World of Warships- The Hell Is Going On With The Russian Version Of The Game?

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the Russian version of the game and…well then. It is something.

Ross Rowley:

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  1. I play мир корабли every day and it’s alot of fun with tonnes of missions and give-aways etc. When i return to Australia I will go back to playing WOWS to compare the difference.

  2. I miss Dasha.

  3. Imagine if the russian version removed CVs

    New in WoWs 95% of eu and NA server players are now on the Russian server

    • Not before Russia have lost….

    • @Lars Whitt That might be a while….the US defence/industrial complex are making way too much money to let it fizzle out any time soon.

    • @Jack Aubrey Na, i think we all want it to end soon. US defence will have a huge market the next 10-15 years when all other countries in the world will move away from Russian defence material..

    • @Lars Whitt Y’all gotta start acknowledging there is a world that exists outside your bubble. That world also seems to be sick and tired of your bullshit and supremacy. Ya really think if US pulls out that Russia will lose this war? Bruh they are still winning with the US still involved. And to burst your bubble, WG didn’t pull out of Russia for war related reasons, they pulled out because they wanted to avoid sanctions. This is why the game remains identical for both companies. It was a business decision, not politics related.

  4. Its blindingly obvious that the main Wargaming company are still producing all the actual game stuff for the Russian market. You can see that, by the fact that the Russian site is using all the same game version numbers. Lesta may not be requesting exactly the same content be put into the game. But its obvious that Wargaming are producing it all for them. So much for the promise of a split from Russia by Wargaming. On a side note. If Lesta’s version of the game, did not have Submarines in it. I WOULD PLAY IT LOL.

    • It’s the other way around: the ones developing WoWS has always been Lesta, it’s just that they’re also the publishers in Russia now. And the fact that it’s effectively the same game but renamed shows that they’re still developing WoWS for the West too, you can’t possibly have THIS much overlap in content, its pacing and presentation with two separate teams working on the same code base.

    • @KOMMyHuCT Whatever. The fact of the matter is that Wargaming have supposedly split from any involvement in Russia and Lesta Studios. This is their direct quote from the news article in April 2022 “Over the past weeks, Wargaming has been conducting a strategic review of business operations worldwide. The company has decided it will not own or operate any businesses in Russia and Belarus and will leave both countries.

      Effective March 31 2022, the company started the process of closing its studio in Minsk, Belarus and transferred its live games business in Russia and Belarus to local management of Lesta Studio that is no longer affiliated with Wargaming. The company will not profit from this process either today or going forward. Much to the contrary, we expect to suffer substantial losses as a direct result of this decision.

      Going forward, in all other countries Wargaming will continue to operate World of Warships as before. The game servers will be operating as usual, and players’ accounts, as well as their in-game property accumulated through purchase or any other means, will remain unchanged.”

    • Liked for, if it did not have submarines in it part…

    • Lesta is licensing the Wargaming games for the Russian market. It’s just like how some Chinese studio has been licensing World of Tanks for years and making their own China server exclusive changes to the game.

    • FloatingOnAZephyr

      @RedXlV ‘The company will not profit from this process either today or going forward.’ Seems unlikely they’d license it free of charge.

  5. in general, the content is the same. The only difference is that on the ru server the promotions are more generous. And a lot of events where you can get ships for free, while on the Euro server you would have to buy them

  6. I think the answer is in reverse. Lesta studios is where World of Warships was created and developed for years. Most of the patents must be registered in Russia. And so is the equipment et all. I mean, you can close down the office, but getting visas for all the critical employees there to reside and work in Europe, I think that might be a bit too expensive. Especially since we haven’t actually seen any setbacks which would usually be caused by a split. So I suspect ‘World of Ships’ is actually ‘THE GAME’ while World of Warships is a backhanded licensed version of the game. Pretty much like how World of Tanks used to have the Chinese server doing its own thing, now Lesta is in the same situation, but reversed.

    • If I were a “Key Person” in the company I would take a road trip trough the Ukraine, especially if I got drafted…….

    • We really haven’t heard anything about how much of the Saint Petersburg dev team left Russia to stay with Wargaming when the split happened.

      Seeing as the World of Tanks dev team *was* relocated from Minsk to (IIRC) Warsaw (since Wargaming pulled out of both Russia and Belarus), I assume that Wargaming probably *did* offer that same opportunity to the World of Warships dev team when they split with Lesta.

    • What patents? I don’t think there is much invention in world of warships and all IP inclduing patents and copyright (which si what would cover the actual code and the assests such as 3dmodels, images and video) can all be sold.
      As can companies who take their property (including imaginagry property) with them when they are sold.
      Remember Wargaming had been a Cypriot company for a while.
      And most rational companies that like money register their patents in multiple juristictions, but generally start in the US and Europe because they are where the biggest markets are for most things.
      The fact that the company or studio that developed a game is located in a particular place has almost nothing to do with who owns the property.
      And getting visas for say 100 employeees is not a big deal for a sizeable company.

  7. This do reminds me of Chinese server of WG’s game, which due to some problems, they stuck in RTS CVs for years after CV rework in WG servers, that many people borrowed account the just to feel the good old CVs (China demands every account registered with a Chinese ID card)

  8. Totally unrelated subject to the info you covered but has anyone else been accused of cheating by sub players for blind dropping them like sealord does in the background footage? 😂

    • TheWildcard4542000

      Just last night in fact… sunk the little bastard to.

    • @TheWildcard4542000 “HaCKs I’m RePOrTIng U” 😂

    • 🙋🏼‍♂️ Probably 50% (or more) of my sub kills by ship depth charges have been on ones that technically have never been detected other than by ping waves and torpedo tracks. Many times, I’ve done it without being detected by the sub, either.

      ASW is a ton of fun for me and a great challenge.

    • @Allan I just hate the 4heads that cry about it. Half the time sail in a straight line from last time they were spotted or pinged and half the time are leaving an oil slick. I just happen to pay attention lol I find it fun as well

    • You don’t have to kill a sub to be accused of hacking lol. Have one really good game, take out the saltiest player on the enemy team, and I guarantee the accusations will fly.

  9. Wargaming left Russia, but Russia never left Wargaming.

  10. Russian server had some time ago the WWII event and the UI was split by years….and it started from 1941 🤣. We all know Russia was allied with Germany at the beginning, but they like to hide that fact.

    • Yeah Russian invasion of Poland and Finland in 1939 never happened when it comes to Russian history…

    • It’s a non-aggression pact, not an alliance like the Allied or Axis pact, even during the invasion of Poland, the Germans surpassed the border they intended. They also trade some oil and material but it’s stopped there, the Germans support Finland showed how their relationship were not great

    • @thejamppa Finland did ally with the Nazis in the continuation war, and then proceeded to get their asses handed to them by the Soviets. The Fins don’t like to talk about that war.

  11. Great comparison video! Let’s see if things differ in the future!

  12. It’s quite disgusting because that means “the split” was pure gaslighting. And yes, it’s similar to what Coca Cola & Co did. Doesn’t make it any better, and the extent of similarities is telling.

    • All of the big companies are morally bankrupt and I don’t really see the problem here anyway no reason to punish regular people for political reasons

    • @ark player Sorry, honestly unsure what you’re trying to say – yes, most (almost all) “big” companies are morally “bad” (I’d actually say “totally indifferent”) – unless there’s public backlash, i.e. actual financial consequences.
      That’s why I’m not OK with the “I just play my game” attitude. Especially contrasting with what a riot certain game changes can cause, where it’s suddenly not “no politics” but rather “get together to combat this evil”. Which means the indifference to the “indirectly killing Ukrainians” is either pure ignorance and selfishness, not caring about anything else than your own fun (at least not enough to change), or a deliberate action. Both are “questionable”.

  13. The Russian title translates literally as “The world of [war]ships” because “korabl” is their word for both a “ship” and a “warship”. So they haven’t changed the name at all.

  14. From 2016 till 2022 I used to play on RU server despite being EU based. Reason was simple – RU had much much better treatment for events. I mean, I was able to get over 20 unique premiums (+clones like Arp Kongo) without even trying, while EU was always like „you need to do the same stuff as RU but in sequence and 10x more”. Also prices in EU are way too high and seem set up for western Europe rather than entire continent.

    Another thing is how russians play – there’s way less hidding on map borders and more brawling in general. And that’s cool!

    Only after grinding and getting my set of goodies over 6 years did I switch to EU when option presented itself.

  15. Not suprised at all, have suspected that lesta have been developing wows the entire time, if the development had actually been moved to serbia we would have seen a big gap in the releases the last year, wg sebia is more of a support office.

  16. What I’d like to know is if the Russian version is doing any unique mechanics that don’t exist in the worldwide version of World of Warships. Like how the Russian version of World of Tanks added flamethrowers, which have no equivalent in the regular Wargaming version of WoT.

    • Nothing. It’s identical. Flamu often plays on the Russian server and he has the Russian game. It’s the same identical game but in Russian language only on the Russian server.

  17. Lesta were always the original developers of the game. And when WG shut down operations in Russia and Belarus, they made it clear they will still work with Lesta to keep the game the same across both companies. So they are legally different entities which means WG is not subject to any sanctions because they don’t officially have any ties with Russia or Belarus, while Lesta doesn’t give a shit about sanctions because it isn’t operating outside of Russia and Belarus. This was an entirely business move made so they wouldn’t lose any revenue. But nothing has really changed in the way the game is developed. It’s the same people making the same decisions but under two separate legal entities instead of one.

  18. As a ru player i would say that the only difference is events. Like, we didn’t get the Hololive collab(and that’s sad) while we got russia day and victory day events.

  19. Did anyone actually think that anything would change, or that Lesta was really split off from WG? This is of absolutely no surprise.

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