World of Warships – The Hunt For Graf Spee

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Complete Missions. Get . Have fun. It’s that simple!

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  1. Филип Пешић

    Look at the graphics on that cinematic hah.. :)

  2. Happy Xmas, Dasha ^^

  3. Song name on 1:25?

  4. Hooray – great special!

  5. Ahoy! Happy Christmas to you Dasha and to all Captains!

  6. Are they still trying to raise Graf spee?

  7. I love the way you are thinking WG:)

  8. Big dekolleté= bad Patch. Tiny Dekolleté= Good Patch. It´s that simple!

  9. hey polish tank good is twardy

  10. there are 3 name for that ship!lutzow,admiral graf spee,admiral scheer!hope
    you guys know it!

  11. To be honest… it isnt THAT hard to say Graf and not Grove

  12. Ach Dasha! Prekrasna!

  13. A ship base on HaiFuri finally :3

  14. Wargaming: the Deutschland class panzerschiffe has 28 cm guns not 28,3cm!
    Please learn History before you release this bullshit

  15. Groff Spa, Garf spa… lol lol lol

  16. Dasha is bae

  17. Dasha have my children!!

  18. Oh Boy, is Dasha cute!!! :3 Such a lovely woman!!

  19. SONG NAME ON 1:27?

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