World of Warships – The great Russian Kommissars

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Here I show you one of the 1st to make it in WoWS – The ofc.
What do you mean this is not a battleship? If Russia says this is a battleship than this IS a battleship kommrad.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Flambass? Are you sure you’re not part Russian? LOL ?!!! Keep it up man! Your buddy, The Tank Commander

  2. the first Russian Balans Ship.
    edit: Russians don’t like to retreat? *cough Scorched Earth *cough

  3. I am glad that this channel is sponsored by our glorious leader Putin

  4. Flambass and Jingles should do a comedy act in their Russian voices people would pay for tickets for that event.

  5. Komrade Poutine approves this video !

  6. In accordance with the best traditions of Stronkship Moskva, I’ve built into a glorious survival build. You’d be amazed how many Yamatos refuse to switch to HE to overmatch my bow, and how many Conquerors switch to AP hen they can’t set lasting fires to my bow. A full survival build is incredible in Moskva.

    • If the enemy Yamato know where to aim I recommend not getting closer I have done a lot of 20k salvos on Moskvas with my Yamato at 8-10km so be careful because a better player could be worse than that and I have seen Yamatos killing Moskvas in 1 or 2 minutes.
      If you are far than that dispersion is what dictates if you hit the 25mm part or not.

    • +Josemi EC
      You must have some real gypsy magic on your side. I can’t seen to hit the broadside of a GK from ten kilometres in Yamato haha

  7. Flambass shouting “blyat” and “davaj davaj” is hilarious 🙂

  8. it is not unbalanced, its Vodka- fueled.

  9. What a silly stereotype? We, Russians, have reverse on all our ships and tanks (even on some planes).
    Just in case if enemy is behind

  10. Comrade Flambass, we KGB want to remind you that according to the party’s doctrine, heaven does not exist, so please refrain from saying “for heaven’s sake” or its variation.

  11. Your accent was just killing me for 1/2 the game. Keep up the good work.

  12. Da tovarisch

    (I’m fluent in Russian)

  13. “There will be no hiding, you will stand in the open” he says as he reverses into hiding…

  14. Is it in radar range? Everything is in radar range! We see you from home. ?

    Thanks for keeping it funny.

  15. No censorship needed, you didn’t reverse. Your engines made the world turn backwards

  16. Christ I can’t deal with this voice, sorry brother.

  17. You should play in Russian character more often. I haven’t laughed so hard at one of your videos in a while. Keep up the great work!

  18. Literally one of the funniest streams ive seen in forever lol

  19. It’s more fun to watch Flambass play than it is to play the game myself!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. You realise Flambass, that you could have spoken Croatian and still 99% would think it’s RU? Looking forward to some in your future videos 😛
    Pozdrav from fellow Slav 😀

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