World of Warships – The Gremlin

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Once considered overpowered, with considerable power creep since its release the Gremyashchy is now merely very good. Today, it’s going to need to be.

All music licensed from and


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Mornin’ folks. 😀

  2. Welcome Back Might Gnome overlord

  3. If you are seeing this comment

    I hope you are having a great day

    EDIT: Wow this is my most liked comment by far. It really does pay to be nice.

  4. Hey Jingle’s you ever think you’ll get burnt out on wargaming products ?

  5. You,re not dead yet old man?, well thanks the lord i get to do more shifts in the salt mines

    • The service will never end, even if our glorious leader and overlord is long gone. You’ll just keep on working to keep the tradition living. And in a couple days he’s getting a kitten, so the only way he will die is by getting stabbed by his new furry friend….

  6. jingles! when playing catchy catchy kissy kissy with the kitten, dont play bitey bitey, even if its adorable and doesnt hurt. otherwise the kitten will asociate biting with playing, and you dont want to be bitten by a grown up kitten. im speaking by experience 😀

    • T3 IJN kitten bites. T8 IJN cat bites.

    • Discouraging bad behavior is important but all it takes is ending the playtime when teeth or claws turn up. You don’t have to be mean to remind them that mouthing a hand is not the same as chewing on it. Worked for me.

    • There’s biting and there’s BITING, and it’s easy to tell the difference. Kittens like to bite and gnaw and attack and stalk. Which doesn’t mean they’re biting with full force or trying to draw blood – it’s a part of their “play” and their social makeup and development. My experience has been if kittens bite while at play it’s completely okay to continue play and let them gnaw and do what kittens do. They key is to NOT jerk away or encourage the kitten to bite down harder to hold on. It works the same with clawing action. SImply don’t try to flinch away from the teeth or claws, which has the added benefit of you not tearing your skin away from their teeth and claws.

    • Acharacle & Achiltibuie

      If they hurt you, you have to say “Aow”, quite high-pitched. It wakes them up to their responsibility of being a human-owner.

    • Nano852, that isn’t a problem if you train your cat correctly. Yes Timothy House, cats can be trained.
      If you are playing with a cat and it starts to dig in claws or teeth, just stop playing. Don’t scold the cat. Cats are intelligent. If this happens 2-3 times the cat will learn to not dig in just so it can continue to enjoy the rest of playing. I have trained many cats like this. You get 1-3 scratch incidents depending on how smart the cat is and then it shouldn’t be a problem any more. The only other thing to be aware of is to make sure you aren’t playing too rough with the cat so it doesn’t have to play rough with you.

  7. Welcome back Jingles! Glad to see you sound back to your normal self! Also Akatsuki looks adorable!

  8. A low tier world of warships replay! Is this really a jingles 2019 video or have I found a 2015 relic!?

  9. You might also want to let Phil know that he’ll need to activate his Windows

  10. not sure if it was u but “the cutest tank in world of tanks” this just might be the ship of ships its pretty sleek and forces u to use ur guns in moderation.

  11. “Activate windows” nice one phil ;D

  12. *notices title*

    *sees water*

    Are you sure this is a good idea

  13. The Budgie Admiral

    Surprised no decap opportunities were taken. I count two moments where he could have fired on capping ships to disrupt their capture with small risk to himself. Otherwise, well played.

  14. Widespread torps


  15. gremlin turrets look on in jealousy at kremlin turret traverse.
    big 18 inchers turning faster than her

  16. I have a bit of sympathy for the orion. If he’s a new player he likely assumed that those torps were like “normal” russian torps and would have run out long before they reached him.

  17. Those tier 4 carriers may only drop 1 torp at a time but when played right I can usually get around 40-50k damage per game just off the torps

  18. Omaha has torps you say? 4.5km you say? Jingles please they’re 5.5km.
    Yes, yes. Back to the mines’ depths I go.

  19. Shoot first and then claim whatever you hit was your target

  20. Arcticxzf it was a tactical miss

  21. Never heard her called the Gremlin before, always Gremmy, does the European server call her Gremlin? i guess now with this video the NA server will start calling her the Gremlin now too.

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