World of Warships- The Jewels Of All The Battleship Lines

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Hey guys, today I talk about those special ships in every line that are just special.

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  1. Nothing more satisfying then being in my fuso with ap loaded waiting to shoot at some stupid cruiser and then suprise a destroyer pops up at point blank range. Soni give an ap broadside and laugh myself stupid as he evaporates

  2. Yamato, Musashi,Tirpitz, and Jean Bart are my go to

  3. A good list Sea Lord, I so agree about the King George V she used too be nice to play even with the smaller calibre guns since the nerf it just dies even well angled, Sold it, it would be nice to see a Cruiser review as well ???

  4. Evangeline Anovilis

    Gneisenau is tier for tier better. Same guns, just one turret less. If you cannot hit stuff with Gneisenau, then how with Bismarck?

    Also, that Conqueror assessment… I’m pretty sure that you’d love Thunderer. Too bad you had to buy cancer instead. HA!

    Sorry, Discord said my posts had too much quality.

  5. My personal favorites – BB’s:

    JAPAN: Kongo; Mikasa [with secondary build]
    USA: Massachusetts [with secondary build]; Texas [with all-out AA build]
    USSR: Lenin
    GERMANY: Scharnhorst aka “Shiny Horse”; Tirpitz [both with secondary builds]
    UK: Dreadnought; Warspite [with secondary build]; Hood [with secondary/AA build]
    FRANCE: Gascogne aka “Gas Can”
    ITALY: Guilio Cesare
    EUROPE: Viribus Unitis

    My personal favorites – CA/CL’s:

    USA: St. Louis; Atlanta; Baltimore; Worcester
    USSR: Aurora; Krasny Krym; Molotov
    GERMANY: Graf Spee; Prinz Eugen
    ITALY: Aosta; Abruzzi

    My personal favorites – DD’s
    USA: Clemson; Fletcher
    USSR: Okhotnik
    GERMANY: T-61, Z-39
    EUROPE: Błyskawica

    My personal favorites: CV’s
    JAPAN: Kaga
    GERMANY: Graf Zeppelin [with full-on secondary build]

  6. Colorado, Gneisenau. Maybe Smolensk for the Russians. Wait a second, we aren’t allowed t10 battleships are we…

  7. Full secondary build Hughue with special captain for best t6 sec ship in the game.

  8. Great Vid The kongo seems a lot less accurate now than before 🙁 but i love it still, a lot of these choices in BBs are awesome, and still a few more to get 😀

  9. Just managed to grind thru the Kongo and oh boy Im so glad that finally I can get rid of it. Her guns were so unreliable, unaccurate and especially when I really needed it to work it failed me so many times. RNG were not on my side with her.

    • Never played the tech tree version, but oh boy did I feel that pretty much every other battle in the ARP clones. A lot of people love Kongo, but it just did _not_ work for me.

  10. The us bbs is the first ever line I’m grinding, I am in the North Carolina.

  11. lyon is a good contender as the jewel in the french bb line

  12. Sinop looks like Russian piss water

  13. what they done to the KGV class is a joke, I appreciate that this is an arcade game but the ships armor irl would only be surpassed by the Yamato class.

  14. Why people dont like Amagi? She’s basically Kongou but with T8 characteristics. I LOVED the hell out of my Amagi and it’s one of my most played ships

    • I haven’t gone past Amagi, for the simple reason that it’s my favorite battleship to play, can’t even play Kongo after playing Amagi lol

  15. If we go off of what it seemed like this video was going to be (i.e. just tech tree ships below the t10, and I’ll just limit it to ships I’ve actually played):
    USN BBs: NC easily. Not only is she the first time you play a USN BB and feel like you can actually get into a battle before it ends, those guns are extremely accurate and hit hard. She’s still my most played ship, and even though I don’t necessarily have the best stats in her since I mostly played her a while back, I had absolutely no problems going up against pretty much any t9 or 10 battleship and stomping all over their face. And of course before the stealth and CV reworks, she was one of the textbook definitions of a no-fly zone in game, and also one of the stealthiest battleships.
    USN cruisers: Buffalo for the CAs, Helena for the CLs. Buffalo is just a better Baltimore (which I loved) with a heal, the one main thing I wish I had in Balti when facing t10s, and even tankier and harder hitting on pretty much any target. Pensacola at t7 would probably be a close second (loved that ship too), but after playing the pre split version, the new Pensacola just feels a little lackluster. And Helena just spits out shells at everything she wants to and watches the world burn.
    USN DDs: Clemson. Even as a non-DD player, that little boat is still one of my absolute favorite destroyers in the game, and when played well she has absolutely no problem taking the fight to any destroyer she can face. The torps aren’t anything special, but those guns are just so much fun.

    Russian cruisers would probably have to be Shchors, partly because of how well I tended to do in it, and the fact that I know I made many battleship drivers rage while I barbecued them and they couldn’t manage to blap me in return. Bismarck is all well and good for completing secondary hits missions or spamming in co-op, but I actually felt Bayern was one of the most consistent in the line for me, and one of the more reliable and tanky German BBs I played in randoms.
    For the French cruisers at mid tiers, of course who else could it be besides Emile Bertin. Even post nerf, she’s just so much fun to speed boat around the map and pepper whatever enemy ship you choose, and because it’s mid tiers the chances of you getting hit in return from battleships is normally pretty low.

    Honestly the one that I think is going to be the most divisive is my UK cruiser preference – Emerald was actually quite a blast to play despite what everyone seems to say, and I never had any significant problems dealing with any non-unicum enemies without at least making them suffer and definitely work for the kill (which many times they probably didn’t even get anyway, to their annoyance).

  16. Personally hated the sinop. Her accuracy at close range didn’t seem to work for me. Always random dispersion missing by a dozen or more meters easily. Vladivostok has been far, far more enjoyable imo.

  17. Still love the grosser kurfurst, awesome brawler

  18. I have to say that I loved Fuso in the IJN line, and even Amagi wasn’t half bad, although for my crowns on that line would have to go to Musashi and Yamato, of course. Other than that, I’d say:

    Germany: Kurfurst is always lovely, but Tirpitz and Scharnhorst are better experiences, and Bismarck is definitely great as a tech tree crown.

    US: I would actually say Montana takes my top spot there, although North Carolina wouldn’t be far behind…as long as we’re not comparing to Missouri.

    Soviet: Vladivostok. I haven’t unlocked the Kremlin as of yet, but she’s OP as I think most of us know, so Vladi for me.

    I haven’t run all the way through the rest of the BB lines yet, but otherwise, not too different in overall opinion. Well said, well thought out.

  19. “Arba-trary”

  20. Yamato, Bismarck, NC are my favorite

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