World of Warships- The Hybrid Problem

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Hey guys, today I share my thoughts on Hybrid ships, one in the game, and ones that could be added in the future. Let me know what ya think below!

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  1. Even with triple Ise divs going around these things apparently have nothing on the new Dutch cruisers

    • @Empoleonman522the2 Im sure time will tell but just remember they can “stealth bomb” due to their low detection range, but yes at least THOSE planes have a range limit.

    • Yes the Dutch bombers hurt much more than even 8 torpedo hit from the Ise and there are way more plane aswelk.

    • @Empoleonman522the2 13km range for the drop with a 10km detectability range 🤣

    • @Arch _ but no spotting capability on the planes.. and that is where Ise’s can dominate a battle.

    • @Tuning3434 true, IMO one Dutch cruiser is more painful than an Ise to deal with though

  2. When you said “we’re talking about everyone’s new class, the hybrids” I visualized a prius with a 5in/38 strapped to it. I’m not sure if this is normal.

  3. I don’t mind the planes, I just can’t deal with Ise players that plays like a CV and camp behind an island the entire game.

  4. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    The problem, as always, is the fact that WG will only go up from here They will continue to add more and more, and they will increase the ridiculousness to levels beyond measure

    • I know a player that just started and nearly 100 games in and it’s almost all bot teams… Even tier 4. The game is in it’s death throws. Very few new players.

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @Swirvin’ Birds yes because sub-T5 games are filled out with bots. Thats been the case since launch

    • @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings Yes they are and no… I have been playing since Beta and it was never anything close to this bad. Bots were a later addition. It’s due to the experience split that attempts to keep new players sperate from seal clubbers… But it shows how few new players are really playing. It also shows us why new players are not learning how to play the game properly. It’s also a bad experience for new players when their bot team literally rams and torps themselves in the 1st 3 minutes of the match giving them a loss.

      Most players he saw in a match was 3 per side tier 4 random battles over the entire weekend.

  5. The French and Japanese also had some other types of hybrids. The Japanese had the l-400 aircraft carrier submarines. The French had cruiser submarine the Scourf.

  6. Minor gaffe there about the Tone: The Tone class CAs were designed from the ground up as hybrid ships. Your description of the Tone would better suit Mogami after the Battle of Midway. Mogami spent 10 months in drydock. During that time Mogami’s rear end was rebuilt. They removed her X and Y turrets, and replaced it with a flight deck…

    • Yeah I can see why they kept Ise in the battleship class, since the ship was a BB, just with a mini flight deck strapped on, and Tone was made with it in mind, so I wouldn’t mind Tone being that 1 ship with a unique cladding designation

    • Also another difference between the Ise conversion and the Tone class is that the Ise was converted to have strike/recon capabilities while the Tone was meant as a large fleet scout for the carrier strike group since Japanese doctrine relied on the cruisers to scout for the carriers

    • ​@TheSDB13 Exactly. Tone wasn’t even a hybrid ship. So many people think that aviation facilities = carrier.

  7. Have you forgotten that the late war Mogomi was a hybrid too?

  8. Once again, not everyone plays battleships. 8 torpedos deleted my cruiser. Ise + CV focusing on one BB takes out that BB, then they move to the next.

    • Marcus Franconium

      Will be interesting when a CV+Ise+dutch cruisers team up. 3 forms of air atack and aa monsters to defend the aircraft carrying ships.

  9. With airstrikes coming hybred bbs ita geting to the point they might as well add missiles into the game because that how planes are acting.

  10. The only other hybrid i would be ok with is the japanese hybrid submarine

    • @Dave but technically she is 100% submarine because that was the loop hole she was meant to exploit but after revisions in the London Navel treaty designed to prevent more Surcoufs you could argue she is 50/50. Why I say 50/50 is because she had one plane purely to spot for her. A lot of ships had one plane and aren’t carriers. She had triple torpedo turrets so did a lot of cruisers and they aren’t DDs so the torps doesn’t make her a automatically a DD either. Her main gun is 203mm which dose make her a cruiser and the fact she is submersible makes her a submarine as well. So she’s 1/2 sub and 1/2 heavy cruiser.

    • @Gundam Zeta -_-

      As long as we’re getting super specific about what does and does not constitute something as one ship or another… 8″ guns does not make her a cruiser… she could be a coastal defense battleship! 😛

    • @Dave lol but 8 inch guns are what makes a heavy cruiser a heavy cruiser and not a lite cruiser also a coastal defence battleship doesn’t have to have 8 inch guns to be that type of ship. And Surcouf is definitely not a coastal defence battleship ship lol. You might get away with a monitor tho XD

    • @Gundam Zeta just playing the devil’s advocate. 😉

      In either event, naval classifications are famously blurry. Many people refer to the Scharnhorst and Dunkerque classes as battlecruisers, but their respective nations only ever referred to them as battleships. Or look at the Deutschland class, originally Germany classified them as armored ships before reclassifying them as Heavy cruisers in 1941, but the British press referred to them as pocket battleships and that is the term that most people use to refer to them as today… even though it was never used as an official classification.

    • Yes hybrid summaries will be very interesting.

  11. ya just jinxed it, we are gonna see a Iowa hybrid

  12. I’ll tell you now
    The problem with Ise isn’t the ship or the squad it has
    It is the divs. Coz it is a hybrid CV
    So the best course of action would make a special category for ships like Ise, Tone, The upcoming Dutch cruisers, Yubari, etc
    And this category of ships can only be selected by one player in a div, and it can’t div with CVs. That should fix the problem.
    No need to outright remove her coz that’s dumb and the easy way out.

  13. When your torp feels like a single he cl be like

  14. Can you Imagine in the near Future, Matchmaking look like this : 2 CV, 2 ISE 2 Dutch Cruisers and 3 U-Boats. Of Course on both Sides. Such a Game mean much Fun for every Surface Ship.

  15. Sardauker Legion

    If hybrids ever get a separate class, could be ab idea to give Air Support to nations without CVs like Italy, France and Russia.

  16. Its Basically the same with Battlecruisers. Some like Alaska or Stalingrad can play the BB Role and count as Cruisers

  17. Mr. Secondaries

    I don’t really have a issue with the planes, I think the Hybrids are fun. If the torpedoes were made any stronger though…it could become a big issue.

  18. The Ise mania will be for two weeks and they get bored with it.

  19. If I wanted to play a plane game, I’d play War Thunder.

  20. Pronouncing Tone as “tone” as in “tone of your voice”? No, it’s pronounced “To-ne.”

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