World of Warships- The Hybrid Problem Has Reached A Breaking Point

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Hey guys! Today we discuss the current issue of Hybrid Ships in the game, and they’re future.

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  1. Next ship going to be added to the game will be the CV that can dive as a submarine

  2. My worst experience was 2 CVs aside and the enemy had 2 hybrids to our none, in effect 4 CVs. The MM has to be smarter and the hybrids need to be tagged as such to differentiate them from normal BBs.

    I’m waiting for PT boats (emulating the armoured cars of WOTs ) Imagine these little patrol boats doing 60kts, detection range of maybe 4 km and repeat firing torps as well as probably the ability to drop mines and depth charges. I mean we now have a DD that sends up 1 plane which becomes a full flightturning it into a mini CV so why not?

    • The problem is that even with balanced mm these classes are bullshit. They literally are able to punish every single gameplay style in their current incarnation.

    • @404 found Yeh but it has become pretty standard especially at higher tiers for some groups to hang back even when there are no CVs (which is rare I will admit). I am always overjoyed when I am with a team that has BBs and CAs that actually move up to provide support (not charging forward just keeping with ASW plane range). Equally I hate it when I am one teams where everyone but the DDs and SSs move to the A line and stay there. Even when all 3 Caps are taken and they are being taken a part one ship at a time (the DDs and SSs have all died already) they don’t move off this line. Its insane how they think this is a good strategy.

    • @404 found I didn’t say push I said cover your DDs and SSs who are trying to advance and spot targets and dispute caps. Teams that do that win games. Teams that hang way back of the last two lines, outside their ability to provide effective cover and protection loose. I went through a few days where I was on loosing teams whose BBs and CAs just hang way back and let the opposition wipe out their DDs and SSs and then had no one to stop the enemy cap everything. Then I was on a series of teams which did advance and support and won 10 games in a row. It is so weird how the game seems to lump all these potatoes together. I’ve learnt to watch my rear as much as my front.. I don’t try and cap and just harrass advancing ships until these back huggers actually shot ships. Its not really fun but You have to play with whom you get. I much enjoy now T5 and 6 where this doesn’t happen as much. Everyone gets in and just brawls and has fun.

    • @David Whitfield Its hard to balance PT boats yes, because this game severely nerfed BB health (compared to DD) and secondary batteries to make 1 BB = 1 DD value

  3. The problem is WG has subsidized all the tek lines that are killing the game in hopes that 10% of the players will play them. At the expense of losing the rest of the player base.

  4. In randoms, you can try to coordinate with other players and try to do something against it.
    Main issue is Ranked, especially when the enemy has one of these abominations and your team does not.
    Yesterday, I managed to kill a pommern on a flank with my rupprecht. Got down to 18k health. Got dark and was waiting to pop a heal behind an island to push again. Introducing the enemy Delaware: it spots me and kills me, no counterplay available whatsoever.

    • @Justin Martin Sure, the extra spotting gets progressively more important as the game goes on; outside of that: no, a good bb hybrid player has a lot more influence on the game.

    • I wonder why was the old system of cvs and airplanes and aa so bad.

      I remember in the old days that AA was punishing and you had a limited supply of planes. RTS system was kinda bad but meh. But it rewarded knowledge of ships, precise picking of your target and you could punish stupid play with it. But also you would be punished for doing stupid things.

      Nowadays you dont even have to be good to do good in cvs. You have basically an infinite pool of planes. Even if you keep tossing them away you have at least 1 full squad ready. AA is absolutely anemic and basically does nothing. If you pick a target he will die regardless of anything that he does.

      This just creates such a stale gameplay style that it is so boring. It is so boring that I started binge watching movies during games because in the first 10 minutes usually nothing really happens and if something does then you probably cannot influence the outcome of it in any way.

      Today I had a game where there were no kills and no zone caps for the first 15 minutes and the total damage done to both sides was around 100k. Then one person on our team decided to push (around cover) and immediately died to a swarm of CV planes. The best part is that it was a T9 game with 3 subs, 1 cv and 2 hybrids on each side.

      And the best (worst) part is that every single class of ship and playstyle is affected by this. Are you in a brawling ship? nope you cannot get in close. Are you in a Kiting ship? You cannot run away from planes. Are you in a ship with good (what a joke these days) aa capability. Nope you are tossing marshmallows at a wall. The planes are flying tanks. Had a full aa build on an ship with very good aa and the planes still managed to pull off 2 attack runs even through priority sector.

      This has to stop otherwise WG will soon be looking at less than 20k worldwide players. Maybe even worse.

    • The only AA ships are the groningen, the friesland, the halland and some US cruisers (and others, I don’t remember now): other than that, it’s just a pointless ability.
      I’ve never been part of a such passive game tho, maybe because I play on EU in the evenings, but still big F.

    • @Matej Schwartz I kinda do enjoy the CVs. But I do agree there needs to be some balancing. Ether nerf the cooldown of respawning planes. Or Make AA super strong when the consumable is used. Forcing CVs to avoid them or risk losing all their ships fast.

      Man I had a stupid Idea of a Special star ship That would have Even more Secondary auto turrets. (like 18 Secondary turrets. 9 on each side.) Making it hard for enemies to get close without being flailed on hard. But at the cost of long cooldown of plane respawn rates. (like 2-3 times longer than most plane respawn rates.) Meaning you have to use your head more on ship placements. Or else go flailing about in a long term.

      As for the star bonus plane deployment. It would be only used for skip bombs. And it has a 3 minute, 30 to 4 minute second cooldown. So you can’t spam it. (since star CVs also have a jet, Or special plane.)

    • @Thunderblue You missed the Ragnar. Its AA is even better, although never enough to stop attack runs against you

  5. i just noticed that the port side secondaries should be able to have the help of the starboard ones with the layout of the ship

  6. It’s to late now but the hybrids should have been limited to a oversized fighter cap and a spotter plane. Maybe you could add the current carrier plane mechanics to them to limit their power but I don’t see that happening.

  7. They have already discussed the hybrid cruiser. I am waiting on the hybrid sub as a premium. The IJN had them as prototypes.

  8. I left World of Warships shortly after the hybrids were put into testing and expected to hit the tech tree. My breaking point was when I ended up in a game with three submarines 1 aircraft carrier per side, and 3 hybrids on the enemy team zero on mine

  9. I got the Kersarge from the one santa container I got this year.. It took me about a dozen battles to get used to it, and it definitely has a play style that you have to get used to. I tend to play with my guns more and use the rocket planes just as often to scout a area till their shot down as I do to attack. It’s still more balanced than most of the CVs Ive gone against.

  10. Earlier today I had a game in my Harugumo and a Louisiana on the enemy team. Went for the cap and after 4 mins into the game I was down to 2k health by 2 strikes from that BBV. So basically my game in a gunboat was over before I even short once. Great addition to the game ….

    • Havent played the game since before the economy rework because of a broken PC. My ONLY T10 is the Haru, is it even worth getting a new PC to play the game again?

    • Full AA captain Marceau with DF up only stops one plane from 6km out. If the Hybrids are on the red team we lose, if they are on my team I get Mr. Nebraska…

  11. I am waiting for the cruiser/submarine hybrid and the flying battleship hybrid. Makes the gameplay so much more exciting.

    The current meta with hybrids and subs has eliminated the DD from higher tier gameplay. And, the hybrid as CV meta is so common, that they might as well be AFK by default.

  12. In ranked these things generally serve one purpose and rarely do anything else. At the end of the game, it is good for helping hunt down a DD to in the game. The rest of the team is carrying them until that moment. They don’t BB, they play more like island-hugging cruisers and have almost no decent impact on the game until the end when it’s finding a last low-health DD.

  13. There’s probably going to be a hybrid line with AP skip bombers or something.
    But i suspect we will see support CVs in the game before any new hybrids crop up.

  14. I haven’t even played them yet, but I suspect I will. The thing I’ve noticed is there must be quite a learning curve for most players. Since the Kearsarge came out, I’ve noticed maybe one in ten is GOOD, and they’re really good. The other nine kinda suck, parking behind at island (ala CV) and never fire their guns. I suspect that in time those ratios will flip, and when they do, and if they really impact games, MAYBE WG will adjust.

  15. I was in a game where they had a CV and 3 Nebraska’s and on our side CV and 1 Nebraska. What saved us is their Nebraska’s hung back more so they did not have much up front to fight and the players were not the best at using the hybrids. That will change as players get better just like some Sub players.

  16. They need to bring back the fire penalty for CVs, no plane respawns or launching while the deck is on fire. As a CV enjoyer this would be a step in the right direction.

  17. curious, how are the secondaries for this ship? looks like you get nearly a full double broadside of secondaries to Port.

  18. Yeh the problem is massive. Today I had a random game t9 there were 2 of these on both sides. There wasnt a single kill or a zone capture for the first 15 minutes of the game. Total damage that happened on both sides in that time was 100k

  19. I can feel it in my bones – they’ll make submarine battleship hybrids at some point, call it historically accurate and hope that it will balance itself out.

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