World of Warships- The Hidden Gem Of A Ship Everyone Forgot About

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at one of the best TVII Premium Ships I can think of, the Hyuga, enjoy!

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  1. I love my Hyuga its one of my favorites and I agree I dont know why its not more popular

  2. The problem is that ranked seasons are skipping T6-7 for quite a long time now. Now it will be T8-9 until mid November… My favorite was T5, but T6-7 is also very good and Hyuga would be useful there

  3. Hyuga is just awesome.
    I love to load HE and charge DD’s unaware of the Reload Booster. Imagine how they feel after 24 HE rounds paddled their asses 😂

  4. 7’s used to be what I would obsoletely grind in Narai weeks to build resources.

  5. IRL, the Ise class were cousins to the Fusou class, differing mainly in the midships turret arrangement, which was found to be a bit lacking in the case of the latter. That said, Hyuga’s armor profile is rather bizarre if you look at in the armor viewer, and has numerous shell traps that Fusou does not have. And I believe she has 1.8 sigma up from 1.5 on the T6.

    • Didn’t know Fuso has 1.5 sigma. She always seems extremely accurate when I play her even by tier 6 standards. Maybe her dispersion is just that good idk.

    • @Cthulaid Man I think Fuso has the standard japanese BB dispersion, which is rubbish as well.
      But for some reason, I also found her to be very reliable. Unlike Yamato with 2.1 Sigma, that piece of shit doesn’t hit anything when I play her.

  6. With ships like the Hyuga and Ise, I have often wondered if WG should have had them as one ship but had the Hyuga be the A hull and the Ise be the B hull but to unlock the B hull you need to spend X amount of Coal or Steel.

    I have wondered if something like that could work for a ship like the Arizona, but for her B hull it could be the modernized Pennsylvania ’42.

  7. She’s not a bad little credit earner with the reload booster and the HE always seems to do well for me as well, a very good review Sea Lord.

  8. Got this ship in a super container a while back when I was still playing tier 4/5 ships. Haven’t played it in a while but definitely liked having the reload booster and all those guns, probably the first battleship I got that I actually kinda liked.

  9. Just a suggestion, Bro: rehashing ships you’ve done before, or your “top five” of something or another, is getting a little repetitive. How about you start a series of reviews on tech tree ships similar to your new or dockyard? Pros, cons, rating out of 10. You suggested American CA line not long ago; start at T5 and work up to T10. Then maybe IJN BBs, which you also recommended. Might add something new.🤔

  10. I realy like the Hyuga, got her in a Super Container… Keep the videos coming 🙂

  11. On Legends. Hyuga is the same tier as fuso while retaining her reload booster while also having the most hitpoints in her tier at 60700.

  12. IMO, she is a great ship. For Japanese BBs in Naval Battles on the weekends the HYUGA is my go-to ship; I have never had any complaints using her.

  13. Karl Edward Gonzales

    Sea Lord, can you please feature Florida Full AA Build in a CV Game. CVs never leave ASIA Server Match Making.

  14. Hyuga although good she had bad matchmaking upon release dont know if its still the case. But she would always see 9 games

  15. I got her in a random supercontainer drop and yes she is quite nice. Also, her asw range is better than average for her tier which is always welcome.

  16. I got Hyuga in a container during the 2021 Christmas event (I think that’s when it was) and I really enjoy playing Hyuga. The speed, rudder shift and concealment advantage over Fuso means she’s a lot more than just a Fuso at T7. The rudder shift especially means she jinks surprisingly well.
    I think she’s a fairly well designed Prem ship; she has a “something different” over a tech-line ship without being over-powered.
    And I say that as someone who is a Cruiser and DD Main

  17. WG releases so many premiums and events in such a short period of time there are many ships like this one that get lost in the mix and go unappreciated and unrealized potential

  18. A lot of guns and a great fire starter and even from range to boot! Put Yamamoto on her and her guns move much better so she is a lot of fun. I use HE on her at range and save the AP for short and mid range.

  19. it competes with Ashitaka’s 410s and both are IJN. But for t7 prem BB, I love playing Hood because of large HP Pool and thick armor belt 😀

  20. Tier VII is probably the most balanced in terms of MM.
    I run my FL and Scharnhorst daily.
    The only bad part is a lot of campaign missions require Tier VIII – Tier X.

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