World of Warships – The Grind

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Fresh from the Community Summit in Saint Petersburg, Wargaming have just announced a bunch of upcoming changes to the game, two of which I’m going to talk about in todays’ video. One of which is certain to provide endless fun in the comments section.

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  1. Naval training center: *exist*

    Rank 4 Yamato: *exists*

    Rank 4 Yamato: *introduce 15% accurate and reloadspeed and 20% more health with kraken Yamamoto captain*


  2. Just say no to prestige.
    You want to make it cosmetic bonuses like many games? Okay.
    Pay2win? Burn in hell.

  3. So they don’t want OP ships, and now they are going to allow OP ships under the guise of “training”

  4. No, I do not support this, the prestige thing is the worst idea they’ve had since the Black T-34-85 “special tank” in WoT

    • @RodRacing play Warthunder problem solved..

    • @Riker Keyes Yes, play something else, that’ll solve the problem, instead of providing constructive feedback.

    • @RodRacing you are achieving anything Nothing debating here, if you ve a constructive feedback then write on forums instead of here, if you don’t, just play Warthunder..

    • @Riker Keyes hey idiot. Stop being a whiny fanboy and tellin’ everyone in the comments to play war thunder instead of giving their thoughts on the matter that contradict yours

    • @spaceman221 not that you have anything constructive to contribute, which you don’t, In fact you are the whiny fan boy, and you are funny.. ?

  5. Imagine a conqueror with level 4 prestige and all those stat buffs. Might as well sink myself.

  6. Matthieu Xagorarakis

    “How to kill a game” by David Kim (guy who killed SC2…)

  7. New players already have to face off against upgraded ships versus stock and Premium ships with 19 point captains. Yeah, why not just completely kill off any remaining new player retention by having prestige versions too.

    Prestige only works if Prestige ships only match against other Prestige ships.

  8. they put in this prestige crap im out, and i hope wows lose alot of players

    • @Joel Sigafoos they are doing it like it or not, best you just play warthunder..

    • @stigg Nah they won’t, more new players will come eventually, best you play Warthunder..

    • @Riker Keyes Nice day dream you have there. Sure new people will come. But not in the numbers to matter. And soon as they find out how badly WOW got turned into a cash grab????……they will leave.

    • @dave no you wear your emotions on your sleeves when you wrote this comment, and you are narrow-minded if you think this game is turning into a cash grab, but really just play Warthunder, I am sure the new players will figured out a way of having fun while you play Warthunder..

    • same wg is just saying new players you have to grind to stay alive or you gone

  9. If the Naval training Center ship tiers don’t end up in the same MM as rank ” 0 ” ships. Then it’s fine. If not… It might as well be seal clubbing in all tiers.

  10. You know, I haven’t touch the game since the CV rework. now hearing this crap…yeah, its time to just uninstall the game

    • Apothecary Terry

      CV rework pain seems to be wearing off to be fair, it’s mostly fun again now, but I’m not going to be too fair just yet as prestige is a shite idea.

    • I been playing CVs with the new changes it isnt fun as much. If you’re a T6 CV and you’re trying to target a T7 CA/CL your formation gets shredded before you can get an attack in. Kinda wish they didnt take out the odd tiers of CVs.

  11. My god.. imagine the seal clubbing with rank 4 ships.

  12. Here’s my question: What percentage of players actually have that amount of free xp to continually buy ships? 1% – 5%?

    • I’m myself a casual player. Cos I got a couple of premium ships I have currently 400k exp across my ships. If you keep playing casually you could earn a fair amount of free XP on some of the premium ships to just free XP away. The issue is conversion. Itd take a fair amount of money to convert said XP.

    • Christopher Pittman

      @RedGraveGaming Exactly its a CASH GRAB! One that will ruin the game.

    • unshapened python

      most likely 1 or 2, 5 would be a bit much, i don’t see why people are so against it, a shit player in a high prestige boat is still going to play like shit, it also may help protect newer players as you can maybe in the future MM players in said prestige rank as well. or not, idk i’m optimistic about the system and it’s not going to change how the games go in my opinion.

    • @unshapened python if you grind the ship a couple of times, the chance of you still being shit in it are very slim.

  13. “Instead they dedicate resources to FIXING THE UI….”

    *dies of laughter*

    • and Match maker……………………. mehh god forbid they actually work on something that isn’t CENTERED on their cash grab mechanics.

  14. Seal Clubber Tier 11-13. WG is following the rest of AAA gaming with this git gud, grind more strategy.

  15. On the AA, that is cool and all, but can the Carries get notifications or a better notification that you are in AA range of the ship, I think I’m safe on the other side of an Island but all my planes still get shot down.

    For the Prestige, no no no, I would hate to grind out some tier again. Looking at you tier 3-7 US battle ships and you 5-7 Japanese “Gunboats”

  16. Darn it, some of us are studying at college you know, we don’t have time to grind the ships all over again, just when I am about to finally unlock the Bismarck!

  17. I have a job and a partner. I cannot physically keep up with this. I also refuse to play at a constant disadvantage..

    So no… thanks.

    • Alpha Bet That’s exactly the point for the casual player. You could play the game knowing the ships were on the same level. How you handled the ship was the skill difference. Thanks for nothing I will be leaving.

    • Spot on.

  18. Wow…

    Good luck to any newbies joining the game and getting sealclubbed across 10 tiers over and over again…

  19. Naval Training Center mechanic would cause rage quits by nearly all casual gamers. It’s basically sanctioned Seal Clubbing at all levels of the game. A very poorly thought out mechanic.

    • not poorly thought out. its a cash grab. Everyone with a creditcard will be buying up XP flags etc in mass quantity’s so they can get the “NEW” Ships fast. It is..And always has been all about the money.

    • iChase put it best during the q&a after the cc’s were told about this at the summit – “So what you’re doing is giving us a bigger club…”

  20. Not regrinding anything… WoW will nerf all ships so they can create “tiers upon tiers”?…. EFF THAT.

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