World of Warships- The Hell Are These Changes??

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Some interesting changes to upcoming test ships are the subject of today’s video!


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, SeaLord & fellow Subs! Saw the Rhode Island in game a few weeks back, but can’t say that I was overly impressed. Curious if any subs have played the RI and what they think?

  2. So does every Scharny get these buffs or just this 43 version ?? I use to play it all the time it was my fav ship but got power creeped to buggery.

  3. Love for Sharnorst but none for Gneisneau 😢

    • Gneis is already pretty good. At least in german BB terms. Her secondaries (128mm ones) pen 32 without IFHE, her armor is even better than Bismarck’s, with the only drawback being bow/stern having 26mm plating. AA is very decent, speed, maneuvrability and torps are nice to have as well.

    • Dont forget u pushing without hydro🤣🤣🤣 is like suicide

    • I like Bayern than gnejsneau sometimes , it have cheek armor plate

    • I love Gneisneau only when it’s aiming at me. HOWEVER, the new IJN BB branch has dispersion that made me miss my Gneis. Horrible!!!

  4. thx for keeping up ypur good work 🙂

  5. For the SAP ricochet it was a nerf not a buff, you have more chance to bounce, though it is still pretty good. 80 was pretty much impossible to bounce.

  6. Seem like Scharny 43 is going to become the poor-man’s Alaska, and needs to be played in similar way at high tier – a large tanky cruiser.

  7. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    the way they try to change Tianjin just made the ship pretty much having no bearing and no pint in having , why pay for a Riga clone that do not had Radar , but yet lack the signature Pan Asian cruiser deep water Torp and Smoke

  8. Hey sealord thanks for posting even on thanksgiving.

  9. Also I bought the sharn last night in the Black Friday sale and it’s been great in ranked im really glad with your video on it a few days ago because it convinced me

  10. i looked at stord its still 7.5 torp range, are you sure about that?

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Sea Lord!

  12. Scharn has been my go-to moneymaker for nigh near 6 years now. It used to be a beast BUT the accumulated nerfs plus powercreep in other Tier 7+ ships have made it very frustrating to play lately. WG just keeps on screwing over its original players and diminishing its game with all these useless and annoying changes. Not sure how much longer I will keep playing…just not having as much fun as I use to in the game back in the good ol’ days before CVs.

    • Did you get that it is buffed? You can play it again and have fun ! I’ve been playing a lot lately and having hella fun 🙂

    • It’s the Scharn 43 that got the buff, and NOT the original, which I have and has been nerfed into mediocrity. And I’m not buying the 43 since it too will eventually get the nerf hammer by WG.@Rouge

  13. Are there not enough players on that MM can keep ships at the same tier? The only solution to MM these days is to take a T10.

  14. Can you not test the dockyard ships on test server? Already have the MA and its not usable.

  15. Prisoner of the Highway

    I’d rather they give Shinyhorse ‘43 2.0 battle cruiser dispersion and improved penetration and bump her up to T8. Petro and Moskva do just fine at T10 with 220s. 283s will slap if you make them more accurate.

  16. Aren’t we supposed to be able to get the Scharhorst’43 via a Xmas mission marathon?

  17. I would like to point out that Scharnhorst’s 283mm guns are a bit smaller than most *T3* BB’s.

  18. Random Fox Llina appearance i’d guess they were not having a good time

  19. 1. Increase the arming distance on Torpedos.

    2. Implement damage windows over range for Torpedos.

    3. Increase cool down time for homing.

    4. Smoke should blind firing into and out of…

    5. Lower caliber guns do not shoot as far as larger. If they want to argue the rifling issue, they can claim a buff on accuracy (not grouping density) at shorter ranges for rifled. Then less accurate at range for non rifled.

    Just a few, easy to implement, changes to the game to make it more enjoyable.

  20. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE, Keep sending those Tubs down to Davey Jones’ Locker Aarrrrrr!

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