World of Warships – The Great Flambino

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Roll up, roll up! Come see the Great Flambino perform death-defying stunts, the likes of which have never been attempted by mortal man! Gasp in shock at the sheer incompetence of his teammates, scream in horror at the level of carrying required to stand a snowballs chance in hell of winning a match! And if you’re still not satisified, watch him on Twitch at the link below!

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. 6 views and 0 likes. You 6 are all monsters

    • Maybe they were watching it several times to help Jingles pad his Views

    • David W truly, these are dark times we live in. We live in a world where not everyone insta likes a jingles video. Is this what we have devolved to. humanity is truly in dark straits?

    • This isn’t WG’s official channel though, it’s Jingles. It’s his commentary you should be here for, and if you don’t like that or the game at all, why be here?

    • I had a video a few weeks back with 42 likes and “no views” … but then that was on an MRA channel where the view counts get throttled by Youtube.

    • I use my Liked list as a second set of Favorites. I only Like things I want to watch again somewhat frequently.

  2. Tora Tora Tora: I have traveled throughout America they’re industrial might is awesome! I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant! Understatement of the Century! LoL

    • Jay Taylor He _wanted the attack on Pearl from day one._

    • Actually Yamamoto was very cautious about the whole war, but accepted the reality of the impending war, so he planned for a quick victory, and it indeed needed to be QUICK, because of their limited oil and material supply and if the enemy could disrupt the Japanese merchant ships, then Japan would be in deep shit. Yamamoto had also said that Pearl Harbor isn’t enough to win, not even if they’d take San Fransisco and so forth, they’d need to march to the Washington and straight into the White House to dictate the terms of peace. And when it was realized that the Carriers aren’t there (in Pearl), Yamamoto knew that they practically lost already, lost all chances, destroying the Carriers was key.

    • Just because a man does what is needed of him, what is ordered, doesn’t mean the man WANTS it, he simply did his duty despite not really agreeing with the war. And although not agreeing with it and being very cautious about it, of course he’s going to plan for victory, especially since it’s impending and going to happen regardless, you can’t go to war with the mindset that it’s lost before it even starts.

    • Yamamoto did express his understanding of the US’s industrial potential, but there is no record of the “Sleeping Giant” comment and is likely apocryphal. It is certain he knew what he was up against and recognized that as the attack came before a declaration of war, which was not the plan, the US’s resultant rage and driving motivation for war with Japan would be a significant and long term.

    • The “sleeping giant” comment is indeed apocryphal, but one of the reasons it’s so often repeated is that it does accurately express Yamamoto’s actual sentiments regarding the prospect of war with the U.S. Yamamoto was against the idea of going to war with the U.S., but he insisted on the Pearl Harbor attack once his government had determined to go to war anyway because he saw his plan as the only chance his country had for victory. Yamamoto knew perfectly well that America’s vast industrial and material superiority meant that Japan could not possibly win the war as long as the U.S. chose to keep fighting it. Therefore, the only way Japan could possibly win was to inflict enough of a psychological defeat on the U.S. to bring them to the peace table. That’s what Pearl Harbor was meant to do. Obviously, Pearl Harbor had largely the opposite of its desired effect on the American psyche, but you have to keep in mind when evaluating Yamamoto’s plan that breaking U.S. will to fight (and doing so quickly) was the ONLY way Japan could ever win. The other warplans Japan had at the time could not have done that, and it’s hard to think of any other plan Japan could have employed with any better chance of doing so.

      And Jimmy Seaver, I’ve read Shattered Sword numerous times (great book). While it’s true that Yamamoto’s battle plan for Midway was horrifically bad, that doesn’t change the fact that his prewar assessment regarding the prospect of war with the U.S. was fairly accurate. Certainly he understood the dangers of that war better than almost any of the Japanese government leaders or other senior commanders. The fact that his plan to attack Pearl Harbor failed to accomplish a goal that he was forced to pursue but was probably impossible to begin with isn’t much of a mark against it.

  3. I dont know what was going through their minds when they decided to attack America, but I know what went through their minds when America attacked back.
    Their asses.

    • well, tbh, japan knew very well of US industrial might, they were infiltrating us structures long before attack. And they had pretty cunning and clever plan, but US command predicted some parts of it, besides, even if the plan was good, it was executed horribly by japanese command. If the japanese attack on pearl harbour achieved what it meant to achieve (sink the carriers, which were misteriously deployed on drill, coincidence?), the US pacific fleet would be effectively disabled for a long time, giving japan time to expand and secure the strategic resources, which would force US to either throw everything they had at japan, or start negotiations, and the latter was a japanese goal. Besides in 1941-42 Japanese fleet was on the upper hand over the US.

    • Nah. Japan, especially the Imperial Japanese Navy, whose personel usually studying abroad, including US, know that Japan will lose if they go to war against the US. Unfortunately, most of te Gorvernment is controlled by the Imperial Japanese Army, so….. yeah. XD

    • Eventually, yes. Pretty grim in 1942 and much of 1943, though. Jingles has mentioned it before, but Neptune’s Inferno is one of the best reads you’ll find on Guadalcanal, pretty much a make-or-break scenario for the US. It’ll have you practically rage quitting at times, but the writing is superb and the story is one of the most gripping tales of horror, frustration, and grit I’ve come across.

    • even if the CV’s were at pearl there was at most 2 out of the 3 pacific CV’s this isin’t counting the Atlantic CV’s. so even if the CV’s were at pearl they wouldn’t have destroyed the american carrier fleet. they would have ensured for the first 6-12 months of the war the would have naval air superiority in the pacific. the US would have only had 5 CV’s compared to the IJN 10 CV’s

  4. #DDlivesmatter mother trucker

  5. Hadrien Croubois

    Seen it live, but still enjoy Jingles commentary 🙂

  6. It’s the kind of game after which you stare at the results screen, mutter obscenities then switch the PC off for it’s own safety lol.

  7. #DDLivesMatter

  8. Understand that things happen and the need to AFK sometimes. At this point WGing could easily replace these AFKs with AI ships after a set amount of time. We have seen the math from previous videos that a team is down 1 player is at a huge disavantage, and has a much greater chance of a loss.

    • System isn’t really an issue. I’ve played both WOTs and WOWS as a CBT and live with thousands of games on a P4 radon512, and various other poor to very nice Rigs. Its all about your connection to the ISP. This depends on you location in the world and the access you have. I find these games require little in the way of resources at low settings.

    • It doesn’t bluescreen anything else, even the high end AAA games run perfectly at 60fps at 1920×1080 no problem.

    • isp does not make you bluescreen.

    • @Vinnie Still sounds like a driver issue, or you should reinstall the game and remove any and all third part mods.

      I wouldn’t trust the coding of any mods to NOT crash my PC.

    • Solis I never ran mods since the last reset.

  9. #DDlivesMatter

  10. HyperDimension Bliss

    *Actually, Jingles,* Mogami has 155mm guns, not 152mm guns.

  11. During this fight I was more intrigued by the moronic german Bismark player who spent the first 2 minutes of the game complaining about the matchmaking, calling the devs gay/lesbian and then choosing suicide by Richelieu. In fact, he steered the Bismark right into the next enemy bunch and then refused to fire his main battieries (the shots we see are from the secondaries). He ended up being the second worst player, just above the afk Iowa. ^^

  12. Who else had enough confidence in flambass to actually expect him to turn the game around and win it? 😎

    • i genuinely thought he would still win this, but after he took last hit, leaving gim on 400hp i knew it’s going to be lost

    • There were 2 problems. First, time was running out.
      And second, he used defensive aa while smoking up in front of the Nagato. But of course, he couldn’t see any planes when sitting in the smoke. So the defensive aa was wasted. He should have waited and triggered it when leaving the smoke. He might have been able to shoot down the remaining planes and get undetected.

    • I thought it was going to be pretty unlikely for him to win, but god, what a battle he put up.

  13. #DDLivesMatter

  14. 12:27 – Missouri player actually apologised for being afk

  15. The video is even more funny if you’re German or at least understand the language 😀 The whole cursing and complaining of the friendly Bismarck is embarrasing and hillarious at the same time 😉

    So to sum it up for our english-speaking friends:
    – First he says, the porgramers are gay because they love pink (and of course he is pink at this moment), are screwing him over and everyone should pass that on. The reason: There’s no pink ship on the enemy side.
    – Then he says, one should immediately stop playing the game or complain due to discrimination (You know, two pink ships on his side, none on the enemy side) tot he game attendance. And yes, only a German could come up with a agency like a “game attendance”. Until that the programmers are, of course, gay … or, now he recognizes the women in the team, lesbian.
    – After this he curses about his 380 mm guns doing no damage, and decides at 7:53 to go away because of that. But before he goes, he has to call somebody (enemies, wargaming, everyone, idk) mean suckers 😀 This becomes even more funny if you hear what Jingles is saying at about 11:00, because the Bismarck has most likely been afk for about 3 minutes at this (If you look at his straight driving in this time, it’s likely). Of course it was no fair fight, because the Captain of the Bismarck just wasn’t there.

    A little bonus for all Germans watching the video 😀

    • **Battleship complaints departament intensifies**

    • he had rage quit earlier and kept his ship at full speed at the vector it was going

    • Actually, I think it’s quite a feat to become the biggest idiot in the game. Stronk competition, ya know?
      But he is certainly making an ambitious efford. As a german, I can respect that 😀

    • Reminds me of most players in tanks or ships who have a nick built on “Rommel,” “Patton,” or “Halsey,” ect. You just KNOW they’re probably going to be entirely useless.

    • That occured to me as well, that there must be an inverse correlation between the number of Rommels on your team and your chance of victory in WoT, strangely enough.

  16. An answer to question “what was Japan thinking?” is: It’s either war, or economical collapse.
    Japanese stratefy was simple. They had to obtain resources to sustain its grasp as a significant power over the Western Pacific and China. The position they obtained in worlds view during the 1904-1905 Russo-Japanese war, by defeating the most powerfull army of that time, the Russian Empire Army (and Navy, eliminating both: the Russian Pacific fleet and Baltic fleet). The problem was, Japan didnt have enough resources on its own ground, and China and all of the Western Pacific was carved between colonial empires, like Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany (untill the treaty in 1918) and USA (obtained by defeating the Spain). The war over the Pacific was imminent, and everybody expected it long before WWII. And the only thing they could do after 1939 and Germany’s victories over Europe (so eliminating France, and keeping Brits on their toes in Europe) was to eliminate USA and obtain resources from Indochina by force, after USA, Netherlands and GB cut the trade with Japan (as it was an ally of Third Reich).

    The thing was: They knew from the start they are not able to win a long war. They didnt have the industrial capacity. The Japanese navy doctrine was therefore: Build capital ships that will be able to win a fight with at least 2 other enemy vessels at a time. So quality over quantity.

    Yamamoto said, that if Japan wants to rule over PAcific, they have to eliminate USA from the equation in 6 months. After that, the success was impossible. He wasnt wrong. He knew the war is lost after IJN failed to sink US Carriers in PEarl Harbor.

    Funny fact:
    When Chiang Kai-shek, the leader of Kuomintang (nationalist movement in China) heard a radio broadcast about Japanese raid on Pearl Harbor, he stood up, light a cigarette and told his wife: “Honey, please play “Ave Maria”. Cause he knew, whats going to happen.

    Of course this is a very simplified version ^^.

    • GRonth GrOnth there was a third option which was comply with US demands or appease them. Pride prevented them considering it, but it wasn’t just a choice between war and collapse.

    • if the american aircraft carriers where on pearl harbor when the japanese attacked-as they expected-they could of done much more damage to the american navy and make it much easier for then to take over the pacific ocean. that was their plan.

    • complying with US demands would mean reverting to situation from before Japanese expansion. Which would mean a social unrest and even quicker economical collapse cause Japan wouldnt be able to afford its army an navy. It would also mean that Japan would accept its role as a de facto being under US indluence. It never was a real option.

    • Wrong. Japan believed the US would declare war on them if they invaded British Indochina, so they decidedly to strike preemptively in an attempt to stop the US from retaliating. What Japan didn’t know is that the US were not prepared to go to war over Britain’s dominions, thus the entire Pearl Harbour attack was entirely unnecessary.

  17. To be fair to the Japanese, Admiral Yamamoto opposed picking a fight with America because he knew what he’d be up against.  But his government bosses were convinced of their own superiority; they’d beaten everyone else, and they could handle this sleepy overseas power with its (then) outdated planes and battleships.  Once he got his orders from on high, all Yamamoto could do was give it his best shot.

    • Corey Patterson plus, the Imperial Japanese Navy is competing with the Army for funding. With Manchuria and Taiwan (iinm) under the Army’s belt, the Navy can only one-up the Army by picking a fight with Murrica.

    • Not to mention that since the February 22 Incident the army more or less WAS the government, regardless of whom actually sat in the chair.

  18. I’m the Missouri on the opposite team! I can say to u with certainty,that if your Missouri wasn’t afk,u would have prevailed easily… Whoever has been in the same position as you,knows the feeling… GG sir and best luck with your teams in the future! 😀

  19. Flambino made more base Xp than the winning team.

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