World of Warships – The Importance of Doing Nothing

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Sometimes the best and hardest thing to do is nothing. Here’s a video of one person knowing when to sit on his ass and wait and a whole bunch of people… not.

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  1. Innovation Limited

    Just tapped the notification weeew

  2. Sleep is for the weak.

  3. Jong-Hwa (Jayden) Choe

    57 seconds after upload, no views, five comments. Go home Youtube, you’re drunk…

  4. But I want to do something, and I want to do it now!

  5. Petropavlovsk : The definition of balance, only got 20 citadels

  6. Oh mighty gnome lord, I have an electromagnetism exam in two hours, could you spare some of your power to bless a lowly mine slave like myself?

  7. Hooray for russian ships, where they have to try as hard as say a light British cruiser to do well hehe xd

  8. JIngles: makes a video with a quieter narrative than the other creators I usually watch
    Me: clicks on another video after watches this
    Also me: goes deaf

  9. Doubt you’ll see this Jingles but having 2 Jingles on warships is awesome!!! Been a big fan for years as always love the vids! Stay Well!

  10. AgriVidsProductions

    The important of doing nothing… When I get asked to wash the dishes

  11. Darkness Nighthingale

    Jingles, you don’t need to tell us to do nothing. We’re always doing nothing.
    Well, outside of the salt mines of course.

  12. am I the only one that always mumbles “roll credits!” when Jingles mentions the name of the video in the video?

  13. Jingles, giving incorrect information on every ship in the game.

  14. I saw this just as I was queuing in wows match lol

  15. typical WOWS logic – Petropavlovsk is visible from 12 km, Omaha / Marblehead that is about 5 times smaller is visible from over 13 km

  16. There is a saying that “patience is a virtue”, and that is very true in world of warships. Too often i find myself sunk for dealing some quick damage, instead of waiting to have an impact when the battle comes to its conclusion.😅

  17. Is it only me or do Jingles’ videos seem to be lower on the volume? Lately I have to crank the volume up a bit more to hear him clearly.

  18. Hindenburg’s right-side torps probably got destroyed earlier in the match when they were fighting with the thunderer and other petro.

  19. 1:10 i just realized the back turret rotates 360°

  20. Злой Асисяй

    This hacker is a 100% Kremlin Agent )) Well, as usual…

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