World of Warships – The Incompetence is Real

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Sometimes the incompetence in warships is just so high ._. holy….

Music by: Give No Quarter by shan5481#1538 on my Discord 🙂


  1. Fog Battleship NCarolina

    I want what their smoking

  2. you should play atlantic fleet

  3. 12th… lol

  4. Blam the cv blam the cv o yea we have to find another scape goat

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      Look if someone has like 39% in a CV maybe they shouldnt be in ranked because I was the lucky recipient of just a nice guy who wanted to un wind in ranked RANKED its not for ppl who prefer randos oh and the cv on the other team shy of being super unicum. You can imagine what happened

  5. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Hentai is art… Indeed… Indeed…

  6. *This is Typical game in NA, why is this even a thing?* /s

  7. The Moskva just wanted the pain to end. Been there. Dun that.

  8. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    That fletcher holy crap… which is more annoying? The fletcher this game or that Yugumo that rammed a CV point blank and threw the whole game in points on Notser’s video?

  9. This is sadly normal stuff nowadays on both EU and NA :-/

  10. Enemy team? Very similar to my teams on EU during the weekends. Very.

  11. Hentai is art? i see he’s a man of culture and wisdom

  12. @15:10
    The fletcher finally found his arse in the dark, with the help of the map and detailed instructions from Jingles.

    The fletcher lost it again.

    Fletcher rediscovers the position of his arse in the dark.

  13. James Bigglesworth

    With the other players on the team how can you blame the Fletcher?
    Number of times I go to a cap and my team do not follow, do not set themselves up to fire on the cap or shot someone else because their concentration is too short.
    But the other team? They have radar there, they are all waiting and then the kick the shat out of my ship.
    This game attracts morons, you have to decide if they are worth risking your ship for.

  14. How do people get tier 10s and 9s and be this bad? Referring to the enemy team of course … I’ve seen better game play at tier 4 lol. I really believe a lot of high tier players just convert xp to rush up lines without having bothered learning to play… This level of gameplay is more common then you’d think sadly …

    • You can stumble your way into Tier 9 and Tier 10 just by playing enough games. Then you have Operations and 200% XP weekends pushing players into tiers faster than what they probably are capable of.
      I know that stat shaming is bad news bears, but after checking out that Minotaur player’s stat lines it is pretty clear that he should spend some more time at lower tiers working things out.

    • dcpetemoss I’ve looked up a currywursts stats once after he literally rushed the middle of the map, died within the first two minutes or so, and proceeded to spend the rest of the game berating the rest of the team. He literally had less then 5 games in each German BB going up the line and something like 7k in a tirpitz with God awful stats in that ship. I can only figure he just failed around in the premium ship and threw money at wargaming to get his shiny tier 10. But that’s the way it is nothing will change cause he made wargaming a ton of money lol

    • General Cartman Lee

      The problem is not that people convert XP or buy high tier permium ships.
      The problem is that it is possible to fail your way up to tier 10 no matter how bad you are, it just takes longer.
      One player on the EU server “played” 22701 matches only in 2017. If he had played properly he would have played more than 12 hours a day every day of the year.

      About 2 years ago we had a large amount of bots grinding through the US BB line. They only rushed towards the enemy, turned broadside on and fired 2-3 salvos until they got sunk. And they farmed credits with tier 5 cruisers.
      And their stats are better than those of many players. Overall 43% win rate (40% in the Iowa), 672 average XP (910 in the Iowa).

    • It’s because wargaming doesn’t punish poor play. Weather you win or lose, contribute a lot or very little, you get credits and experience. No matter what, you’re going to make it to tier 10. And that’s the problem. The game rewards you if your team carries your sorry ass. I’ve always said there needs to be a certain amount you have to contribute in order to gain anything, and it you don’t meet that standard, you start losing credits, experience, and player rank.

  15. the fondest HOI4 memory is when playing the soviet union and my friend decides while playing china to go to war with japan early…. and i have to intervene to save him, thus starting WW2 in 1935…. and ending it by 1937 haha Germany was not prepared for the Rush B (Berlin)

  16. I was playing my Cleveland yesterday, and at the start of the match on Neighbors (domination) , I headed for C with a friendly DD, only to realize a minute later that the rest of our team, all 10 ships, had headed to A. When I said in Chat that someone should cap B because the enemy had only two DDs who were contesting A and C, a Mutsuki player told me to ‘STFU Noob!’. I survived for three more minutes against 7 enemy ships, most of them BBs and an Algerie, then died having done about 70k. I, the guy who died in the first 5 minutes of the match, was the top scorer on my team, who never managed to cap A after all. Some days….

    • Had a similar experience where someone on the team essentially shouted Leroy Jenkins…the whole team went charging into the ambush and I desperately tried to help them with my Omaha, but wasn’t crazy enough to YOLO…and got lambasted for trying to ‘snipe’…when all I really was trying to do was retreat to a position of cover that wasn’t already impossible because we were being slaughtered.

    • Yeah a lot of them get lucky too. I capped a C on the Ranked map and the retard BB seemed to think a German DD could take a Benson supported by a cruiser AND an enemy BB, in dense island territory. Fcking retards I tell you. The idiot BB did do well, but he was in a duck huddle with the other 5 ships on the other side of the map supporting him. Go figure

  17. General Cartman Lee

    That happens when the failed Call of Duty players discover another online game and don’t realize there’s more than deathmatch out there.

  18. I’d love to see Hearts of Iron 4 on the channel. ??

  19. I remember you being a lot more mellow and forgiving a couple of months ago.

    • LordTyphoon WoWSasia

      What a load of crap. How nice can you be when the rest of your team are determined to throw the game?

    • Kelkschiz Everyone gets tired of shenanigans sometimes.

    • Of course Kevin, it happens to us all. But it stands to question if that is the right time to make a video. Because I for one don’t enjoy watching a video in which people get told off the majority of the time. And I have noticed that this channel has become more bitter. When the channel started there was none of that.

    • You’re not wrong, the tone is negative against people playing the game with seemingly little regard for winning. But are they doing it on purpose? Of course not, they are just inexperienced. I enjoy Ichase because he can also be critical. I Didn’t here him calling them names though. He is just pointing out bad play without insulting people so we can all learn. That is why I come here.

  20. Here’s the thing … if your team is going to huddle like ducklings in a bucket, and you are a reasonably skilled player, you know that if you go out alone, you’re going to get trapped in a crossfire and have a very short, sad, life. This just isn’t a game where, unless the situation is VERY unusual, you’re going to carry – you either get pushed out to the edge, or you get splattered from 2 or 3 directions. So, you stay back with the rest of them and try to farm what you can before you die. … and then you go play a different game.

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