World of Warships – The Juggernaught

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So. How about those new German battlecruisers?

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  1. Is it just me or do the turrets look hilariously large for the hull? Like, how much space would there be width-wise in the hull with the barbettes taking up most of the space?

  2. The Prinz Heinrich is the Modernized Ersatz Yorck design but has torpedoes.

    EDIT 2: Zieten has GZ Secondary mounts, most of them are casemates until the Rupprecth and the Schlieffen

  3. Am I going crazy, or is Jingles going crazy? From what I’ve count every time he dumped torps, the Heinrich has 4 Torps per launcher, 1 launcher per side for a total of 8 torps.
    Where are the other 4 torps, when Jingles talks about 12 Torps?

  4. So German ships randomly get torpedoes added, but they still haven’t given HMS Nelson its actual tubes

    • Or hood… and they even modelled the doors on hoods hull

    • @Bushy FromOz Same for Repulse. And the upcoming Canarias even has the *tubes* modeled (since that ship has no doors to cover them, just holes in each side of the hull halfway up from the waterline).

      Given that the recently-announced Forrest Sherman gets to have fixed torpedo tubes, the fact that Hood, Repulse, and Canarias all had fixed rather than traversing tubes is no longer an excuse. That type of tube is now acceptable, so they should be implemented on the ships that had them.

      For Nelson, it’s a little different since she had underwater torpedo tubes. But those are now part of World of Warships as well, since submarines exist. So yes, Nelson should get her 622mm torps. (Don’t get too excited about their size, though. The British 24.5″ torpedo had the same warhead size as the standard 21″. They just had longer range.)

  5. I will say in their defence, the 6 and 7 were actually laid down and were real steel ships, they were just never completed.

  6. 4:28 “The Prince Heinrich gets 12 torpedoes.”

    …as we watch it launch *four* torpedoes from one of its *two* launchers. I guess we know the aliens haven’t replaced Jingles with an imposter yet.

  7. as a german i can say, that Jürgenaut is really funny!
    I almost laughed.
    you know, german humor is a serious business!

  8. Akizuki bringing valid point to a video and helping Jingles out. Such a lovely cat.

  9. That’s one helluva BB with 8, 12, and 16 torp salvos all in one ship with 2 x 4 torpedo launchers.

  10. I love the chatter between him and Aki. it’s so sweet to know he’s taken such a liking to his cat, and in turn Akizuki loves her human.

  11. before I return to the salt mines, the PH has 8 torps not 16, the upgraded hull has the 105s over over the 88s, and is 4 knots slower than Gneisenau (that has 6 torps), not to mention the tier 4 cvs the got drug into a tier 7 fight by being in a division with a tier 5 ship

  12. Thanks! Keep entertaining, Jingles. Always fun to start my days with a giggle

  13. Greg the Louisvillain

    Battlecruiser Citadels a carrier twice.

    WG: Wait, that’s illegal.

  14. Yes, Jingles, that WAS the tier 4 carrier! 😂

  15. I think he forgot that the Mackensen is also like the earlier German BCs over not having torpedoes. Also Prinz Heinrich has 8 tubes total with B hull, not 12 (6 with A hull)

  16. Jingles: the Mogador ? That destroyer was a handful to maneuver compared with Dunkerque.
    It was very hard keeping position in an formation together with the battleship.

    In WoWS – that trouble is invisible So is the systematic troubles in the Le Fantasque ship – failed electrics while maneuvering and shooting….

  17. Jingles Moments:
    Misidentifying the Heinrich’s torpedo armament for the Rupprecht’s.
    Thinking a Komsomolets is tier VI not tier IV and even admitting he’s probably wrong but does not check to back that up…

    Never change old man

  18. Bless you for the laugh this early in the morning (Bulldog & nettles). I hardly play wows anymore but your ability to make me laugh will keep coming back for years. Time to donate again. You are definately content worth paying for.

  19. 4:40 Prinz Heinreich has 8 torps, just like the Z-31. They just reload 10 seconds faster

  20. I love how he is so mad that it has 12 torps the entire time and doesnt even realize it does not have that many torps lol

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