World of Warships- The Illegal Combination

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Hey guys! today, CV and I put together a rather…annoying div, enjoy!

Have a replay?

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  1. I feel your pain guys a 3 Enamy Smolensk game twice happened twice yesterday with Friesland on the side, Spreadshite says I’m having fun, Well I’m ferkin not. Screw T10 in the GK ??? Well Played Guys I enjoyed that ??

  2. I am pretty new to this game and don’t have the skills to survive with any regularity in tier 7+. But it seems to me these HE spamming cruisers and destroyers are way overpowered in DPS. Any semblance of realism is gone if a tiny little ship can destroy a super BB in mere minutes and there is nothing you can do about it. The fire setting ability overused because it is overpowered, certainly in small agile ships. There is no equivalent for it in the real world, and therefore it makes no sense.

    • Welcome to the game dude, where hight tier matches are ruled by HE spamming ships. And yeah there is no way you can survive t8-10 matches without having a good experience and knowledge of this game. And please do us the favor to not buy a hight tier premium ship before you know how to really play this game and the role you have in the ships

    • ​@Quyrew Thx for the advice. I have one tier 8 ship (Atago) that I got from the 200% voucher when I bought Dreadnought. I enjoy it but I mostly hang back, support others and well, spam HE on occasion, LOL. Play co-op to learn to integrate torpedoes. I ground my way to the Fuso (awesome) but still have most of the fun in the Tenryu. So no, I try not to ruin other people’s games by playing out of my league. But even in the Fuso I get burned to death by the Cleveland sometimes, which everyone seems to think is normal but really isn’t. Anyway, thx for the response.

    • @AllAhabNoMoby Good luck man ! Atago was my 1st premium ship at its a blast when you can fully utilize her

    • @AllAhabNoMoby It’s exactly because of how strong fires are in the game that WG is already working on rebalancing them. It’s by no means impossible to do very well in other ship types at high tiers. I regularly bank 200k damage games in Musashi and Georgia and do very well in Daring. But for a newer player, I honestly think you should remain at lower tiers for about 1000 games so you have a thorough understanding of the game mechanics. Also, Atago is one of the harder ships in the game to make work. If you’re doing well in that, you’re off to a good start.

    • @Mwi OIf it’s ‘not impossible’ then why would WG be rebalancing? But anyway, that’s good to hear.
      I’m not doing *that* well in Atago but I’m staying alive these days, causing dmg to the enemy, use hydro to spot for the team, I do what I can. Learn from videos and in co-op. It’s kinda stressful but fun. Sank a Gneisenau with torps just now, which had me raise my hands, LMAO! But she was only t7 I guess… Still, it was a successful use of torps in a random battle at t8, a first for me. It’s an awesome game and I am in it for the long haul.


  4. Try this combo in trio with a Worcester. Down right untouchable!

  5. How many line resets did that cost?

  6. I did a trio with clanmates in a mino, colbert and smolensk. Pissed of the entire red team haha

  7. Horrible HE spam. It should be banned. This game is not the same since WG introduced all theese HE spammer ship.

    • @Rueben James than stop playing, not like anybody gonna stop you

    • @Mwi O Oh fuck off already-you can’t read or you’re too stupid to understand. Where did I say I was dev strike a ll the time? Fucking moron.

    • @Rueben James You’re the one who said

      “Because BBs dev striking other ships is better, right? The game isn’t the same since WG ruined it by allowing too many BBs per game.”

      You’re clearly just salty from personal experiences, just like most people who rant about the game and call it trash.

    • @Mwi O Yawn-players whining because they got burned down is pathetic since BBs do get dev strikes on other players-seconds=minutes of fire? What is bad for the game is the number of BBs since obviously WG is adding all these ships to counter the mess they created when they nerfed cruisers and added 5 BBs per side. Saying BBs dev strike other ships is not the same as saying I get dev striked all the time-it’s basic reading comprehension dude. I’m only salty because I get idiot teammates all the time. It’s ok since unlike you I know that WOWs players are the dumbest group of idiots in any online game. Go back to pretending you have a brain.

    • @Rueben James Ranting online constantly about how dev strikes make the game bad and then not making any logical arguments leads one to believe you’re speaking from experience. And anyone who thinks that would be right 90% of the time.

  8. “It was cancerous, wanna do it again?”

  9. Love how 2 Ohios killed 2 Shimakazes with their secondaries mere moments apart.

  10. That was a great Owen Wilson impersonation at 3:08!

  11. Worcester and Smolesk?

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