World of Warships – The Hard Way

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You’d think that after getting butt-raped by Minekazes in their USS New Yorks at tier 5, Battleship captains would have learned by time they get their Izumos and Montanas.

You’d think so.

You’d be wrong.

World of Warships:


  1. Jingles, I shit you not, in the next game I played after watching this, I
    was in an isokazi and managed to sink 2 american destroyers, 2 cruisers,
    and 2 2 battleships. What makes it even more ridiculous was the fact that
    all but 1 of those kills were by torpedoes…… I don’t know either.

  2. Stefan Schaefer (Fargrath)

    +The Mighty Jingles
    I’m pretty sure this is a EU player. He also won one of Aeroons contests
    with exactly this replay. But he has set his profile to private:

  3. How come you can pronounce Minekaze, but butcher Shimakaze? Its
    Mih-neh-car-zee & Shi-muh-car-zee not Shi-MACCA-zee

  4. Its that bloody boat game again

  5. I want to be on these’s servers your replays come from, this shit just
    never happen’s on the SEA/Asia server sucks being Australian.

  6. Jingles, you’re being too hard on those poor BB drivers, as expensive as
    Wargaming has made those tubs, they simply cannot afford to buy their ships
    with the rudders. I mean, that’s just inconsiderate. :P

  7. Thehagengnome HD

    And this is why i only play destroyers :)

  8. I dont know, he was like in 6.8km from the Tirpitz at 4:50, and detected?
    Of course not! :S

  9. I never get games like this, I have like a 3% hit rate with torpedoes… I
    do try but generally my opponents just turn constantly. Maybe once or twice
    i’ve had insanely good matches with torpedoes but usually i can’t hit for

  10. TheCartoonKid907

    Yeah, we like our Team ‘Merica over on this side of the pond.

  11. I suggest this was on the EU Server, cause some players had German words in
    their names.

  12. BrakeHorsePower92

    I’m a BB-guy and what happened here is pretty embarassing. When I see a DD
    I try keeping him at distance and NEVER sail straight. I’m only at Tier V

  13. Basically tunnel vision to a degree that is embarrassing and bad
    positioning on our part screwing ourselves when we need to make last second
    course changes and just can’t.

  14. AlOhAPvP HawaiiBoiz

    Is that a state of Hawaii flag I see if so I’m lovin it

  15. Bazil Grimstride

    true lol)

  16. TheLordDeliverence

    haha awesome video Jingles

  17. Toasted_Bagels22

    Jingles are you gonna make a video for WoT Update 9.14? Cuz I don’t play
    WoW anymore.

  18. shush jingles. Us DD players don’t mind these battleships. ;)

  19. yea, jokes aside, i think battleships are the most underpowered class in
    the game :(

  20. Insane replay… unbelievable that he destroyed two battleships with a
    single torp salvo! How come I never get potatoes like this >_<. I always get games with CV drivers that loiter planes over me all game just to be obnoxious, haha.

  21. animalloverlady

    I have to say I do like this game. I love using cruisers mostly. The one
    thing I dislike in this game is that there is no ammo limit, meaning
    everyone just spams shots everywhere, especially in lower tiers.

    DD’s are the luckiest, having unlimited torpedo’s is kinda stupid really.

  22. Robert Lorrison

    I feel like the Fletcher is referred to as a gunboat mainly because the
    guns are so good, not because the torps are bad. It’s kinda like calling
    the Fubuki a torpedo boat (especially with the new type 93’s) while
    ignoring how much better the guns are on it compared to the rest of the IJN
    DD line.

  23. Well, he’s got the flag of the State of Hawaii flying next to his American
    flag. Is there an Oceania server? haha.

  24. Katia Mariza Lazaridou

    jeez I’m a low tier Battleship captain and I know that when you see smoke,
    or a DD first thing you do is manuver, as I can prove with my replays :P,
    because that mean torps in the water. These guys play a lot longer than I
    do, and they still haven’t learned that???!!! That amazes me lol

  25. Kenneth André Hansen

    I think we can conclude that torps are not over powered and BB´s are not
    under powered. BB drivers (and “driver” might be stretching it a bit as
    driving implies turning the wheel occasionally) however, seems to be
    severely underpowered… 🙂

    (And yes, I drive BB´s, and yes I eat torps way more often than I like to
    admint 😀 )

  26. WoodWard _Wilson

    I’ve noticed in my play expieroenc r since alpha that the oblivious
    battleship drivers are the ones that have, and have only sailed
    battleships, IE they went straight up the BB, line, and haven’t or didint
    play anything else, whereas captains who are quite diverse in what they
    play like me, are often a lot more aware of enemy torpedoes and DD’s
    because we know the mindset of the dd and how player in it will be doing
    certain things so we can counter it.

  27. Yikes this replay is painful to watch…

  28. As a battleship player, my desk now has a massive hole in it in the shape
    of my face… a facepalm is no where near extreme enough for these guys…

  29. I bet those BBs stayed zoomed watching their shots land so much they never
    noticed the DD. happens alot. I used to do it… In teir 5, but now im
    zoomed out and do a left right look every salvo.

  30. to bad I am sink and tired of this fucking game and getting ninja’s popping
    out of smoke and being 20 yards from me before releasing torps IRL it took
    time for them to arm

  31. <- Battleship player. Where the hell do these idiots come from. I get tunnel vision and all that, but seriously? Sure, I have eaten plenty of torpedoes, but vast majority of those are from around corners, big battles and torpedo bombers. Hell, I have fought off destroyers with a battleship. Alone. I look at the stupidity of some people and slowly start to lose faith in humanity.

  32. I always wonder how the hell people get so far into a game, yet they NEVER
    learn anything. I mean it’s like the American teams in War Thunder, you’d
    think they would learn something when they get to the P-51, but no.

  33. matthew kyte (The Mighty MattMan)

    @The Mighty Jingles please let me know where these players are because i
    play on the Asian servers and they definitely know how to turn.

  34. sorry but I’m trying to find that one WoT video where a Jageroo gets
    harassed by a platoon on Prokhorovka, i forgot which one…would appreciate
    it if you let me know(if you remember)…….(commented here since this is
    the most recent video)…………also does anyone know when and if
    there’ll be any German Battleships coming soon?

  35. Jingles you think this is funny do it in a Tripiz

  36. The first time Ive ever downrated one of Jingles vids. This is why I
    stopped playing WOWS. This game is so fucking BROKEN. DDs have worse ( read
    – readily abused by shitstain fuckwad campers) cloaking mechanics than
    fucking Nazi TDs in WOT. You spend your time trying to maneuver into some
    kind of useful range, attempting to support your team in a BB that should
    obliterate any DD within 10KM plus with the fucking secondaries (you know,
    like in fucking reality) never mind the mains. But, because WOWS have
    decided to give fucking cloaking devices to shitheads in DDs that have no
    more skill than sky cancer drivers in WOT, BBs get constantly assraped. Fix
    the spotting mechanic so shitstains in massively OP DDs cant farm kills on
    hopelessly nerfed BBs. But, thatll never happen now will it? Ranks right up
    there with the horseshit RTS control CVs get of their torp bombers. Maybe
    we will get lucky and that asshat BlackSkull character will get his account
    flagged for the unfair play he showed.

    Very badly done Jingles. To the salt mines for YOU!

  37. I’m a BB captain. This hurts to watch. I’m not sure if it’s the torpedo
    rape or the shameless asking for it, but I’m beginning to wonder if most BB
    players have Hyuuga’s mentality with this shit (“Ram more of your torpedoes
    into me, Lady Iona!). That would explain a great many things, were it the
    case. I mean, the Amagi was at least far enough away and well enough
    engaged to have an excuse, but that fuckin’ Izumo… That ship’s gotta have
    a Maiden Plug-In.

  38. Nothing to see here, just another torpedo spammer launching far more then
    the ship even carried.

  39. Jingles! After too many episodes it has only now only occurred to me to
    ask… Why is it REAR ADMIRAL Jingles? Why is it not LORD ADMIRAL?

  40. Nathan Muilenburg


  41. ScipioAfricanusI

    Where is the Royal Navy!!!? The Jutland centennial is at the end of the
    month. One of the greatest sea fights in naval history and the Royal navy
    and the Imperial German Navy had some WONDERFUL ships? When will we get a
    Queen Elizabeth, Indomitable, Derflinger and Moltke? It is a shame that
    these fantastic ships ae not out yet. What is going on? Do the people at
    wargaming care at all about naval history?

  42. MR.Chickennuget 360

    for the record the medal of honor used to be a lot easier to get

  43. I play the Tirptiz and the American destroyer line and am a total noob at
    this game lol im lucky if I even land a shot but atleast i know that fish
    in the water need to be avoided.

  44. That GoPro ad was pretty damn epic

  45. i dont think torpedoes are OP i just think the game is lacking counter
    measures ……. why cant cruisers drop torpedo nets ?? why dont bbs have
    more protection from them ..its very hard to turn when youve only got 5
    seconds warning …… ofc having a good cruiser escort is nice but you
    cant rely on them .

  46. uncle jingleshow about story time in every vid how about that

  47. I can tell it’s not an NA server because some dipshit didn’t type Trumo

  48. No Jingles, Torpedoes are overpowered because they are 20+ knots too
    fast.The fastest torpedoes in WW2 were the Japanese “long Lance” which were
    53 knots, most torps in WW2 were between 25 and 40 knots. Some ships in WoW
    have been equipped with Spearfish and Mk 48 ADCAP’s. Add to the short maps
    which do not allow Battleships to use their full range advantage they would
    have had in real life. It shouldn’t take a genius to figure out why
    battleship drivers get a bit put out by a Shimikaze and its missile

  49. I’m at Tier 7, in my Nagato. She’s a lovely monster of a ship… if you
    aren’t a total idiot. She’s one of the few BBs I’ve driven that sinks
    Destroyers on a regular basis, and it’s all due to the fact that DDs get
    too confident and drive up close, within view range, then eat full salvos
    while I move the ship to prevent Torpedo attacks. Of course, I’d rather not
    deal with them all the time, but you can do it. THAT BEING SAID….

    I’m finding that high-tier battleships can be really painful to play,
    because seemingly every DD after a certain tier is able to launch Torps
    from beyond view range. If I know where the DD is, or at least have a
    general idea, it’s easy enough to deal with. But if I’m not aware of where
    it is, there’s a good chance I’ll take a few torps to the face eventually.
    So my one and only defense for these BBs is that it can be kind of hard to
    both stay safe and keep your guns pointed in the right direction. It may
    have been an attention issue. Can’t say- I wasn’t them.

  50. Brilliant. I am a lowly T4/T5 player and never sail in straight
    lines……..still get trashed though. Gotta love this game.

  51. Nathanael Hanson

    Jingles, just a FYI, it’s called the Medal of Honor and not congressional
    moh. Most Americans call it by the wrong name too. ?

  52. Jeremy delaughter

    Jingles pilot a battleships, try to dodge torpedos by the time the warning
    goes off, let me know how that goes for you!

  53. Doesn’t work here in SEA. At least we BB drivers at tier 8 onwards know how
    to use A and D…

  54. Any Jingles video makes my day better.

  55. If only the battleships on the Asia server are like that

  56. I’m a battleship skipper.. I admit I just suck :c

  57. What is really sad is how many war game players know so little about
    history. The torpedo, in WW1 and WW2 was the great equalizer, and it was
    rightly feared. Underwater explosions, whether from mines, torpedoes or
    near hits have devastating affects on hollow objects, like ships, no matter
    what size.

  58. ” Smoked “

  59. they should renamed world of warships into world of torpedo

  60. As a primary Japanese Battleship captain, those isumo’s deserved to sink.

  61. Jingles, it’s not a 15-point captain that you need to unlock the “Turn
    every few seconds” skill.

    You need an 18-point captain.

  62. They didn’t use their WASD hacks…

  63. I could never get into matches with potato BB captains. The ones I go up
    against have Spidey senses.

  64. Yoshiro Natsume

    It would be awesome if I get enemy teams like this :/

  65. When I bother to trouble myself grinding the BBs I always suffer a Faustian
    Bargain. I see a DD close by I have 12 seconds to reload, my spotter is
    only up for another 29 seconds, if I turn now, my target is going out of
    range and by the time I turn around and have a fire solution another 12% of
    the game is gone. As Jingles says “Skrew It!” I have a repair and damage
    control ready. And that is why I stay on course.

  66. The Dankest Ron Paul

    You think that MoH is vad? When I was in Iraq we were there 1 year Getting
    shot at almost every day when we went out of the wire. My platoon got AAM.
    An award given basically if you didnt screw up at your unit. The officers
    who never left the wire got bronze stars.

    Fuck them.

  67. i hope that some day i get that good (lucky) in a dd! gg!

  68. As a Battleship driver, I must complain.
    Complain at the OTHER Battleship drivers who give us all a bad name! XD

    Jingles, I was laughing just as hard as you were at the ineptitude of these

    *goes to play his Izumo now – I expect to do the same idiotic maneuvers at
    least once*

  69. I am a battleship driver and I was oblivious in the closed beta but until I
    sat up and paid attention I actually started learning how to know when
    there are going to be torpedoes in the water and now since the open beta
    came out I have been doing decently well.

  70. Jonathan Ashton

    I’m currently at Tier 5 and getting mobbed by TBs is my bane, not DDs.

  71. As a fellow BB player I must say there is a A and D key on your
    KEYBOARDS!!! use them you.

  72. Lumpi Lumpinski

    That was the PAC-MAN Special. Collect all dots you can see.

  73. wow just wow….. no one had a rudder on one team that was it, the famous
    rudder fail hack….

  74. Hey jingles this is a good example why wows is failing. you and everyone
    makes fun and laughs at batleships wich would be the selling point of this
    game. but no keep clubbing sying that ist not fun that bb drivers are
    idiots a so on, you fire a torp at a bb and it wont miss you fire a dozen
    Wolkwagen size shells at a dd and it misses, bang thats the big picture
    here why BBs are killing this game, and jinngles go and play bbs for a
    whole week

  75. I’d like to know how 2,659 base xp turned into 17,951

  76. If BB captains don’t know to turn their ship inbetween salvos by Tier 5,
    they should consider playing a different game.

  77. I drive my tirpitz and hardly ever bit torps, have gone through matches and
    had upto 20+ torps my way, all miss. Its easy to doge when a) paying
    attention, b) turning/ variation ship speeds. Thats it, also targeting DD
    with you secondary when their that close. Most BB drivers I have fought
    with Fail at ships, should play cruisers first, or DD. Know your enemy.

  78. A few questions about uploading replays, Jingles. Is that just the standard
    upload location for all other replays, or are all replays on the /Jingles
    page flagged for you to view? Do they appear publicly on the wowreplays

    Is just uploading a replay without /Jingles and e-mailing the link and all
    that still accepted?

    What is the airspeed velocity of an unlaiden swallow?

  79. The reason the Medal of Honor that Frank Fletcher got sounds kind of
    lackluster is because up until 1918 there were no other medals for valor or
    gallantry – if you did something brave enough for your superiors to take
    notice, you either got the Medal of Honor or nothing. During WW1, someone
    in Congress apparently learned about the Victoria Cross, and decided that
    the highest decoration in the US military needed to be more like that, so
    he managed to have the Distinguished Service Cross and the Citation Star
    (renamed the Silver Star in 1932) created so that the Army could still hand
    out *something* for “lesser acts of valor”, while saving the Medal of Honor
    for real “above and beyond the call of duty and at risk to life and limb”

    Then the standards were bumped up higher still in 1942, with the addition
    of the requirement that the act of valor being rewarded had to be “under
    fire”, so the Medal could only be awarded for things that happened in
    actual combat. The very next year that caused a bit of a bother, because of
    an incident with a torpedoed troop ship that sank with four US Army
    chaplains still aboard – the chaplains had organized the evacuation of the
    ship, and given up both their seats on the lifeboats and their life vests
    so that more soldiers would live, but since the sinking wasn’t immediate
    and the U-boat didn’t stick around, they weren’t actually under fire and
    couldn’t get a Medal of Honor. But Congress tried. And tried. And tried.
    And in the end they decided that if they couldn’t give them a Medal of
    Honor, they’d create a new medal just for them, the Four Chaplains’ Medal,
    of equal standing with the Medal of Honor and with the same benefits. They
    finally awarded the medals to their next of kin in 1960, and it’s never
    been used again since.

  80. Absaalookemensch

    Jingles, it’s called the “Medal of Honor.”
    Hollywood calls it the Congressional Medal of Honor.

  81. Shi-meh-ka-zeh

  82. Seriously, *none* of the battleships here had bigger things to deal with? I
    strongly disagree, specifically with the second Izumo. He wasn’t even
    broadside-on when Black Skull fired his torps and if he hadn’t turned then
    and there he’d probably be risking getting citadelled by the two
    battleships on the other side of the lagoon. Even if by some miracle they
    didn’t citadel him, not turning would have just ploughed him into the
    smokescreen which would have been certain death anyway. Turning into that
    broadside was the best thing he could have done.

    Also, Fletcher is a better gunboat AND a torpedo boat than Kagero, so doing
    most damage with torpedoes isn’t surprising.

  83. Gangolf_Eierschmalz in enemy team? nope, it’s the EU server haha

  84. lol, judges server based on chat, turns out it’s the EU server. XD

  85. Utterly amazing. I’m a BB driver and wow.. I have no idea.. how can they
    possibly be so clueless.. I get torped in the form of getting swarmed by
    torp bombers and DD’s but thats because Im a aggressive battle forward sort
    of guy and I suspect way way way better then any of the BB captains HE was
    facing… The bots in co-op play better then those guys did..*shakes head*
    if it were a IJN DD that woould be one thing, but a fletcher with 10k
    torps….sad, just sad.. and a well played match by that DD!

  86. its not fair to rip on them for being dopey they are yanks after all they
    dont know any beter

  87. So they nerfed IJN DDs so gunboats can torp the ships and Gun IJN DDs….
    Very logical.

  88. Travis Callahan

    35 Battle ship captains watched this video =D

  89. I think it’s simply Jingles that turning a battleship is a commitment.
    Playing a BB is also time management your not going to be able to double
    back multiple times as a BB without having everyone just run away from you.
    Or harass you with torps in such a way to stop you from joining the battle
    at any kind of effective range.

    But either way the hard counter to BB’s is torps so yeah.

  90. Tirpitz Commander and Montana for fuck sake… Dudes. TORPEDOS IN THE WATER
    YOU TURN! I get a little sick and tired of BB being called as dumb dumbs
    but THEN i have to eat my words when people CONTINUE to do stupid shit like
    this EVEN after Jingles continues to show what not to do!

  91. The Team America quotes are more likely stirred up by the recent darling of
    /r/Worldofwarships, +atsf. His videos have drawn on over-the-top
    Muricuh-isms when talking about USN ships and he recently used the theme
    song in a video.

  92. +The Mighty Jingles You should probably be a little more careful with the
    idiot branding. You don’t know why they fail to pay attention, and you can
    (and are) making them a bullying/harassment target in the game.

    Probably not something you should encourage, especially not since you have
    no way of knowing just how hard your targets may take it considering that
    you practically invite your fans to keep doing it as well. And yes i have
    seen it happen, no telling them to stop while you continue won’t work. It
    would just make you a hypocrite.

    Remember that video you made a few years back where you talked about that
    someone had sent you an email and said something along the lines of that if
    it wasn’t for you and your WoT videos he might have given up on life?
    Things like that can go both ways. Ironically i even think he said that he
    was a bullying victim… I wonder what that guy would have done if he had
    found himself a target in one of your “lets call people idiots because they
    aren’t playing like pros” videos…

    Scary thought isn’t it?

    Just stop.

  93. 10:08 was laughing like crazy :D

  94. Why oh why do I never get any enemy teams like this

  95. Did I learn anything from this? Yes. All destroyers are overpowered at all
    tiers. Especially since the Fletcher class Destroyer didn’t carry 50
    torpedoes on-board. Unlike in this game, ships in real life have limited
    ammunition, they can’t just fire torpedoes as often as they like. I didn’t
    even watch the video, all I did was skip through it and hear your
    conclusion. Once again, you seem to think destroyers aren’t playing World
    of Warships in easy mode with overpowered stealth weapons that travel
    slower than you can drive your car and leave easy to spot bubble wakes
    behind them as they take several minutes to travel just a few kilometres.
    Perhaps you can start doing a video series that highlights bad destroyer
    players who get with own team members killed with reckless torpedo spam and
    don’t even know their own torpedo range. Perhaps you could start a video
    series that highlights all the weaknesses of battleships and why they’re
    the weakest class in the game and are the hardest to play well. Perhaps you
    could start a video series that highlights how overpowered cruisers are
    with their unrealistic napalm HE shells that set things on fire that can’t
    burn in real life. Things like steel, and wet wood. It’s not like I only
    play battleships, I play everything in this game. When I play things that
    aren’t battleships, I can prove at a moment’s notice that battleships are
    underpowered and everything else is overpowered. I can and will put my
    money where my mouth is. I wouldn’t be playing this game if battleships
    weren’t in it, and so far they’re very poorly represented and have the
    worst reputation imaginable. Especially since you make fun of them more
    than any other class. Even though you say you only make fun of the bad
    battleship players, you don’t do enough to show the normal players that
    don’t give their class a bad name. It’s a shame that battleships aren’t
    realistically modelled in this game. If they were, destroyers would come
    under secondary battery fire at 15km or more, and their on-board radar
    would pick them up at greater distances than they do in this game.

  96. oh that bloody ship game again jingles

  97. Difference Machine

    jingles! you don’t understand! the ‘A’ and ‘D’ keys on my favorite keyboard
    no longer work.

  98. Anthony Almgren

    Imwant more world of warships

  99. FallenBut NotForgotten

    His squadmate’s quoting abilities offend me.
    Squadmate said: “america, fuck yea…coming to safe the fucking day now”
    Actual quote: “‘Merica! Fuck Yeah! Comin again to save the motherfuckin day

    Get it fucking right you pleb

  100. After playing battleships for a month, I got hit by around 4 torpedoes. All
    were air dropped. I don’t even think destroyers bothered to fire it me.

  101. well I guess its possible the Montana noticed the fletcher shooting at the
    Izumo (as that’s only when he became spotted) and (unfortunately) assumed
    the torp’s were launched at that?.. a fair judgement call imo. I certainly
    don’t instantly turn and adjust speed soon as a destroyer appears on the
    minimap unless I KNOW its coming for me. Being a largely exclusive BB
    driver, when I can be bothered to play, I’ve yet to own, or see anyone in,
    a single BB that can outmanoeuvre every torp fired at it, so maybe cut some
    fucking slack? certainly a whiff of some DD favouritism from Jingles “oh
    buhu, poor Fubuki couldn’t see torp’s cos of the smoke, how
    unfortunate…..OMFG a dick BB got hit by torps from a DD that may or may
    not have fired them at him ZMOG Noob!”… but whatever, I’m sure my opinion
    is wrong, bad mood today. can someone bake me a caek plx?

  102. The CMH is not handed out casually. it would be interesting to discover
    exactly what Adm. Fletcher did to deserve the award.

  103. Thus illustrates random battles. You can lose your way up the tech tree.
    Sometimes the morons in this game make me hate it way too much.

  104. Hi

  105. I think I more often get hit by torps when in my DD’s and cruisers than in
    my BB’s. I think it’s because I tend to be less wary in the lighter ships.

  106. thats not battleship drivers, thats dummy players

  107. is fun as hell

  108. Isaian SOMENAME

    Battleship big, destroyer tiny :P

  109. Jingles, you truly are an awesome commentator. I don’t laugh in any WOWS
    videos….until I watch yours and you laugh. Keep it up, dude.

  110. Tesla The Brave (Esminets)

    +The Mighty Jingles
    My friend plays this game on occasion and she is physically handicapped.
    She said that battleships are the easiest of the ‘action’ ships to play for
    someone with only 1 arm because you don’t have to steer as much. Now I’m
    not saying that every battleship captain is a 1 handed player, but lumping
    all of the straight driving battleships into the stupid category is a
    little over the top.

  111. WASD hacks are to much for many 😛 That said I eat ample of torps in my
    Tirpitz, but that is because I am aggressive and I don’t fear charging down
    a single DD, but all to often they have a friend and no amount of
    torpedobeat is going to save me from a good cross launch :P

  112. where are these players in my games? smh

  113. casually goes into history mode

  114. Jeez … I take out my Fubuki and the BBs are weaving all over the map,
    with cruisers and destroyers screening for them. I can only get torps into
    ’em in ones and twos. Then I see that other people get games like this …

    I do admit that the last time I took out my Fujin, I nailed 2 tier 5 DDs
    with torps … one sailing in a straight line and the other sitting still.
    But, that wasn’t a tier 9 game, darn it.

  115. Not that bloody boat game again…

  116. Time for me to make an account on the NA server…. wow these guys are so
    dumb shame the eu server don’t have players like this to shoot at!….

  117. You say that Fletcher is a gunboat with such conviction. Just like it’s
    2015. But she has been a fine torpedo boat for a long time, certainly no
    worse than Kagero (and certainly a better all purpose destroyer) and with
    better torpedo and maneuverability characteristics for such action.

  118. dragonkingofthestars

    I don’t fear the turn, but I started my battleship life on the Kawatchi, a
    dreadnought, so turning in that thing just mean ‘more guns to point at
    them’ so I was nottrained to never avoid turning or else suffer the long
    long turret rotation. because I always had more guns to point at the enemy
    when I turned.

  119. Just Shows exactly why IJN DDs needed a Nerf to their Long range Torps
    while US still have usable in high tir

  120. Jingles, please, this was obvious from the beginning. Enemy team had
    absolutely nothing to counter a good DD play. I wonder if this Fletcher
    would be still so successful if enemy team had two of three non-russian
    cruisers. Or at least couple of russian / US dds instead of all japanese.
    That was seal clubbing and there was nothing those poor BBs could do. GG
    match maker.
    Do not underestimate Shima guns. They easy to use with their flat
    trajectory and they hurt badly.
    And please stop blaming BBs for going to smoke. If done properly, nothing
    wrong with it. I am doing it regularly and usually DDs are loosing the
    contest. DDs dont take well a salvo of 356/406mm HE (or even AP), I can
    take in BB one or two torps easily.

  121. The p[roper name is The Medal of Honor. It is awarded by Congress, hence
    people call it the Congressional Medal of Honor. Not being a butt Jingle, I
    thoroughly enjoy your videos.

  122. Flip SkeeMalker

    *insert angry response to this video about how not all battleship players
    are oblivious idiots*

  123. im a battleship driver and this video makes me very sad

  124. themighty blitz

    Battle ships are not all e.p. Piñatas like destroyers think of as I never
    get hit by tropes in my Montana ?

  125. Do they have the variant of the fletcher that has two guns in one turret? I
    think it is called the summer land?

  126. Aww c’mon, not all battleship drivers do that, #NotAllBattleships. :D

  127. senioritaporpredor

    2 WOW vids in a row, why have you forsaken us Jingles? was prepared to work
    in the salt mines before but now…

  128. Another way to spot NA players: Their English is terrible! As such I think
    this is NOT the NA server :p

  129. I want to say something to all the PUSSIES on this game who reflexively
    “report” people for all kinds of things. if that is the level of
    shamelessness you’re at, you need to go play at McDonalds Kiddie-ground and
    leave WOW to the grown-ups. If you can’t handle a little name-calling, bad
    sportsmanship, or any other ‘reason’ you find to REPORT TO THE WOW GESTAPO,
    then take your sorry fucking tattling asses somewhere else where your
    BUTT-HURT’ can be properly salved!

    And to WOW, you need to seriously STOP giving these cocksuckers the power
    to interfere in other people’s gaming, especially since many players invest
    HUNDREDS of dollars on your site!!!

  130. Armas Jürgenson

    the usa has gunboays with torpedos and japanese have torpedoboats qith guns

  131. Jingles doesn’t exist

  132. Play the theme song on speed 2 :D

  133. I can be quite supportive of battleship drivers since it’s not always so
    easy given their rudder shift times etc. This video though… I got
    nothing. Don’t get it.

  134. jingles teleshopping, but wait!, theres more!

  135. Jingles, old boy. You are surprised that a Tier IX battleship has no
    situational awareness? Where have you been? Surely you have not been
    playing WoT because in that game you see such lack of knowledge on a daily
    Ever seen a E100 driver with tens of thousends of games and a winrate of
    46%? I have!

  136. Phillip Mulligan

    Why I like to plot zig zag sailing courses. You are harder to predict vs
    torpedo fire solutions.

  137. DrumsDudeGaming

    +The Mighty Jingles
    3:54 the Skillikaze? Oh Jingles… Don’t ever change, we love you just the
    way you are.

    The Mighty Jingles, misidentifying vehicles since 2011.

  138. think you are funny jingles? slow down cruisers and destroyers to between
    20 and 30 knots and see how many turns they will do. bbs lose so much speed
    in a turn, they slow down to a fucking crawl. and with the cruisers and dds
    around, if you want to do any damage at all, you basically NEED to drive in
    a straight line to get somewhere into reach! And the same with Carriers.

  139. Best true story about a Fletcher, read about Cmdr. Ernest E Evans, the USS
    Johnston and its actions at Samar, 1944. That guy, unlike some officers,
    earned his Medal of Honor the hard way.

  140. +The Mighty Jingles
    Do you think you could do a historical video on the USS Laffey? It has had
    an amazing service record and is in game as the TIX Fletcher Destroyer. I
    have asked for it before but it would make my day if you could do an
    episode on this. Love your videos!

  141. Good fight, but it must be pre-patch match. Nowadays he would be spotted by
    radar at 12km range, even in smoke.

  142. As a DD driver these BB players make me cry happy tears

  143. the might jingle please look at (world of tanks scout run) on YouTube the
    channel it on is joey toth. I happen last night so I uploaded it to

  144. Good if he is on NA server,i wont be happy to meet him on EU. Its a good
    battle and he know whats he’s doing.

  145. Jingles lookup the MOH citation for Commander Ernest E. Evans, he was the
    captain of a Fletcher-class destroyer (probably the most famous one) in
    WWII and was one of the lead participants in one of the greatest naval
    battles in WWII. His citation is more in line with what one would expect,
    and then some.

  146. Wargaming keeps adding nerfs and obstacles to dd’s because of average
    battleship drivers like this. We have a saying here “You can’t fix stupid”

  147. If any BB drivers complain about the torpedoes, then they have not figured
    out not to sail in straight lines or too close to islands.

    It’s real simple, unless you are 100% certain no DD’s are around, expect
    one to be setting up a torpedo run.

  148. David Heitzenrater

    Jingles, I think you don’t hammer on that Amagi nearly enough. That second
    Amagi that got nuked would have detected all of those torpedoes, once a
    torpedo is detected it stays detected. That Amagi sailed directly into
    torpedoes they could see from 4 km away and ignored them completely.

  149. I got some nice skin mod for World of Warship here’s a link for some skin
    in the NA forum

  150. missed a great opportunity to split my sides athunder at 8:42. …

  151. The teleporting-long-range-wall-torps don’t exist anymore :)

  152. nowadays battle ship are not the only one guilty of just sailing in
    straight line. i also see lots of cruiser just sailing straight even though
    i’m shooting at them my 41cm guns at them. next time they knew it, they are
    already in davy jones’ locker

  153. I just had a match with a T6 Mutsuki sinking a T9 Roon. Not a Detonation,
    but still a Devastating Strike. When you think you’ve seen everything,
    theres one to prove you wrong.

  154. Its should never be called the congressional medal of honor. proper way to
    refer to it is: medal of honor.

  155. I should’ve been one of those people who upload my replays, I may not get
    17k XP but im often the highest scoring player. Surprising since I only get
    30k Avg dmg and 999 Avg xp

  156. There is no such thing as the “congressional” Medal of Honor.

  157. BrianTheMagicGuy

    That liar liar scene you made made me laugh

  158. I love videos like this, that way when a DD tries to kill me and they
    can’t, I get a laugh out of their frustration.

  159. I made the same killstreaks with the Fletcher…it is a brilliant little
    ship, good against DDs and BBs. But I generally leave the battefield
    limping since I get massively shot up after doing it.

    I’d say well played staying hidden, but somehow I suspect the enemy helped
    him do this, I never get the same level as cluelessness in the enemy team.

  160. your laugh though ? !

  161. It isn’t only Admirals that get the CMH for being under fire… Just look
    at all the CMHs handed out for the Massacre at Wounded Knee.

  162. What would the Americans say? ‘Awsome’!!!.

  163. The thing with DD torps is that they are OP against zombie players and
    almost useless against good ones. Vs good players, all you can hope is area

  164. I am a Battleship driver and I am nowhere this oblivious. However the
    problem with battleships is it takes forever to turn, when you do turn you
    slow down a lot, and as you turn your turrets rotate slower than you are
    turning so as you turn your guns go off target which is super annoying.

  165. I know this is late but… If the E5 is Captain America.. Does that make
    the IS-7 the Winter Solider?

  166. Jingles, The NA server is being shafted and isn’t running the Grand Naval
    battles event, therefore we would have no use for your diamonds

  167. I do wish wargaming would let loose submarines I mean only 1 or 2 per side


  169. Stupidity exists in all classes jingles.

  170. As a BB driver, this made me hurt. I’ve dodged torpedo attacks from two
    Japanese DDs simultaneously in my New Mexico, which is hardly the fastest
    or most agile battleship around. It really isn’t that difficult. Heaven
    knows how I do it regularly at T6 but T9 battleships are still unaware of
    the “A” and “D” keys…

  171. Misaka Kusanagi

    I’ve unlocked left hand down a bit. According to Lieutenant Price that’s
    all I need.

  172. 5:22 how can you track those torps (and shots) AFTER you have fired and you
    wanna take a quick look at them? when I press that button, the gun fires
    and it does not track a previously shot shell

  173. I am one of those who “sail in a straight line” because i dont see the
    torps in time or even know that there is a torpedo launching boat in the
    water next to me. If they where spotted I would obviously turn but they
    dont get spotted 🙁 guess I just have to get better over time.

  174. 500k credits and 2.6k EXP thats it? he got robbed

  175. Wow, utterly hilarious!

  176. Why is it I don’t seem to go up against any high tier BB’s who drive like

  177. Yea, more bloody boat game.

  178. love this. i drive a bb, and I’ve learned alot from the videos i see.
    sadly, with bb’s they’re slow so driving in a straight line is only way to
    gey anywhere slightly faster.
    but still, when I’m in one of my bbs i pay attention to detection indicater
    and smoke screens…

  179. Salen Stormwing

    Oh, it’s that bloody “Sail in a straight line” game again! Oooooooh!

  180. it’s a 16 point skill 100% legit

  181. High tiers players that get there with gold if they play like this, or…

  182. why cant i ever get battleship skippers this stupid? I’ve fired 50 torps in
    a game in my Hatsuharu, and not a single one of them hit.

  183. Hikaru Katayamma

    When I play WoWS, I tend to play cruiser or destroyer, but I do own some
    battleships (And yes, I just purchased the tier 5 US battleship… nice
    one, too!) and I always am tweaking my speed or direction because I know
    better! I don’t understand how people can just sail in a straight line.
    It’s suicide.

  184. televisionblitz

    Well the reason BB’s aren’t as likely to turn is that the turrets take
    forever to rotate, however at that their those guys should be more careful,
    yesterday I took on a North Carolina and two DD’s in a North Carolina, and
    I dodged the tops by turning and changing my speed. Because the torps have
    that aiming reticle I find DD’s tend to aim there so that if you do change
    course and speed you’ll miss most of the torps

  185. Masashi Ogasawara

    Fear the Fletcher class smoke screen with guns a blazing and spewing
    torpedo’s. Tread in fear Battlewagon’s, tread in fear.

  186. “Angry Battleship Reply”

  187. Many have, my Kagaro has faster torps, longer range, and I have a tough
    time some games hitting anything, you just get some people who just whine
    about torp’s, and don’t learn.

  188. zombiekillingskater

    Jingles, where have the WOT videos gone?

  189. storminnorman99

    poor team play too. at that level one or more DDs should have been
    screening the front of the fleet to spot the DD and/or his torps. granted
    the fubuki was trying to and ate a torp, but there were plenty of DDs on
    the opposition team.

  190. its impossible to dodge all torps as a start but anticipate where they are
    going to be, that way 50-80% of all torps are going to miss.
    A last minute course change in high tier bb matches only partially work.
    Iowa-class tier 9 BB captain here

  191. Ha, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly has come to WOW – all in the same

  192. Jingles! You can clearly see on his results screen that he is working on
    one of the “Boot Camp” missions. NA server doesn’t have these missions,
    only EU does.

  193. “gangolf eierschmalz” (~ ballslard) has got to be the most epic nickname of
    all time.

  194. That XP holy shit

  195. Another fine showing from the mighty Derpitz.

  196. My CV Doges torps better then this BB :)

  197. TheRainbow Brony

    Honestly in my BBs I can remember maybe getting torpedoed three times by
    DDs, and every time it’s Americans making suicide runs and getting so close
    I can’t dodge.

    It’s just ‘oh there’s a smokescreen/DD over there. Better turn or slow
    down.’ God it’s not hard!

  198. televisionblitz

    Oh not that Bloody boat game again.

  199. Jean-Luc Desroches on EU server, but
    has account set to private

  200. I’m a battleship player and I have astonishingly low intellect and the
    spacial awareness of baked potato. This video hurt my feelings. *Shakes

  201. But, but Jingles. We need Battles ships that sail in straight lines. Please
    don’t put us IJN DD captains out of work! Please? As to USN DD’s:
    hissssssssssss ………… claw hissssssss …………. kill it now! Burn
    them with fire!

  202. Ronald Thompson

    Why do I never get enemy teams like this?

  203. Tanks Explosions Anime (T.E.A)

    Thank god i’m not the stereotypical BB captain.

  204. Ritsu_Tainaka_Is_ A_Goddess

    6:10 look in chat. Its clearly the american server.

  205. If you want to aim your shots with a battleship at least half well, you
    have to check the trajectory and the splashes of your first shots, so there
    is not that much time between shots. Annnnd if you see the torpedoes, you
    cant do anything because battleship is not that zippy. But you know better,
    you are the admiral…

  206. Fletcher may be best torp boat after 5.5

  207. geoffreystorckman8

    I play BB’s, but the BB players in this match were a disgrace to all BB
    players in general! What they did is the kind of thing you would expect to
    see at Tiers 3-5, not Tiers 8-10.

  208. That was the most noob-award worthy Fletcher replay I’ve ever seen.

    The number of high tier players that don’t know how to react to torpedoes
    and destroyers being spotted near them, is astonishing.

    My primary question is however…

    How come I never get enemy teams as obliviously moronic as that?

  209. The Fletcher is a great torpedo boat. It is straight up better than the

  210. jingles I play world of tanks on PlayStation. if I have a great game could
    I email you the link to the YouTube video when I post it.

  211. I recently got kraken unleashed in tier 1, ze german one.

  212. When I’m in a destroyer, I feel vaguely cheated when there’s no BB’s on the
    enemy team to shoot torps at.

  213. Great replay. May I suggest a premium version – USS Johnston. Lt. Cmdr.
    Ernest E. Evans won the CMH for his actions. (see USS Johnston, Taffy 3 and
    the Battle off Samar)

  214. Maybe the battleship drivers should all also play Jp destroyers? it makes
    me incredibly distrustful of islands and narrows when im spotted.

  215. freewindgriffin

    other battle ship drivers learn to turn I know I have since I was teir 3

  216. Hey Jingles, have you considered setting up a patreon page? A lot of people
    may want to donate and you may as well let them :P

  217. *sigh*

  218. Never underestimate the stupidity of Battleships at any tier!

    So friggin hilarious!

  219. wasd hack op, pls nerf

  220. Ahahahaaaa!! Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you play US destroyers.
    Excellent game, well done. BB captains, never change

  221. Great Replay Jingles! But did I hear you right at the end of the video: 16
    torpedo hits with all but one against BBs? The post-battle stats said 18
    i’m sure…

  222. why is his exp so low?

  223. great battle and great player

  224. tunneling in aim mode in a BB with DD’s around = a paddle in lol

  225. TEAM AMERICA, F**K YA!!! But seriously nice to bad I’ll never get one I
    don’t even like playing Tier 7. AND my dad watched the video and he never
    played any online games and HE SAID why didn’t they slow down, speed up and
    move around if they see a smoke screen that would kind of give the ship
    away. And for reference yesterday I dodged two torpedo spreads from Tier 3
    Wakis in an ARKANSAS B for crying out loud and it was a decent coordinated
    spread set. SO what is these peoples excuse in some ships faster and more
    maneuverable that that one?

  226. I usually laugh quite a bit in your videos, but as soon as you said “the
    chat is filled with quotes from team america” I started losing it. As an
    American I can confirm, that is the best way to tell you’re on NA servers.

  227. josh thomas-moore

    jingles is there a shop in world of warships that you dislike as much as
    the M3 Lee in world of tanks and if so could their be a video on it

  228. I just lost 200 USD on Csgolounge, thanks for saving my day Jingles.

  229. Words cannot describe the horror I felt when watching this. (And then I
    played Minekaze for 3 hours )

  230. The only skills my battleship captains ever had were: throwing the helmsman
    overboard; and, sawing off the rudder-thingy.

  231. Never interrupt your enemy when his is making a mistake.

  232. In some ways the idiots that drive BBs like this help me out a lot. Most
    destroyer captains naturally get a huge shock when they run into someone
    who can dodge their torps and pays attention to where they are.

  233. hey I want to know if you could play Texas because that’s where I play in
    my level see you at the sea

  234. Yes haha lets all laugh at the dumb BB captains! Meanwhile let me point out
    a few things: When a bb veers off course it takes much more time to
    readjust compared to DDs and Ca’s, a bb’s guns turn and reload much more
    slowly which means turning at all ruins you guns for a crucial moment and
    that you are more willing to run the risk of getting that good shot off
    rather than evade. BB’s are also EVERYONE’S target of choice because we
    simply are big slow and lumbering targets, as a result bb captains are busy
    dodging planes, making hard long range shots and avoiding torps. As a bb
    captain i have way more things to worry about than any dd or ca captain and
    i have inferior means to deal with them. Maybe if CA’s helped escort
    battleships sometimes we would not have as many issues. BB captains have to
    plan ahead more than other captains to deal with these facts.

  235. Nice battle!
    I run my Fletcher decked as a torpedo boat (all upgrades favor torpedoes).
    I am not the greatest at using USN DD guns due to slow shell velocity, but
    with full concealment at 5.8km and 10.5km torpedoes, it is better than my
    Kagero and my Fubuki (my two fav DDs, now also using 10km torpedoes in
    0.5.5), and it has better guns. Awesome ship.

  236. GrandPrixRacer100

    First I thought “Really? Awh it’s World of Warships” but I don’t regret
    watching this AT ALL! Really nice one :D

  237. I’m a bb captain and I just want to say, never stop ripping into bb
    captains. I learned from your videos and my gameplay has dramatically
    increased. Thanks for good work!

  238. where do you DD skippers find these big stupid battleship players. all the
    ones I go against are so skittish they change direction ever time the wind
    blows on them.

    now as a battleship player, I might eat a torp or 2 and have occasionally
    been hit by a full broadside of them but usually once a I know there’s a DD
    near me and I’m within his torp range I’m on high alert and will change
    directions. in fact if an enemy dd is within 10km of me I’ll switch to
    shooting at him. even in a BB and even with ap loaded.

  239. JeKaleMoeder100

    Jingles more WOT and less boat shit pls

  240. 1 match in a thousand game where the players are shit = all battleship
    players are stupid.

    Tell me Jingles, would you like the 20 or so replays I have sent in where
    destroyers Kamikaze and die in the first two minutes?
    Or perhaps the 30 or so where the cruisers are cowering behind us “big dumb
    stupid battleships” while we carry the team?

    Or maybe, just maybe, you could show one of the dozens of battleship
    replays people have sent you, including me, where we earn Kraken’s and
    Confederates after all the squishy little destroyers kill themselves in the
    second minute and the apparently pro players in the cruisers go limping off
    to the back of spawn on 2000 HP?

  241. Fightingshadows

    I love fighting destroyers in my Kongo!!! i love it when they try and chase
    me down, get right in close to torp me, then all at once, i target him with
    secondary’s, swing all 8 guns with HE loaded around, and send him to play
    World of Warplanes

  242. Christopher Merola

    Give that man a medal and give those battleship captains a rudder!

    Err… wait…

    Give those battleship captains a manual on how to use their rudder!

  243. Stupid is as stupid does.

    That close to a smoke screen?

    Call me strange, I avoid them, even in a destroyer. I don’t like torpedoes.

  244. Alexander Galbraith

    Please do more airsoft

  245. That is so awesome…torpedoes away and I am in a gun black skull

  246. Ahoy mates! Captains Oblivious off the port, starboard, bow and stern! o7

  247. wow that was crazy good. Dang……

  248. luv ur wows content Jingles..plz keep doing what ur doing with this game!!

  249. As a battleship driver, who prefers the Derpitz hard, I can honestly say
    that if I have even the SLIGHTEST idea a destroyer MAY be in my area, I
    will periodically change speed and direction, having my BF as a
    division-mate most of the time also helps, as a second pair of eyes to
    maybe see something I missed, like a destroyer only BRIEFLY being spotted
    near me.

  250. Great…the only time I will ever see such idiots in the game, is on my
    team. :(

  251. Mr.I can Do Everything

    6:00 see the chat!
    ‘Merica f*ck yea, coming to save the motherf*cking day now

  252. im at the mahan and i cant wait to get to the benson ?I hope someday i have
    a battle as epic as this

  253. With the tier IX torpedo reload module the reload time on the Fletch is 90
    seconds, which is fantastic for Tier IX. Between the guns and the torps the
    Fletcher is the best DD in the game.

  254. It seems like the best BB captens switch to cruisers around T6 because
    after T6 all BBs are like this.

  255. I am a Japanese Destroyer user as well as an American Battleship user.
    Adjusting speed and course occasionally in a Battleship does the trick. End
    of story.
    Tip : in the bottom right side of the screen there is something called a
    ”Minimap” , guess what, it is a minimap, have a look there too from time
    to time…

  256. As a mid tier battle ship player…WTF…I very my course and speed every
    20-30 seconds unless All enemy DDs are spotted on the other side of the map

  257. This player deserves to quote Duke Nukem :
    “I go where I please! And I please where I go!”

  258. I am gonna go out on account the cruiser captains are as oblivious as BB
    captains, except DDs do not waste torps on CAs as much, because why would
    you, since it is much more likely to dodge or get killed before the torps
    even arrive. But there is as many straight line sailing captains in
    cruisers as there in BBs. They just don’t get fired at with torps as much.
    Not from afar anyway.

  259. Jingles – its a Match on the EU Server. Gangolf_Eierschmalz (one of the
    enemy players) IS DEFINITLY a european (german/austrian) player (and his
    stats are available on the eu server). Zschernie, Blackskulls Division mate
    is also a german player. Add to that those many other german and east
    european names – and presto. You won`t find BlackSkulls Account that easy
    though, a quick look at shows: he hides his account

  260. While there are some oblivious players in World of Warships, the majority
    of the problems are with the fact that there is no clear way to balance all
    of these ships on a small map. Most battleship pilots resist turning their
    ships because of the long rudder shift time as well as the long turret
    rotation speed makes it almost impossible to be effective when your doing
    nothing but turning to avoid torpedoes or possible torpedoes anytime a
    destroyer, cruiser, or torpedo bombers are near. As well as the fact that
    once a destroyer or a cruiser with torpedoes closes the distance you are
    pretty much dead because your shot dispersion is such shit. This is why i
    have stopped playing battleships and only play cruisers.

  261. I’m a battleship captain and I loved the video. Entertaining education is
    the best. :-)

  262. Frisk/Chara Dreamurr

    angery battleship player comment

  263. I get very depressed how the higher rank players, ie tier 8 and above seem
    to be the worst campers and players in general I have every seen. seems
    tier 5-7 is where the sweet spot of fun is.

  264. “STOP SAILING IN STRAIT LINES ASSHOLE!!!!” Hahaha!! Oh that was so perfect.

  265. Outstanding battle. Awesome commentary Jingles! 🙂 Makes me want to grind
    out the American Destroyer line after watching this!

  266. As a BB captain myself I find these replays especially hilarious because in
    the same situations I can get Citadels with my 18.1 inchers

  267. BB driver here. My A and D keys are broken. :)

  268. Can we see a video of Minekazes getting buttraped instead?

  269. Angry response from battleship driver!!!! eheheeh

    Actually, I prefer DDs for exactly this reason…BB drivers are pigeons

  270. Rovensaal Seifer

    To be fair, I occasionally run into smokescreens to flush out DDs in my BB
    for my team to take out. I have the hp to take the hits, but not always the
    allies to take out the DDs…

  271. awesome vid. I do like this game a lot and between you and ichase, I have
    learned a lot. and the one thing I remember most is “stop sailing in
    straight lines asshole”. lol. I think every vid you do has that piece of
    advice in it so anyone who has watched even ONE of your vids should know
    better. keep up the good work man.

  272. “asshole” not “areshole”? Jingles, we’re culturally converting you to an
    American ;-)

  273. Medal of Honor Jingels, NOT the Congressional Medal of honor. Because the
    medal is presented “in the name of Congress,” it is often referred to as
    the “Congressional Medal of Honor”. However, the official name is the
    “Medal of Honor,” which began with the U.S. Army’s version. Within United
    States Code the medal is referred to as the “Medal of Honor”, and less
    frequently as “Congressional Medal of Honor”. Re:

  274. How do u watch your shells and torps?

  275. Bring the Nukes

    with all due respect fuck you. i am a BB player and i do not sail in
    straight lines. it propably has something to do with my ADHD but i could
    not sail in a straight line if i tried

  276. MoH is for valor ‘above and beyond the call of duty’. If an admiral is
    ashore and in the middle of the action, then yeah, he is above and beyond
    HIS call of duty.

  277. Alright. Who told Jingles’ day it would be okay to be shitty?
    To the salt mines! Double shift!

  278. Dont know where all the straight line sailing BB captins are when i take
    out my DDs rare to see them stay at one course like that so he have
    probobly played a couple dussin crap games in it before this

  279. Gilian Rüsterholz

    It’s that bloody boat game… again.
    Not complaining, though.

  280. EU server, recon one of the guys in the game.

  281. I got the same medals with a hosho without the double strike. ._. but I am
    a carrier. at tier IV.

  282. As a BB driver in WOWS its just people get tunnel vision, same as in world
    of tanks when blam you get it… granted the torpedo indicators are much
    better then in wot when you hear the shell coming at you.

  283. And if the Izumo had changed course we would be laughing at him for sailing
    broadside on and being citadeled by an enemy BB with the that’s a paddling

  284. When I reach tier 10, I better not see my fellow BB drivers still making
    this mistake. Getting ambushed is one thing, sailing in a straight line is
    another. If you have to take it, take it to the bulge at least.

  285. could we rename the Tirpitz to Derpitz?

  286. Iv never laughed so hard in my life. Amazing video.

  287. Two world of war ships videos in a row? Us WOT fans would like two WOT
    videos in a row to balance it. Prefered topic more TOG and some KV-2
    garnished with a little bit of low tier seal clubbing

  288. I wish I could get enemies like those

  289. the_terraria_minion

    HOW HOW!?!?!?!? :3

  290. BB drivers are stupid. When I took out my Kawachi, I don’t remember getting
    hit once by torps although they were launched at me. And that thing turns
    like a brick. Tunnel vision will get you killed and famous on The Might
    Jingles channel of doom.

  291. This is why I play DD’s because there are so many idiot BB captains – they
    do make it easy

  292. “which way?”
    “towards enemy”

    WoWships tactics

  293. why was that result surprising after seeing the match? did not seem
    surprising to me. side note, battleships are not as maneuverable as other
    boats and so are easier to hit. Also this is why they have more HP, because
    they are harder to miss. I still think that torps do too much damage per
    hit and accept that I am in the minority on this topic. best of luck to

  294. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    jingles increase the wot content! after all its what most of us are here

  295. ThethingAndit AndYou

    “That’s no smokescreen!” – Battleship Spotter

  296. With recent changes there’s a good argument to be made that the Feltcher
    and Gearing are better than the IJN.
    As to the rest? It’s perfectly simple. I call it “The WG septic tank method
    of advancement”.
    How does it work?
    You can be the most useless, clueless, worst nightmare for your own team in
    every battle BUT if you hit ‘battle’ often enough you’ll float to the top
    of the tank i.e. tiers.
    It was even more evident in WoT where the rewards for being AFK/doing
    nothing, not to mention the rampant botting that went on for years, meant
    you floated to the top more easily, but it applies in WoWS too.

  297. now do the same in a tirpitz pls.

  298. He must be in the World of Warships CIA. That’s why you cant find him

  299. Long story short: The “invisibility” of the DDs is as annoying as the way
    too long range of the torpedos. I don´t play WoWS anymore ´cause I don´t
    like to play these cancerships myself and I hate their ability to get away
    with what they do. Kudos to the Fletcher and that Izumo deserved it´s fate.
    But over all DDs are what keeps me away from this game…. and several
    other stuff like the border-glitch handling, the MM…….

  300. Oh, and as someone who loves driving battleships, I have to say that the
    “oblivious battleship driver” stereotype is fully justified. I once fought
    a New York in my Marblehead and launched my torpedoes at him THREE TIMES
    from near maximum range, and he took at least one torpedo from all three
    spreads, and sometimes two. For those who don’t know, the Marblehead has
    quite possibly the absolute worst torpedoes in the game-they have decent
    range, but only go 48 knots, and there’s only 3 of them total. This New
    York driver, though…he just kept sailing in a straight line. Didn’t
    maneuver, didn’t change speed, NOTHING. Through THREE fucking torpedo
    spreads. It was so sad, and yet so great because I got to benefit from it.

  301. With my Fubuki I NEVER get into a fight with idiots like this. This is a
    one in a thousand game.

  302. Notsofamous one (TNSF1)

    the Fletcher class destroyers are my favorite class of Us destroyers, along
    with Clemson class. this replay makes me want to get the Fletcher even more

  303. This…this was beautiful. This is the kind of game destroyer captains
    dream of-chock full of battleship drivers who are completely oblivious and
    no destroyers or cruisers cockblocking your torpedo runs.

  304. +The Mighty Jingles
    OH NOO!!! I finally made it in one of your videos and you couldn’t track on
    which server I’m playing?! Dam! It’s EU btw. I hide my stats usually. Here
    is the link:

    Hope you can give me the prize even if I made this mistake?
    And yeah the America phrase in the video was because we both watched this
    video before 😀
    This song will stick to your ears for a while…

    Hope to hear from you,

    Cheers BlackSkull

  305. michael hoff (mik777)

    jingles i think your being too subtle about bb’s turning their ships

  306. Can I have BBs like these on the enemy team, all mine can see my torps the
    moment I dump them

  307. Jingles, you seem to draw these people to you whenever you go! I wish my
    matches were like this, but not all the time.. I still like a challenge
    here & there between grinds lol

  308. My God! where are all these battleship players when i’m grinding out exp.
    great replay Jingles keep up the great work! :D

  309. wheres my daily dose of WOT I’m not working in the salt mines until I see a
    new episode.

  310. im a bb diver an i tern form time to time

  311. ResidentEvil742

    Being mainly a battleship captain I usually follow the guidelines of if a
    destroyer is spotted turn in or away from him. But for me that just seems
    to make the torpedoes do more damage. I can’t be the only one having this
    happen torpedo hits the bow should do nil because it would skid down the
    side of the ship but blows half your health away. What peeves me is when
    I’m doing defensive tacking and all of a sudden 50 torpedoes appear 10 feet
    off the side of my ship which are totally unavoidable.

  312. Great1!!! and I love to pilot my Battleships, I even use the rudder from
    time to time…

  313. I never fall on the stupid battleships ;(

  314. Regarding Adm. Fletcher’s MoH it was incidents like that which led to the
    demands being serious elevated.

  315. It’s players like these that make the shimakaze nerf make sense. The fact
    that players like these complain….ok I understand, they don’t know any
    beter. The fact that wargaming actually acts upon those complains……..I
    mean really!


    I’m down at tier 4 and i keep forgetting cruisers have torps too.oh how my
    wyoming has suffered. at some point i hope to get past the. “ohh look how
    cool it is when all my guns fire” and remember to turn the damn thing!

  317. Holy crap that Izumo driver… Mega-facepalm.

  318. _your_moms_ cat_v5

    MOAR XCOM2!!!!

  319. Fletcher has excellent torpedo’s, so your argument about being only a
    gunboat is invalid

  320. I don’t think Torps are op. The Shima spam can be annoying at high tier but
    other than that I think torps are fine on their own. The advice of “don’t
    sail in a straight line” is a bit useless though I find, Sure randomly zig
    zagging makes it harder for the enemy to launch torps but it also exposes
    your citadel often, not to mention you aren’t going to get anywhere in a
    hurry whilst taking evasive action. So many times (especially when I’m in a
    battleship) I have to make the choice between either taking some of the
    torps that are probably coming or take evasive action and expose my citadel
    to enemies. At least that’s what happens if you play aggressive as I do, I
    don’t know how it is if you camp and snipe like 90% of the player base.

  321. What the fuck are these diamonds I keep hearing about

  322. Generalissimo Rahman

    You know Jingles, i actually have an idea why some BB drivers don’t turn.
    BBs have terrible rudder shift so it feels like that the ship is heavier
    and it doesn’t feel like there is a significant investment in simply
    turning. I think they might feel that turning is not a good investment for
    them. Either that or i’m giving them a little bit to generous to them, and
    its just absent-mindedness.

  323. I have a kamikaze R replay with 230 k damage jingles

  324. Jingles, you didn’t answer my question on FB I asked you. Is there a way
    for me to send you replays of World of Tanks on consoles?

  325. OK, after seeing this video I’ll give the wows a try… Creating account
    right now…
    You made a good case Jingles ;)

  326. At tier 6, my NC has NEVER been sank by torps launched from over 4 km away.
    I only get hit by DDs who suicide into me. Pay f**king attention. It is
    SOOO easy, even at 4KM to avoid torps if you are paying attention to the
    darn map. Kongos, especially, are so fast and maneuverable that you have
    little excuse for being killed from outside 4 km. Dodge 5/6 in the turn,
    nuke the DD during his torp reload and get back to buisness

  327. It’s that bloody boat game again.

  328. Actually Jingles he was only an Admiral, a Fleet Admiral is a 5 star only
    Leahy, Nimtz, King, and Halsey were Fleet Admirals.

  329. Battleship captain here, Currently sailing in New York, I´m not a good
    player, decent though and i have no idea how one can play a battleship like
    that. Just by doing the basic shit to avoid torps i once manaced to held up
    alone against 2 dds quite a a while knowing there was a cruiser coming to
    help them, sank one dd and damaged badly the other, i would have killed
    them both if the cruiser would have come 10 seconds later..

  330. Quote: “…maybe, just maybe it is actually not the smokescreen that’s
    firing guns and launching torpedoes.” Noooooo! Don’t destroy my illusions!
    Fog and island gaps are the birthplace of steel-fish!

  331. ive been on youtube for a while now, and i have to say that you have been
    the most enjoyable youtuber to watch :)

  332. “It’s that bloody boa…” *NO!*

    *It’s that activity undertaken solely for pleasure embedded into a
    computing device smeared in such human hemoglobin that pertains to such
    heavily armored water vehicles that are specifically designed to rain down
    utter destruction onto the enemy!*

  333. wait my battleship can turn?

  334. Aaaannnnd also fletcher is not a gun boat. She has the most powerful torp
    on the American DD line. 66knots 10km torp with a gamebreakingly fast
    reload. Just for comparison Shimakaze these days use 12 km 67knot torp with
    double the reload of Fletcher. Fletcher is capable of dishing out more torp
    in a game than Shima

  335. Angry comments from battleship drivers

  336. DD OP please remove. And the DD were removed
    CVs OP please remove, and the CV were removed.
    Cruisers OP please remove, and only battleships were left

    BS OP please remove. And there was only TOG

  337. jingles can you do the montanna

  338. If you got torpedoed by IJN DDs, problem is the game balance and torpedo
    soup issue. But if you got torpedoed by USN DDs or USSR DDs, shame on you

  339. Also. It’s the replays like this is going to be sent to you. You will not
    see average American DD game play sent to you: get to the frontline, engage
    enemy DDs, torp hit nothing because enemy is not stupid, sit in smoke spam
    some shells and game over.

  340. I don’t blame the Izumo at all. When he saw that Montana got hit he would
    be thinking oh at least I have a minute or so to do a full turn before the
    fletcher reloads and guess what a Fletcher can get his torp reload down to
    little more than a minute.

  341. Thomas Pollard (Byzantine1025)

    What I’d do for enemies who sail in strait lines

    As a battleship driver, I’ve died to a torp from a destroyer once ever and
    even then I was in a gunfight with an enemy Kongou as well as being on
    1/6th health. All this while I frequently get disconnected from the server
    and as of the new patch de-sync as well.

  342. Gareth Fairclough

    Minekaze? That’s a strange ship that everyone says is awesome, but I’ve
    never seen anyone do well in a minekaze (bar youtube vids) and I’ve never
    particularly liked it either.

  343. Battleships: “Torps are OP.” But it doesn’t stop there. “I got the range,
    why should I get closer.” Or this one: “I am not shooting at cruisers,
    battleships are for shooting at other battleships.” The latter, though, can
    also be seen in cruisers who just shoot at whatever is moving the least.
    (While your destroyer is kept spotted by enemy destroyers and shot at by
    enemy cruisers with no chance to get into range of any of those battleships
    the rest of your team is busy throwing cotton balls at.)

  344. no no play the bloody ship game over and over and over and over dont stop

  345. Damnit, where the hell do you meet all of these guys?! Is my luck really
    such sh*t? When I sail DDs enemies seem to see my torpedoes from the point
    they’re launched. WTF!

    Also I have no trouble avoiding destroyers on my Nagato. It’s actually the
    only thing that keeps me enjoying the game, since RNG f*cks me over on
    every shot I fire.

  346. I was driving my Wyoming and I said to my teammates “don’t drive in
    straight lines” and you know what my division mate and I were doing two
    minutes later? Exiting back to port because of Japanese destroyers.

  347. USMC0311CplJackson

    The problem with destroyers in WoWS is how they are designed and how the
    game play mechanics work. Spotting mechanics mainly. As a battleship driver
    there is really no way of telling when a destroyer has fired torpedos at
    you or not, and you just don’t have the option to always drive like you are
    constantly being fired at by torpedos.

  348. i have seen so many of these videos now that i deliberately dont drive in
    straight lines in my battleships just so i dont end up on one, on that note
    im sending you a replay u might find interesting

  349. As much as I like WOWs where in XCOM 2?

  350. how cant detected you???

  351. james ward-gwilliam

    looks like NA server to me although Asia do speak a lot of English as well
    and usually more polite and less toxic . none of those names ring a bell
    from EU and you usually recognise one or two names. as a BB driver and
    someone who has both tier 10’s this made me laugh so badly . slight turns
    and constantly changing speed and even reversing helps a lot not always
    drastic turns although sometimes you just dont give a damm and can use it
    to your advantage. funnily enough in the izumo yesterday big broadside to a
    DD who kept missing while i dealt with other opponents and because he was
    so focused on my big broadside allowed my division mate to sneak past him
    in the Kagero and have fun with the enemy. i think i eventually went down
    to a torpedo but by that point i had got high caliber and very low health
    anyway so i wasnt to fussed.

  352. To be honest i think the reason as to why BBs sail in straight lines and
    gets torpedoed is for a number of reasons. #1 There focus on other ships, #
    the ignore DDs as it is the job of CAs and DDs to screen for them, #3 BBs
    are quite slow so many people sail straight just so they can get places,
    #and last lots of nnobs play BBs like they play Heavy tanks, they get them
    think they are invincible and not think, Oh and they are also the least
    forgiving for the mistakes that you make.

  353. Earl of Northesk

    Actually Jingles, the names of some of the players indicate this is on EU,
    since there are German expressions in them….Jingles? Jingles??

  354. TheInsaneWalrus

    My God, look at the user description he provided: Watch as I go balls deep
    to all the enemy battleships and get highly rewarded….
    He’s nothing short of a God!

  355. Where are these retards when I’m playing my DDs? I swear every battleship I
    fire torpedoes at is captained by goddamn Spider-Man.

  356. Subroto Haryono

    its just idiots its the funny one cause citadel is all i care

  357. As a BB driver what I annoyed about is when you get DD’s who go off on
    their own, get spotted and killed by a whole bunch of enemy ships and then
    bitch and moan in chat about how no one supported them.

  358. Vladimir Efimov

    You play WoWs since alpha, can you make a video about the rare low tier
    premium ships available for diamonds this month?

  359. so.. admiral Jingels.. where is your excuse?

  360. Wish I knew how to enable replay….had an epic game in my Farragut. Team
    down 5 to 10. I went behind the enemy team to go after the CV. One by one
    they came to protect the CV and I killed each ones with guns. They were low
    on hp through. Last 2 minutes my team, down 2 to 5, hp down to shot. Kill 4
    with guns. Last minutes 1v1, torps the Nurnberg who came charging at me
    with less than 100 hp left. Won match with 8 kills. Sad that I didn’t have
    the replay for jingles…..

  361. Some German names in the game. Most likely an EU replay.

  362. Hows come everytime I’m in my DD all the battleships I find are being
    driven by evil kinvil and are sailing in anything but a straight line

  363. darrell “skirata” fairbank


  364. I have to say, that Amagi takes the cake for me in terms of oblivious
    battleship drivers. The Izumo spotted the torpedos when they sailed past
    him, and torpedos never go unspotted until they burn out. Which means he
    could actually see all three torpedos that hit him from the moment they
    passed the Izumo to the moment they hit the ship, which is a shocking lack
    of situational awareness.

  365. JINGLES! they nerfed jap torps because battleship players suck! maybe they
    should teach them to use W A S D, usually i play Destroyers and BB and i
    get away with it all the time, so easy xD

  366. Jack “AllTrianglesMakeASquare” McDutch

    As a battleship player I agree that these captains should know how to sail
    their ships. Especially the first Izumo he sank. However, as a battleship
    player you are very dependent on your teammates. More times than I would
    like to admit, I play on teams with zero communication. If you ask for help
    from your fellow DDs and CLs. You won’t get any. Because you are a BB and
    you can take care of yourself. NO! With the amount of torps that DD’s,
    especially Japanese DDs, can spam. You just can not account for all of
    them. And no I am not angry, at all. Just read my comment please. 😉

    Torps are not overpowered. If you sail broadside on to a DD you are kind of
    setting yourself up. Sure as A BB you can take care of DD’s. IF you
    happened to have High explosives loaded. Which most BBs don’t have because
    going for citadels is the name of the game. That brings me to my first
    point of nuance regarding the sentiment that “stupid BB-captains are
    stupid”. Why, when I hit 5 out of 8 shots on a DD with my Nagato. Does it
    only do 5120 damage? Over-penetrations you say? All 5 of them? So, and let
    me get this clear, you say that 410mm shells do not shred a DD in half? Not
    even when they sail broadside onto me? I already have to win the desperion
    lottery to even hit them. I get that High Explosives are more effective, as
    they should. But I dislike how AP is so ineffective against DDs. If AP
    could cause flooding, makes sense because of the sizable holes they leave
    on impact and with DDs being so low above the waterline, it would not make
    them as unusually useless as they are now. If that is too much to ask,
    Double their Damage. AP can shred DDs. Getting hit with AP should cause
    more damage. Especially seeing as OPs on CLs do at least 2k.

    Secondly. Camouflage index in smoke is over 9k I.E. Spamming guns and torps
    from smoke. There is literally no counter for a BB is you encounter a DD
    hiding in his smokescreen and spamming his guns other than making sure you
    sail perpendicularly onto or away from it. Because, for some reason you are
    undetectable even if I can see where the shells are coming from. I think
    smoke should be more a defensive weapon rather than offensive. Or maybe
    they could make a outlining of the ship so you can kind of guess where he
    is and in what position. Or, a smokescreen could lose its’ effectiveness if
    you are less than half of a ships’ detectibility range away from it. I.E.
    for the Fletcher that could be <3.4 km.

    Extra point. BBs' accuracy. Look the dispersion on BBs is a lottery. No if,
    and or buts about it. You can have the perfect aim, but from range, their
    is still a chance that only 20% of your shells hit, if at all. This is to
    stop people from sniping with their BBs. Fine. I can see that. So how do
    you counter that? Getting in closer so those CLs and BBs have more
    difficulty dodging your shots. What is the danger of that? Lurking DDs.
    Basically setting yourself up for a oneway trip to the bottom if you are
    not careful.

    Situational Awareness people! A BB can counter a DD. With proper planning
    and a little bit of luck. But, let's not pretend that the deck isn't
    stacked against BBs. Not because of torps, the amount or even the frequency
    of them. Just that there are so many other mechanics that do not work with
    you as a BB player. Not least of which are your teammates. I get the system
    of Checks and Balances. But I feel that BBs more often than not get
    balanced rather than checks.

    P.S. You read my entire comment? Thanks! Well done, you!
    P.P.S. And you are not going to write a comment that I should "git gud"?
    Impressive! RESPECT!
    P.P.P.S. I am a complete average exclusive BB player. A Main Battery hit %
    of about 25, but getting better. I have a positive D-ratio. Sailed over 200
    battles and survived about 130 of them. I know my way around a BB. Their
    strengths and weaknesses. Doesn't mean I am automatically 100% right on all
    BB-trivia. But I am most certainly not a 100% wrong. All I ask for is
    discussion on this topic and maybe agree on the fact that it maybe isn't
    always a 100% a BB-captains' fault when he gets torp'd.

    Except that Izumo doe. I literally have no words for that kind of sailing.

  367. As a BB driver, I can confirm that a 15-point captain is needed to enable
    the rudder. ‘Tis an advanced skill only for the veterans of WoWS.

  368. Any chance of sending these straight-sailing battleships my way? Because in
    any game I’m in a DD I only run into cagey ballerinas that can dodge

  369. yeah last night I killed both a Mutsuki and an Ognevoi in my New York… I
    hate the BB’s who make the rest of us look bad. The thing I have the
    problem with is getting bum rushed by a DD even with HE loaded hitting six
    times the DD lives, and just casually derps me with torps…..that IS an
    issue.. I hereby suggest that BB’s and BB alone should get full manual of
    their secondary batteries .

  370. Tomorrow , XCOM 2 please video ?

  371. I will admit this was a brilliant video and as a bb captain I see my
    friendly and enemy bb captains screwing up like you wouldn’t believe
    repeatedly by either firing he at other bbs who are broadside on or sailing
    down narrow gaps where a destroyed is located, I question humanity at times
    as a result @TheMightyJingles

  372. Get yourself a battleship that turns faster than its turrets rotate and
    you’ll realise why players drive battleships in a straight line !

  373. I think the reason so many Battleship players are so terrible is because –
    coming from WOT it would be VERY easy to assume that Battleships are the
    easiest class to deal massive damage in, and due to how slow they are, the
    fact that they do not have torpedoes, or really any consumable apart from
    repair, heal, and launching single aircraft, that Battleships MUST be the
    easiest to play and the strongest class!

    Well, that is not at all the case. Even though it does require much less
    heavy multitasking to play a Battleship, it takes a great combination of
    other skills. Without those skills, THAT is when you will see tier 6 plus
    BBs just sit at the back of the map and wait for targets to come within
    range, thereby screwing get over their team as well as themselves in the

    Obviously BBs are not going to be the first to the front lines, but they
    DAMNED WELL NEED TO HEAD THERE! Once DDs have screened, and Cruisers are in
    place for supporting fire and AA escorting, Then BBs NEED TO BE AT THE

    Unfortunately because WG is a company who needs money to stay in business,
    and the more money the better the game will become over time: Any player
    can buy a couple of premium ships, derp around like the noob donkeys they
    are, then go on to spend 10,000 doubloons to convert all the EXP required
    to get to tier 10! And that is my guess as to EXACTLY how such terrible
    players end up in high tier BBs!

  374. You just need to get into certain habits when playing battleships to avoid
    being raped by hidden destroyers. Like making sure you make a mental note
    of where an enemy DD was spotted last, what DD’s they actually have on
    their team, when you last saw enemy torpedo’s, and try and make sure to
    time turns after an enemy battleship has fired. I feel playing Battleships
    really requires a good ability to multi-task. And I think for most players
    enemy Battleship rounds are so much more of an imminent threat than
    torpedo’s, just because you can see the enemy ship fire haha.

  375. 7:40 ….just…WTF…i have seen T5 BBs turning like pros and giveing me
    in my DD/CV a bad time….BUT TIER 10???

  376. I mainly play Battleships. All I have to say if, if you can’t turn a ship
    by T9-10, when someone spots a DD, you deserve to be sunk.

  377. why can’t i have enemi’s like this

  378. I loved that team chat

  379. The Izumo that burned to death though, If you look, when the Destroyer was
    spotted, she INSTANTLY began to turn away from the smoke screen, so credit
    where credit is due.

    Also: It’s that bloody Boat game again.

  380. “shumakazzy”
    jingles PLEASE

  381. Huntersinthesky

    To be honest, I’ve tried my best trying to avoids torpedoes before they’re
    spotted and can usually do it, but when you’re driving a New York and can’t
    sail a circle small enough to get around Cape Horn without running into
    Antarctica, it’s hard to avoid torpedoes shot from 5km. Plus, with my
    turret turn time, and rudder shift time, maneuvers mean less shooting and
    subsequently even less of a chance at citadels (which are all BB’s have to
    go for). But hey, a damned good show from this fletcher. That Montana
    really did have no excuse xD.

  382. Torpedoes are OP. However, if you are a BB and you get close to a smoke
    screen … you definitely deserver a full spread of torpedoes. So torpedoes
    are not OP because idiots keep sailing into them when everyone knows a DD
    is close by, they are OP because if the DD is not spoted you’ll still eat
    at least half of spread w/o much chance to avoid it. Like the first guy
    killed in this video, he was sailing in a zone he though it was safe, with
    no DD ever being spoted nearby then .. dead. That is why torps are OP.

    Also, the wave of torps two or more tier X DD’s can send your way. This
    shouldn’t be carpet bombing …

  383. Sebastian Keller

    I am a BB driver and I think I am not as “stupid” as you would expect me to
    be, because I do quite ok in my super fast maneuverable (and so on) Fuso
    and Kongo-Class Battleships but low to mid tier U.S. Battleships are a pain
    in the ass…
    Basicly all you can do is set your course and fire your steam engines to
    full “speed”. Then you wait until something comes in range of your
    cruiser-range-main batteries pour everything into it and hope to get as
    many hits as possible before you end up being torped. And that’s about it
    you don’t want to change your direction much because it slows you down too
    much and your rudder shift time is awful.

    So if anyone of you has some tips, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

  384. Be in charge and get shot at a little …
    Well on a bloody battle ship, when you get shot, it’s not going to be only
    “a little”.

  385. When I play Battleships, im dancing with them, dancing like a pro, but die
    cuz the guys right and left don´t like moving and so I´m soon allone and
    yeah…. If I play destroyer it seems my enemys are playing huge choopers
    that look like ships, but actually are ABOVE the whater so I can´t hit
    them. But maybe I start playing it again after seeing that :DD

  386. “AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!” -Team America

  387. In the late 19th/early 20th century Medals of Honor were awarded routinely
    for things like jumping off your ship to save a drowning comrade. The
    super-heroics came later. See the list here:

  388. I find it funny whenever people do complain about the torpedos being OP.
    Considering in real life, they didn’t have the torpedo warning systems we
    have in game. I myself am a BB sailor, and I’ve had bad times with the
    torps but that doesn’t mean they’re OP. It only helped me learn how to
    avoid them, and everyone else can do the same.

  389. Now THAT was a genuinely amazing game. Nice find Jingles.

    One thing though, the Fletcher isn’t just a gunboat. After the t8 Benson
    (and recently the t7 Mahan), the Fletcher and Gearing are hybrid DDs. Not
    as good gunboats as the russian DDs, not as good torpedoboats as the
    japanese DDs, but better detectability and torpedoes than the russians and
    better guns than the japanese. Seeing a US DD from t8 onwards making
    liberal use of its torpedoes is hardly uncommon, especially considering
    that the guns alone suffer huge performance penalties with fire chance
    reduction and HE penetrations thanks to the low caliber as you can see in
    the report sceenshot: 10k damage with 98 hits (only ~106 average damager
    per shell!) and only two fires set (t10 ships have a 50% fire chance
    reduction just for being t10!).

    Now put the gun away, plz

  390. that guy needs to play lottery right know , i never get that lucky even
    when i´m sailing with my kamikaze, i also have an amagi , and i start to
    take evasive manuvers and call for help as soon as i see a DD medium/close

  391. Two world of warships videos in one week!? Jingles I love you!

  392. Jingles its not BB players, its idiot players. Me i do take torp hits in
    things like Yamato and Kongo every now and again, but thats only either
    under crossfire (2 spreads ariving at the same time from different angles
    F*** my life) or from ships i cant see, but even then its usually 1 or 2 at
    most so its not battleship players, its just retards who forget battleships
    can turn.

  393. Hello Jingles! :D

  394. Hmm Jingles.. It’s almost like the BBs can be constantly spotted due to
    their huge detection range. Thus allowing DDs to pick BB targets that they
    easily know won’t spot them. But nooooo. According to you a BB must always
    be speeding up, slowing down, and throwing its massive weight from side to
    side simply because a DD is in the game. I’m also sure you always have your
    eyes glued to the minimap so you know the INSTANT a DD is spotted for 5
    secs even if you’re engaging a target. Never mind the fact that BBs are
    also vulnerable to CV Torps if the AA cruisers have their heads too far up
    their ass to cover the BBs. Allowing torp bombers that can execute a 15G
    turn, instantly drop torps from 800ft at full speed, 100m from the ship,
    and then fly away. So maybe if you and other cruiser and destroyer captains
    stopped blaming battleship captains for being terrible because you aren’t
    providing the cover and situation awareness to assist us. We can then
    continue to pointlessly fire our main guns at each other and hope RNG
    allows us to hit and do more than 1,000 damage per shell.

  395. What really gets my jimmies rustled is that those oblivious smeg heads are
    giving the true BB players a bad name
    USE IT

  396. The only time I’ve ever died to less than 30 torpedoes fired my way was my
    first match in a battleship during the beta… a friendly Jap cruiser was
    right off to starboard as we cruised to the point of convergence at the
    start of the battle. From full health, I died precisely 1 second after the
    first enemy ships were spotted off port.

    Since then, I have not allowed friendly destroyers or cruisers to sail to
    the outboard side of my ship when approaching an engagement zone.

  397. Why don’t I get those BB drivers on my enemy team, I’m jealous!! Yesterday
    A Fuso driver avoided all of my torps that I dropped at him at less then 2
    km and there were dropped at, before and aft of the indicator.. :(

  398. Johann Thorsteinsson

    It really amazes me that some BB captains continues to sail in a straight
    line even though they know there’s a DD nearby. I have only played about
    250 battles, yet I have had games where I have dogded dozens of torps,
    because I changed course every once in a while. It’s really not that hard.
    Btw I’m not saying that I never get torped. Not at all. But if I know
    there’s a DD around I will turn and change course a lot.

  399. Nikita Bondarenko

    It is super simple Jingles: You have one hand on the mouse and the other on
    holding a cup of tea. Ain’t no body got time for turning

    On more serious note, i almost never encounter BB drivers who sail in a
    straight line when i play DD’s ;-;

  400. Dominic Peakman

    battleship guns turn so slow you can hardly ever turn, and torp are only
    visible at like 2kms, no time to turn, so why bother having to turn your
    guns. also, you just shoot, not sail, as a BB. running anywhere, unlike
    cruisers and DDS, is not part of our jobs

  401. alot of BB players suffer from class diseases…like ASD disease (the
    inability to push these keys in a match), Tentpole syndrome (camping so far
    back of maps even their own team cant see them forgetting they have armor),
    and the ever dreadful Greatest Admiral Ever Herpes (screams in chat that
    the whole team didnt suicide and spot for him because he could have killed
    all 15 enemies..very contagious). so BB players please be vaccinated for
    these 3 killers and stay safe.

  402. Jingles, why haven´t you brought up any War Thunder Content lately? 🙁
    Please give it some love again… it has changed! Like, really changed! I
    won 5 out of 6 games in German vs everyone else in Sim battles in tier 2-3
    setup AND tier 4-5 setup!! Really! Please, give it some love again :(

  403. richard rowntree

    its not hard I sail battleships and I sail them like I stole them…must be
    the Canadian navy in me.. but its not hard to turn the rudder port of
    starboard when I see the torpedo alarm go off.

  404. depends on the bb some turn like shit but it usually takes a good carrier
    driver with air dropped torps to get me

  405. haha ur right theres always those BBs lol. Best thing to do is change ur
    course and speed every3 mins

  406. Could you do a review of nagato teir 7 battleship? Please.

  407. You know why do I never get BB captains like this. Sure the one of the
    better torp match I ever had in a DD was in the Clemson. I had a few
    kills/devastating strikes, tons of damage. The “but” was I was playing with
    a black screen! Not one BB, they were all DD’s, a ST Louis (future BB
    captain) and a Kuma (oversized DD). Of course there is always running
    between two CV’s and torping them at the same time, after taking out some
    CL’s or DD’s hanging near islands on the way.

  408. these dd replays are boring. dds are just to easy to use, invisibility is
    considered a super power, the average players are just to bad. torps are
    broken given how bad the average players are. its funny a few times, but
    anyone who has played more than 5 games, has seen a game exactly like this.
    i would love to see every other ship though

  409. lol, DD runs into torpedo: “its not his fault” BB does it: “all the
    captain’s fault”

  410. I don’t play WoWS alot, but when I do, I sail in a battleship.

    And unlike most battleship drivers I see here, I know that the flappy hinge
    on the back of the ship is called a rudder, which allows you to turn the

  411. -35ms wtf

  412. + The Mighty Jingles ! It’s not surprising that Adm. Fletcher for the Medal
    of honor… here’s some Info on the Congressional Medal of Honor: The
    criteria for that medal changed throughout time. It was introduced during
    the American Civil War… and it was the only medal we had, so simple
    notable actions during the war were recognized with the medal (saving or
    capturing unit colors for example). This was the case in one way or another
    until 1963, when requirements for the Medal of Honor were standardized
    across all branches (the U.S. Navy gave out several during peacetime before

  413. Bob the Battleship disliked that. :D

  414. I am derpy as hell and I can’t find BB drivers like this <(O.O)>

  415. Hahaha I loved that clip you put in lmfao

  416. Good advice for BB’s if your running a lone DD down around an island. Stay
    away from said island and stay in open water. Chances are he’ll have torps
    around every flipping corner pre shot while you sail to the corner to try
    and get on him, then stop dead infront and fire more = Just stay out in
    sea and use your range.

  417. its had to evade a destroyer torpedo salvo when you could only detect those
    torps when its what? more or less than a kilometer away from you? and when
    most battleships have a turning radius of 900 meters, its almost impossible
    to evade.

    This game needs more time to fix itself but I dont blame Wargaming since
    this was a relatively new game. maybe removing the torpedoes targeting
    assistance since main guns doesn’t have assistance themselves?? dont know.
    But as its stands now, torps are really powerful. One well placed salvos
    can kill you instantly. while battleships main guns spread depends so much
    in RNG.

    The only best friend you have is the situational awareness if your
    commander is not yet at a higher level and does not have vigilance

  418. Sebastian Craenen

    ever herard of war thunder? might wanna show it on your channel sometime

  419. Fletcher’s are a pain in the ass for BBs still dont see how its fair that
    you can fire your guns in open water and not get spotted but hey what do i
    know. I like playing battleships just got to tire 8 not all of us are
    clueless if a DD is not spotted and fires torps how the hell are you going
    to see them your not again how is it fair that a dd can fire its guns and
    not get spotted in open water

  420. Why can’t I have an enemy team like this one?! 😛
    Great video, Jingles :)

  421. No less than 18 Admirals of varying degrees earned Medals of Honor for
    being present at Veracruz. The Medal of Honor was handed out like rations
    to officers during the late 1800s.

    20 of them were handed out at the Wounded Knee Massacre, one for little
    more than bringing a stampeded pack mule to the skirmish line.

  422. It’s sad to see these high tier BB drivers looking like tier 3 BB


  423. RemusKingOfRome5

    BOTS, jingles .. BOTS!!

  424. We shall start sending BB replays that hunt down DDs

  425. LEX Maximaguy87

    that fletcher…lol….BUT WAIT!!!THERE’S MORE!!

    HEY IM A BB DRIVER.. and all i have to say to those that sail in a straight
    line and call torpedoes OP……. uninstall the game!

  426. jingle i challenge u to do a battleship only live stream if your so sure
    you wont be one of those battleships ;)

  427. I got a feeling that ppl in NA is not very good fighting DD. In low tier I
    see dozen of DD in asia server, because everyone like DDs. however in NA
    server, low tier BBs drivers are more dominate in number comparing to SEA.
    In Asia server, if a DD is spotted, most of the ships in that area will
    just keep turning, taking random turn after each salvo, just to dodge
    torps. In fact it is easier just to get hit from random torp salvo than
    firing at the grey line as you are seeing this this replay. It is much
    more difficult to get torp hit in asia server, because most players know
    the weakness in torp, torps are slow and easy to dodge.

  428. Well, if its not NA or EU, its probably ASIA, Jingles.

  429. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  430. Gordon McMillan

    … and no mention of the amount of damage he took – none at all ?

  431. sefhyro space pirate

    that doesnt happen to me wen im on my japanese dd

  432. Jingles, Just so you’re aware, at one time, the United States only had ONE
    award for distinguished service, and that was… the Congressional Medal of
    Honor. Almost every award of the CMoH prior to WWI pales in comparison to
    what you would have had to do to get awarded the CMoH later. See for
    yourself, go to and check out
    any award listed for the Civil War.

    There were CMoH’s issued for rescuing another sailor from drowning. Not
    under fire… just… dude couldn’t swim. So don’t be too hard on old
    Fletcher, it was just a product of it’s time.

  433. Its EU serwer. “GramDzojstikiem” means “I play with Joystick” in polish

  434. why cant i get a enemy team full of bbs? its us/russian dds and cvs all day
    long .

  435. “He’s going to be sailing a Yamato some day, God help us all.”
    No.. he’ll be camping in the back of the map with that Yamato, some day,
    occasionally putting it in reverse to keep his distance. Face camping..
    But he’ll still be eating full spreads of torpedoes while doing it. :-)

  436. We also quote mel brooks alot on NA…but your point is valid lol ?

  437. Jingles, PLEASE PLEASE, STOP calling it ‘the congressional’ MEDAL OF HONOR.
    THERE IS NO SUCH THING ! It is called ‘The Medal of Honor’ Congress only
    awards it (not gives it) btw US Army Veteran 91-96 Combat Medic

  438. Man…if I had games like that ever in the Colorado I’d have the North
    Carolina in like 7 games…xD

  439. Wait wait wait wait wait….wait, you mean to tell me that if i see a cloud
    of smoke that is producing gun fire, then there’s going to be a destroyer
    in it? Jingles mate you’d have to get up pretty early in the morning to
    fool me with that one!

  440. Niklas Lindberg

    It’s that bloody boat game again :P

  441. Wotko s Vokurkou

    Those two Izumos reminds me of a couple of E100s i met yesterday in WoT on
    Fisherman’s bay. Where would you take those beasts there…with no arty in
    place… Ofc to the north-west corner to camp cos we had no TDs… that is
    exactly what you do, right? Just another “IS-7 Steves”, this time

  442. if us BB drivers turned every time we thought a DD got a salvo off / were
    in the area, we would never go anywhere [we would be constantly turning and
    dodging] and be constantly showing our citadels to enemy BBs. YES WE KNOW
    DDs ARE IN THE AREA, JINGLES. It is just that we sometimes cant really do
    much about it. If we spent all our time dodging torpedoes, we would never
    get anything done and get chased to the edge of the map. I blame the lack
    of cruisers and DDs to help those hapless BBs. Jingles, lay off us BB
    drivers – we are not all oblivious, but what else can you do when DDs are
    in torp range, and you are being shot at by enemy high tier BBs?

  443. jingles, I play battleships and yes i do get hit now and then by toprpedoes
    but sometimes you are just busy with ohter things in the game. But ye i
    keep track of the smokes and the spotted dd’s and do turn when is see it.

  444. Mikael Falkenberg

    Nice dd play indeed. Yeah, many bb players keep sailing in a straight line
    but on the other hand i see many bb players turn when the trop warning
    sound, so bb players have improved.

  445. This really put a smile on my face!?

  446. Ah, but Jingles, the reason you know they’re not from NA… they mis quote
    Team America…. Never mis quote Team America

  447. Why don’t i never get these oblivious battleship players? Need to change
    servers from EU to NA??

  448. Silas Kuemmerle

    I’m a battleship driver, and I’m embarrassed by the behavior of these
    oblivious idiots, not all of us are like that

  449. Nice, I’ve just finished the Emden video and lo’n behold, there is another
    Jingles’ video waiting for me, yay

  450. Tommi Ridanpää

    Considering the fact that most of the people on the NA servers have English
    as their native language, the grammar is horrible.

  451. The Sky Warrior

    Why do I hate WoWs so much?

  452. Rowan Liversidge

    Almost at that 500k mark jingles congrats. to think all of your subscribers
    could fill wembley stadium 6 times over O_o.

  453. Why do I always get the fucking Admiral Nelson of battleship players??

  454. “I see you are choosing the hard way.” – Fleece Johnson 2006

  455. YoloMcSwaggins WoT

    Waffle SS and concentrated orange Jews anyone?

  456. So early again.

  457. tier 1 achieve for starting the game, steering unlocked.

  458. Edward Izquierdo

    What is it like to drive an American ship?

    8:44 – “BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!”

  459. I got here a minute after the post. new record

  460. jingles where did you forget wot and xcom2? :(

  461. starfleethastanks

    ACTUALLY JINGLES…it’s just the Medal of Honor. Congressional is not in
    the name.

  462. jingles, is it a idea that i send you a replay of the rare tier 2 russian
    cruiser the Diana? i am not a pro, so don’t espect anything special.

  463. Harbinger Reaper

    Eventually they’ll get it…


    I must wonder though, if they were given a destroyer, how’d you think
    they’d do?

  464. Jingles, before WWI A lot of the Medals of Honor awarded were given rather
    differently. It was about the only medal given for courage under fire. By
    WWI that had shifted that a tiny bit.

  465. Love your content Jingles! XCOM2, WOT, WOWS, ArmoresWarfare, everything!
    Keep it up!

  466. you think that’s bad, There was a rumour, I’ve tried to verify if it is
    true or not, to no success, But alledgedly US pilots got medals for flying
    over northern ireland during the 1960-1990 because it was considered a
    is the best and funniest answers i could find

  467. starfleethastanks

    Are you ever going to be Vice Admiral Jingles?

  468. Yes, jingle. Fletcher best ship in game.

  469. Two World of Warships videos in a week!? Someone slap me I must be

  470. Hey jingles I really do love your vids. Almost to 500k subs. You deserve

  471. witty placeholder comment here

  472. “chat is almost entirely in English, which is a good indication that you’re
    playing on the NA server”
    Clearly you’ve never played on the NA server Jingles.

  473. Watching WoW while grinding away at Kancolle, nice way to spend an evening!

  474. Jingles, have you had any good war thunder replays sent in

  475. ho ho ho, jingles video for the evening

  476. Jingles i had a question : you’re my favourite YouTuber and i was wondering
    what kind of music you liked, i’ve seen you put awesome music on some
    videos (AC/DC, Def Leppard…) if this type of music is something you
    really like, do you have any great bands to recommend? keep up the epic
    work ^^

  477. someone commented Second before anyone even commented First? well, i guess
    ill say it then: FIRST!!

  478. Zero skill torpedo cancer.

  479. the beard guys are grate

  480. Can you into War Thunder?

  481. when will you cover the 9.15 update???

  482. That moment when you go on YT and a new Jingles-Video is the first thing
    you see :-)

  483. Actually Jingles, it’s not the Congressional Medal of Honor. It’s just the
    Medal of Honor.


  484. under 300 :D

  485. Michael Tallman

    2 minutes old and I barley make the top 200

  486. That was close “!!” :-)

  487. Whoa, Twitter sure is a nice way of getting these videos early :)

  488. Jingles, I just want to ask if you can wish luck.
    I’m going to boot camp for the U.S. Marine Corps.
    I love your videos!

  489. reaper deathfromabove

    XD I wonder if jingles has any kantai collection merch

  490. Deshawn Forrest

    Who’s Rita and what’s jingles relationships to her?

  491. 1 Minute 100 views. Thats intense.

  492. Oh, I’m early.

  493. In early… Last time I was this early… Wait, this is the first time that
    I’m early :D

  494. Panzerkampfwagen Focke-Wulf

    Two WoWS vids and one week??? Who are you and what have you done with the
    real Jingles!!!!

  495. Jingles <3 My favourite channel

  496. My feeling when u open chanel and uploaded 3sec ago :DD

  497. howdy folks

  498. THIRD

  499. My personal record :)

  500. SECOND

  501. Hi jingles!! :DD

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