World of Warships- The Jewel Of The German Battlecruiser Line

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the Tier VIII Techline German battlecruiser Zieten. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Really, I think Germans wouldn’t design the ship so… aesthetically less than pleasant XD

  2. The tower looks like it’s from an Aegis class cruiser.
    The one thing I didn’t understand about these CB’s is why they gave them the Elbing torpedoes and not the Graff’s torps.

  3. Personally, I really enjoy her. I do run IFHE for the ridiculous dpm you get out of the 105s. I noticed that her secondary angles are better when kiting away, so I actually tend to start most engagements backwards which allows me to immedeatly accelerate away when a dd yolos or someone tries to ram

  4. FlyingDutchmanVideos

    Seeing Zieten really makes me wonder what WG was thinking when they ‘balanced’ the Odin….
    The German BCs look like a lot of fun, but part of me suspects WG will conclude they might be overperforming. That said, getting blasted by Submarine homing torpedoes might keep them from actually putting their close-in tools to good use.

    • FlyingDutchmanVideos

      @One punch Bud The 128mms are good secondaries, but the more I play it the more I feel the ~10K reduction in health was too rigorous, especially in combination with its other specs. The secondaries almost matching its concealment is a nice trick, and it has good armour for a ship of its size. at least on paper, but I still feel like i take ridiculous damage from incoming salvoes sometimes, and the low health really makes you feel every hit that gets through. It’s alright when you are top tier or get t8 matchmaking, but when uptiered it just doesn’t cut it.

    • @FlyingDutchmanVideos exactly – you die so fast, which is a no go with a brawling BB – and somehow i have the feeling, the firing angles are bad in case of the secondaries. I am always underwelmed how few shots go out from her…
      All in all she has not enough power too offset the massive drawback of beeing squishy. when you have to play vs T9/10 it’s getting ridiculous…

    • WG said themselves that one of their biggest factors when balancing a ship is if too many people play it (regardless if its actually good or not) they’ll nerf it.

    • @Thulram which is grade A fucking stupid.

    • @Thulram then where is the petro nerf? I see these things in every match…oh wait it’s russian

  5. Atago: My superstructure looks like something from the modern era
    Zieten: _that’s cute._

  6. I will be looking forward to this ship, I loved Graff Spee when it first came out but it does not play as well now. I also miss Little White Mouses reviews of the ships. they always helped me choose new ships to try. keep up the good work.

  7. These ships will be fun for players who have them right now, but when everyone gets them it will be hell 😀

  8. They’ll soon get nerfed soon as everyone realise how good they are

  9. Ships pushing in is a thing of the past, if you’re pushing in you’re most likely going at it alone in the game now… are not even pushing lol.
    Being focused by every enemy ship isn’t any fun at alll.

  10. With all of the new battlecruisers, I’ve surprised so many people with my torpedo. I’ll dump them right before I go behind an island while brawling, out of site out of mind, and boom. Dev strike because they didn’t expect the long range torps.

  11. I haven’t ran up the line yet, I chose to get coal instead.

  12. The tier 9 is my favourite. Pulled a 190+ secondary hit, kraken game with the final kill being a flesh wound secondary kill which won the match.

  13. Ive been using mine in brawls and its great. Very aggressive ship if played right.

  14. It’s like someone took Graf Spee and Nurnberg and fused them into a battleship. Weird and interesting.

  15. Spartan Abortion 113

    I’ll say this. I prefer the Kriegsmarine ships in the German line but… I like this ship. It’s a Graf Spee, but at the same time, the torpedos make U-Boats look like complete amateurs

  16. TheGuardianofAzarath

    Unfortunately, i might only be able to grind enough tokens for the tier 5 and *maybe* 6, so i may have to whale if i want the special camos (and i do, since i missed the roman camos for the T9 and 10 Pizzas)

  17. I’ve been sucking with the whole line the past few days but I’ve had real life distractions as well. Zieten does have potential. I’ve also really enjoyed Mackensen.

  18. i cant wait for a star wars colab so we can get the star destroyers perm camo lol

  19. Mark stone-tolcher

    Met it once in brawl, killed it with my Eugen, did not seem very tough at all.

  20. Wow. I only have Moltke. That is from the tokens I got from playing the game. A lot of you must be spending money with WG again. And here I thought we were all not going to do that for a few months. Looks like some people have been sucked back into their web. Oh well. You can fool some of the people……..

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