World of Warships- The HELL Is This?! The Devs Are Back At It Again Fellas! Patagonia Brawling SA BB

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Just when we thought the Devs couldn’t get any crazier…they do


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0:00 Intro
2:00 IJN Cvs
4:32 Patagonia


  1. Here I thought we wouldn’t get goofier than the Imcomparable’s goofy levels of stealth

  2. Suddenly having some overmatching 16 inch shells coming in, because the BB spots you before you spot it, really nice. As if playing cruisers isn’t painful enough yet.

    • I mean it does a whole 21 knots and with the amount of plane spotting and subs in the game that stealth is going to be nearly worthless in most matches.

  3. Yep gussed it, those aren’t the Kansas Guns those are Iowa guns, so basically it’s a stealth Montana at tier 9.

    • Were not in Kansas anymore……

    • In reality, the ships that were to come in after the Colorado class were to have the 16/50 cailber guns, even the Vermont based on the Tillman designs was supposed to have 16 and 18inch/50 cailber guns in the 18 inch armed designs, instead of the 45 cailber guns in game.

  4. Really, they should divert it into various time lines – real time timeline, time-line without Washington treaty, tme-line when WW1 was not ended with Central powers loss, time-line with WW2 starting at 1950’s etc.

  5. “Combat efficiency per second 1340” that’s a superheal isn’t it?

  6. I like the gameplay you show us 🙂

  7. So now hydro acoustics can detect torpedoes and mines (things smaller than 10 meters), but still can’t detect submarines ( things bigger than 60 meters)

  8. This concealment would be the best at tier 7 and 8 in WoWs Legends, wich has buffed concealment for every ships… pretty sure it could go below 11 on console

  9. here is my question, besides late game with only a few ships left on either side, looking for each other that low concealment on the new BB doesn’t help. everything is spotting you just as it would if your concealment was higher. DDs, cruisers, subs, planes from cvs, spotting planes, etc. and thats before u are spotted for over 20 sec after you fire. bbs will never be hidden until changes are made in the game. U will be seen just as fast as the other teams bbs and will never get a shot off before somebody sees you and are lit up for your enemies all to see. the only thing I take concealment on now is my dds. i took the cap points and mods off all my ships except dds because they are almost worthless in this game at this point in time and used other more useful mods and perks. By the way, every ship I did this too became better and never felt any different with worse conceilment.

  10. one funny thing, with the change on secondary if it has too good range on it it gonna blow it concealement with them before normal detection

  11. The Mysterious Guy

    Whats interesting is that the ijn cv split loses the trademark ijn torpedo bombers. Theres so many differences between the two lines i feel like it wouldve been better to release the split under a new nation entirely.

  12. Iron_Blood_Enjoyer

    So if I’m getting this right, Patagonia is basically:

    A Kansas hull, with Iowa’s 16 inch 50 caliber guns, and the British 5.25 inch guns as the secondary armament.

    Why Wargaming?! Why would you make such an abomination!

  13. PickelJars ForHillary

    Since we already have gunboat and torp boat DD lines I am waiting for ASW lines.

  14. They might as well add phantom ghost battleships as of now with great concealment and speed.

    • Broccan Mac Ronain

      The next nation to appear is the CPI, (Consolidated Pirate Isles) with their Flying Dutchman class battle wagons, and Black Pearl class cruisers.

  15. Remember when Ship Stealth was determined by how tall said ships was?
    Fun times

  16. Before the Devs have smoked all the good stuff, can I recommend the Italian hybrid submarine the Leonardo da Vinci and her CA class mini sub and commando frogmen. A sub that can launch an attack sub might require even better stuff

  17. i wish we got another atlantico with massive secs at t9 or t10

  18. its strange that they gave the Patagonia the twelve,16 inch/50 Caliber guns which “Standard battleship” variant of the South Dakota class was supposed to have ( a design feature that was borrowed from the Tillman class battleship designs of all things), while the ones currently in game have only the 45 caliber ones which are the same ones the Colorado has.

  19. Patagonia best module for 6th slot could be still US special one for accuracy (-11 perc to dispersion), if the accuracy would be issue at common played range.
    Low max speed is not suitable for secondaries build, also having no hydro and no torps would make brawling probably quite painfull.
    Also quite low HP pool for T9 will make it not nice.

    Brittish secondaries seem to be one of worst ingame, next to italian BBs, so it doesn’t promise good secondaries build, only to make faster main battery reload with captain skill, but its skill point expensive build, good if secondaries are good too, usually.

    The ship gun setup reminds me Kearsarge, but no planes, worse accuracy and alot less HP(67000 vs 84300), only good there could be faster repair party cooldown.

  20. I honestly Think it would’ve been Better just to Give it a Queen Mary Style Battlecruiser/Or Iron Duke Style British BB Hull, it would make more Sense Considering the Unbuilt Riachuelo Class that was Drawn up.

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