World of Warships The Insane Trick or Treat Destroyer

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My name is Vechs, author of the Super Hostile series. I am a map and mod maker, lifetime gamer, and an LPer.

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Big Giant Circles
Derek R. Audette
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  1. Vic Tini (Victini2560)

    Vechs, or viewers, does this game cost money, and would you recommend that
    I play this game?

  2. Ionlymadethistoleavecoments

    “Seamen go into overdrive”
    “Wiggle it left wiggle it right”
    “Try to not let the enemy splatter you with their load”

    I have an immature mind

  3. 2:50 XD Holy crap Vechs…
    Another Vechsy bit :V

  4. That was fairly effective, since you forced the carrier to focus on
    defending itself instead of attacking.I think if you hadn’t stopped to
    pester the battleship, and if your AA-guns hadn’t given you away, you
    would’ve survived long enough to sink that carrier.

  5. vechs, the icon for spotted by planes is different, so youll see when its
    planes detecting you
    also, dont try this thing in higher tiers anymore:p it wont go well mostly
    Funny game though

  6. vechs is the best.

  7. Just Jerking to the left, Jerking to the right, I really need my semen in

  8. wow…. lol

  9. That strat would be perfect with two destroyers or a destroyer and a fast
    enough cruiser.

  10. Vechs can you do a live commentary for a match where you try that strategy

  11. 2:53 commence sexual innuendo speech!
    3:17 end sexual innuendo speech!

  12. Are you narrating this afterwards?

  13. if you would have an equally good team, you would have easily won. you
    distracted at least two battleships and the enemy carrier.. so your team
    had at least 2 ships less to worry about..

  14. Rip ears on that loud Vechs torpedo.

  15. All the double entendres!

  16. >Thought that Vechs got to see the trick or treat warship boss.

    I feel baited.

  17. Why don’t you activate your Y immediately?

  18. Jerking…seamen…splattered payload…something on your mind, Vechs? ( ͡°
    ͜ʖ ͡°)

  19. As a US BB, any destroyer that comes close to me dies in one salvo of HE

  20. Oh. My. GOD! Even though I’m a US Navy veteran Vechs’ delivery of the whole
    double entender thing that normally really bug me actually made me LOL.

  21. Tip: American destroyers are the complete opposite of the Japanese with the
    torps being the after thought. Also once you get the Kolberg, can you show
    us a game? I have one and I love it

  22. Well done, Distraction Carni-Vechs.

  23. I want to see more destroyer rushes.

  24. 3:08 Yeah, cause that doesn’t sound weird at all! -_-

  25. Sneaky, sneaky. If you turned off your AA guns you probably would’ve bee
    fine enough to kill the aircraft carrier. But ah well, was a nice try
    regardless. Definitely crippled it at the least.

  26. Hello 😀 (love your channel btw — you never fail to make me laugh)

  27. ether how you play the game, or (IRL) how much damage do you do

  28. Destroyers are like tank destroyers, close range though.Not as much armor
    but great damage capabilities. Cruisers are the light tanks. Kinda wish
    they had PT boats.

  29. Can you try doing this again and upload it? It’s really interesting!

  30. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose just how many you take with you

  31. Your semen went into overdrive?

  32. Loving the series Vechs. Inspired me to get it. Do you have any tips for
    new players? Thanks so much.

  33. First everything

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