World of Warships – The Great Gonzo

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The Great Gonzo was always my favourite Muppet. He aspired to greatness but was always held back by being just that little bit crap. You can probably see a connection. Meanwhile, in World of Warships…

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  1. 5 radar cruisers? Just like one of my favourite quotes from you, “war gaming looked at their devision and thought, “i like what your doing here”” except it applies to the radars on each team.

  2. I recently received a discount coupon from WG, reminding me I’ve been playing this game for two years now. Still enjoying it a lot, but I have to say, I have never ever played a video game in my life with so many toxic people in it. This Conqueror player is so, well, recognizable.

  3. I’ve binged watched jingles for the past 3 weeks and I’ve still not had my fill!! Keep em coming sir! Well done! Don’t tell jingles but I served in the USAF I don’t want to get banned 🙂

  4. of course WG and WoWS won’t do jack crap to that player even if all 29 players report them.

    • If he plays like that the only way he can afford the credit loss is if he whales constantly = WG will not ban him unless he does something seriously bad

    • If you use the report feature nothing happens.

      If you take the time to send the replay in WG will take action.

  5. I can confirm that this guy does in fact do this amongst many other things very often. My most recent game with him, he would broadcast the positions of our team in all chat. He also likes to push ships out from behind cover, out of smoke. Really, if you can think of something despicable to do, this guy does it. I fail to understand how he hasn’t been banned yet

    • CrazyWarriorsCatFan

      @Pyro1456 What servers do you play on? Turtle’s on NA. I’ve encountered the twat a couple of times. Hopefully now that the famous Jingles has seen this Turtle might finally be banned.

    • wg doesn’t ban people because then they can’t buy shit

    • @Tracytron slur aside, the player was abusing the no-team-damage and physics, and causing harm to players by pushing them out of cover. And you think he’s NOT a moron and should not also earn a stiff ban? Then YOU, Cur, are also a MORON. HAVE A NICE DAY!😎👍🤣🤣🤣

    • @Last_Dutch_Hero last I heard, the individuals who own AW also own WoT, or something like that. That’s part of why AW was NOT allowed to become fully competitive against WoT, head to head. All the $$$ goes to the same people.

    • @Clayton Whitman No. Armored Warfare is a completely different company. If Armored Warfare was under the same company as Wargaming. We would see it in their launcher they have. It didn’t get popular due to Obsidian leaving and screwing over the game afterwards.

  6. My god as an American who has been watching your videos for years you never cease to amaze me at your use of the English language you cussed him out never uttering a swear word.

  7. I’ve run into angry turtle before. He got so mad at me that he challenged me to a fight and gave me what he claimed was his actual home address. He’s also apparently in his 50s and a “business owner,” but apparently likes to spend most of his free time claiming superiority over 20 year olds

    • @supertamal2000 went to school with a kid named Guy Clawson thar was like that. Everyone picked on him… your typical taped glassed need. He had no friends from what I could tell and he would instigate fights. Even though he got his ass kicked every time! It was like he was doing this as the only way to get any attention.

      Years later after I graduated I had a dream he hunted down every one from school who was mean to him and slaughtered them all. It was that bad the abuse that kid got. I wouldn’t put it past him if he did think about doing that…

    • I don’t think he is a business owner lmao. Unless dirty intercourse with paper tissues and catching spiders from your moms basement to tear off their legs one by one is considered business.

    • His actual address is at Maralago, Florida. Same petulant Baby Huey suck we all know.

    • Grand Admiral Raeder

      @Jack Samson Amazing +1000 to you

    • @Jack Samson Hey man, would you link the replay here? I’d happily read the chat 🙂 Not playing the game, but love to see retards like this, especially with Jingles giggling at them 🙂

  8. I mean, let’s be honest – as getting uptiered goes, this is pretty much the best he could hope for (and the Yugumo). It’s a Standard battle, so there’s no pressure to grab a cap, and both DDs are torp boats that can generally keep their distance from the radar ships.

  9. Danie Jansen van Vuuren

    Jingles, I would have enjoyed simply listening to this video just from the creative ways you insulted Angry_turtle. As a side note, I have no doubt WG’s “robust” reporting system will confine him to co-op. Right?…….. right?…………..

    • Hes been playing like that for ages and still it continues… 50% chance in ranked he runs to a corner and goes afk, other 50% he yolo’s horribly and blames his team for being bad, all while constantly spamming the F-keys…

      hes a wonderful individual

    • i play strictly coop.. please dont send him our way. lol.

    • @Grace Pierce same here. Let him do training battles only so no one has to deal with him.

  10. OmG Jingles, that was one of the funniest insults i ever heard.
    And GG to Gonzo 🙂

  11. Angry_Turtle is the kind of player in a team, you’d be honoured to get pink by sinking him with your own torps…

  12. Turtle’s one of those players who if your team gave a thought about, would actually ask the enemy team to kill him before he killed any of your allies. But you wouldn’t want to lose such a valuable battleship, of course. /s.

  13. He needs banned for life. Although Jingles will probably get banned for using words that hurts this Toxic player’s FEELINGS.

    • I like to think Angry_Turtle is some 12 year old kid who’s up on Urbandictionary looking up the definition of ‘cockholster’.

  14. Can confirm that angry turtle is just like that every game. Had one game in ranked (silver promos) where he took his kurfurst straight down the middle not firing and secondaries off to die first cause he didn’t like his teammates ships. Also classically sitting the back pinging and trying to make people mad. If you play on NA then you know who he is.

  15. ToughAncientSpark

    Times like this makes you wish friendly fire was still available.

    • He probably wishes that too 🤣 seems like the kind of worthless wrinkle sack that would just kill team mates then give ally positions away in chat

  16. I haven’t played the game since just before the carrier rework, and as soon as I saw Angry_Turtle there I had flashbacks to a bunch of bad times playing Warships because of him.

  17. Angry Turtle does this kind of stuff every single game. Literally, every game.

  18. Angry Turtle is the best argument for bringing back friendly fire damage.

  19. Ah… Angry Turtle is in the game. All I had to do was see that and I knew how this replay is gonna go down. Can confirm, Angry Turtle is like this all the time and is one of the most despised players on NA. Living proof that WG won’t ban accounts for constant toxic behavior.

    He also makes grudges funnily enough. If you don’t play like he wants or you call him out for doing something stupid (like he usually does), hope you don’t queue with him on your team again next game. I had that happen in ranked once and the first thing he did was call me out and W his khaba straight down the middle, dying asap. Afterwards he bragged in chat about how he won’t get banned over it due to him firing his guns at the red team.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Angry Turtle is the most blacklisted player on NA and probably by a good margin. If Angry Turtle doesn’t get an account ban after a Jingles video, then it’s clear the WG is just forever okay with this.

  20. I’ve unfortunately have been in a lobby with Angry Turtle too earlier in the year. They would broadcast grid locations while sitting in the corner and tried TK’ing our CV at the start of that match.

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