      Yeah call me “anti CV” I call you obviously biased, because for some wierd reason you seem to enjoy defending and playing a broken game mechanic, that annoys most players and sucks the fun out of the game to thst extent, that plenty of people I played togethrt with since beta, have quit the game and won’t return until that crap gets addressed.

    • @Alistair White damn you got me started, you could even support your teammates in RTs style CVs, while the only thing you can dl nowadays is to annoy and control the enemy team. There were pure fighter builds for “noobs” who weren’t that good with striking, that could easily counter any pro CV player, if you played with your team to cover them with your fighters, etc. Just so much more depth and fun for everyone. The damage output wasn’t much higher than it is today, because it took so long to scramble up the squads and because there were valid countermeasures… You couldn’t fucking laumch another squad while one was still in the air. Don’t get me wrong, I still think that players should have the option to not play against CVs, PERIOD. If rts or not the class is broken. But at least the RTS CV was adding to the game depth, while the current iterration takes depth MASSIVELY away from the game. I bet RTS CVs would be allowed in tournaments, as they were back then, so CVs could have their application, while today they are just a major factor not to play the game at all, other than to grind a new ship which is pure cancer because of CVs.

  4. tidehunter zamora

    They though that every CV has the same aspect as FDR.. which it can soak AA …

  5. Sorry, late as always😋…but I had to go get snacks for this one! lol🤣

    ps thank frick someone else noticed the frame rate drops & stuttering!…really annoying!

  6. That stuttering and instability started in 0.9.6 for me. Gets worse each patch.

  7. Wargaming needs to bring back Setting Fires on Aircraft Carrier’s Flight Deck back so we can Knock out their Flight Deck out so they won’t send or bring back every of their Bombers or torpedo Bombers

    • @Cameron Porter why put an instant kill mechanic on the ships that have to fight at the front line, have to embrace Themselves to gun fire, Torpedos and CV drops permanently, while the CV sits comfortably behind all other at the back. CV can deal dmg without having his ship in constant gun fire of the enemy. Why should this typ of ships, with its belly fully loaded with Torpedos, Bombs, rockets and plane fuel not have a Detonation mechanic while the ships which are under constant enemy fire should have one.

      CVs have the greatest map control to spot enemys before you can see them. Yeah the auto pilot is shitty but in the end its your job to look after the position of your ship like any other ship typ. You also can tap out of your planes and manually control your ships so this argument won’t work mate.

    • @Deltaus_Kova I would be very suprised to know if you have a CV, bc they are a bit like smolensk. REALLY FREAKING SCARY to a BB or whatever but once you play one you realise you acctly don’t have a ton of power.

    • @Alistair White to be honest I only have 3 T8 CVs and dont play them anymore, so yeah, I could be lacking in experience/knowledge in CVs. But still, I dont see a reason why CVs shouldnt have a detonation mechanic.

    • @Deltaus_Kova Ngl it doesn’t matter a lot if they do have it or not bc as soon as you get detected you are dead in 30 seconds.

    • @Alistair White true that. I don’t riot if they don’t get one in the future, but im just curious why CVs don’t have it. Sorry if this was the impression I gave you, guys.

  8. In the meantime the new cv the Franklin D. Roosevelt ar to op… Wg being Wg, nothing new for me.

  9. Did not take much to scatter that nest.

  10. I guess the CV aren’t terminators anymore.

  11. So, they wanted to BUFF CV even more, and Accidentally, a bug nerfed them, “for 1 day”.
    Hybrids are Bad Idea.

    • what do you mean by hybrid?

    • @Alistair White Well, one example is the Japanese had this crazy idea to combine a battleship and an aircraft carrier. Its a real thing too, I forget the name but its basically a fuso with a small flight deck on the back so it also functions like a carrier.

    • @Jay Werner that sounds cool I guess, but if you think about it, it would suck. not enough aircraft to be any meaningful strike, and does not have the room for big guns in useful numbers

    • @Alistair White Like I said they already in world of warships blitz so im sure they will come to the main game.

    • @Jay Werner oh ok makes sense

  12. WG: no balance changes were intended

    also WG: the change to boost mechanics was intended.

  13. So the stuttering issue that I’ve been having for the last couple days is a bug

  14. I dont have a problem with them being in the game, even most matches, i have a problem with them being much to powerful for what little risk they take.

    • Exactly…when you have an aa build cruisers with 95-100 aa rating, dfaa and sector buff active and the cv drops on you multiple times and takes a third of your health…then cv are way too powerful. They spot you from the redline and you have literally no defence against them…they are broken.

    • @Rob O As opposed to a BB that can delete you in one salvo right? (rolls eyes)

    • Gulaschiltis Män

      A BB has to have luck, in addition of knowing whst they are doing to delete you in one salvo. Also you usually have only one chance to try to do this, because after a player nltices he is being shot at while showing broadside, they will adjust. If a CV wants you dead, he doesn’t need anything, not even skill. The player he is targeting can’t even adjust, he can’t do shit, even AA specced ships get annihilated.

  15. There’s a simple explanation for the frame drops when a ship is spotted. Wows is a terribly optimised game

  16. The stutter has been going on for a while in operations, not that I’d expect that to be brought up.

  17. “New gameplay roles for CVs” so they havent forgotten about the other carriers. I hope.

  18. Didn’t feel the “nerf” when the tier 8 USN CV decided to rape my AA specced Balti because i called out the unfairness of CV spotting when whoregayming gives us directive missions with spotting…

    • Gulaschiltis Män

      But bro, below TX CVs are complete crap and get all their planes shot down -> literally all CV players arguing for CVs not being OP. At this point everything that cripples CVs opnesd even slightly is already a huge gift to everyone else

    • Oh no, a CV did its intended role and prevented you from island camping, the horror

    • Gulaschiltis Män

      @CheezyBirb oh no, CVs ruined a fun and interesting game by denying all the strategic depth a game has without that crap class. You are sad if you enjoy the bland and repetetive shitshow games with CVs ALL are. And even more sad if you enjoy playing a broken class, griefing other players

  19. Outofcontrolsjs Gaming

    Oh glad to know the frame rate issue isn’t just me. Very noticeable.

  20. When I read the title, i must admit, I got very excited. I thought, “OMG Wows may actually be saved from its current abhorrant state?” Watched the video, changes were unintentional, of course, broken CV class balance will never be fixed and the game will forever suck because of it.

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