World of Warships – The Gunboat Gearing – TheGreyBaron’s 187K damage, 3.3k BExp Battle

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TheGreyBaron sends in a Gearing replay and since I’ve had a bunch of questions recently about playing US gunboats and in particular the Gearing, I decided to make a video on it. I go over all the good and bad in this game and talk about what makes the Gearing such an annoying pest of a ship when played correctly. Enjoy!

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  1. How do you not pack radar in a des moines.O_O

  2. just got my Iowa, I cannot decide what equipment to use. specifically the
    3rd and 6th slot. the 3rd slot I could see using almost any of them, and
    the 6th slot I am not sure if torped acquisition range is what I think it
    is/worth it or not.

  3. quick question: How to record my gameplays:)))

  4. Love my Gearing. Keep them coming.

  5. could you do an overview of the other cruiser ines?

  6. Gareth Fairclough

    Good lord, Ichase lives!!!! :D

  7. Squibo The Furry

    I am having so much trouble trying to play the tier 6+ russian DD’s

  8. Hey man. I am currently really struggling with the american tier 7 mahan. I
    just don’t know how to play it. I would love to see you upload some vids on
    that ship.

  9. Kuu Hanekawa (羽川空)

    Good video, I like the fact that chase you’ve explained not only the play
    style of gearing but also the how CAs should choose the timing of using
    their radar.

  10. Battleships that stay back in matches like this drive me nuts sometimes,
    particularly as a BB driver myself. There are situations when it becomes
    necessary to hold back but more often than not, it’s the wrong decision,
    particularly on Domination. You have a crap-ton of armour and HP. USE IT.

  11. Lol, so much of that Gearing’s kills(Des Moines, Izumo…) got stolen by
    his team XD

  12. Are you playing on the NA server! I´m just wondering because players on the
    european server mostly initially lemming to C in this map or for the own
    cap in standard battles. That is pretty frustrating because you can hardly
    find teams that aren´t a complete mess ;-)

  13. Poor Iowa on his team. Supports the east flank and every time it has a
    target the target dies.

  14. Awesome game! THIS is why I want the Gearing most out of all the tier 10
    DDs! It has amazing torps with great range, as well as guns that are
    potentially devastating against any target in the game.

    Honestly, the terrible HE performance is what puts me off most about the
    Russian DD line, that combined with the AWFUL torpedoes – just makes them
    seem far too situational for my tastes.

    And it is the very reason why I find the Blyskawica to be my favorite DD so
    far! For her tier, the guns are the best, In my opinion anyway, and her
    torpedoes are no slouch either. I find it funny when people say “Yeah but
    her torpedoes are pretty weak”, when only the Japanese DDs carry torpedoes
    that do greater than 14,400 damage a piece at tier 7. And while she may
    only be able to launch 6 at once, they reload fast as well.

  15. Please don’t encourage the morons to all sail into C (or B) and cap it
    instead to move on. 😉

    Their should be ONE ship capping that point and ONE ship alone. Instead
    often half the team runs into the cap and while the enemy can move on and
    cap A and D, because there is no one to contest him.

    And about the Izumo leading the charge…I’m not even kidding too much,
    when I say that the Izumo probably could have taken the damage even less
    well than the Des Moines. She already took the torps, had to spend it’s
    damage control and is a ship that burst into at least three fires the
    second someone writes “HE” in the chat.

  16. That des moines, perfect example of how not to play a ship. Then he’s gonna
    be in the forums complaining of how crappy that boat is. It’s morons like
    this that give good ships bad reputation. Plus the enemy team…..potatoes.

  17. Fanru Ye (Frank)

    Nice video chase. BTW speaking of torpedoes, which do you think is better
    for a Shimakaze, 20 km torp with lower damage and torp acceleration which
    results in 16 km faster torps but more visible, or 15 km torp with higher
    damage and without torp acceleration resulting slower torps but less
    visible? My own experience tells me that the latter is better but i’m still
    not quite sure.

  18. Great replay

  19. His constant zoom-in zoom-out in between every single salvo is giving me
    eye cancer.

  20. n1 .. great vid and nice dd

  21. Thanks for sharing the replay Chase. It was fun to watch and your
    commentary was pretty darn good.

    Also, did you get those pictures I sent you? What did you think about that
    AA mount?

  22. The gearing is the best at two things, 1 fire rate, and losing all 3 guns

  23. How can I enable replays?

  24. what’s your opinion on the turret destruction mechanic?? seeing RU DDs
    depend heavily on guns and my guns keep getting knocked out especially

  25. So basically the Gearing renders the Shimakaze useless as it has both fast
    firing guns and usable torpedoes. The only thing Shimakaze has going for it
    is the insanely good torpedoes

  26. Chase, thanks for the Gearing pointers. Does the radar light DDs for the
    full team or just the ship carrying the radar?

  27. Brian Lock (神通)

    -5.8km detection
    -superior gun system (better than Furutaka)
    -10 decent torpedo
    -decent HP as a DD
    -decent AA as a DD, annoy CV attack them
    Looks like a very good amd useful ship when compare to shimi and khaby.

  28. I really enjoy ur video

  29. U should do some admiral hipper video?

  30. Love you eps chase btw when is the next nautical tales coming out

  31. First…nvm

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