World of Warships -The kongo with Ik

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Instead of casual friday i have some other stuff to sort im afraid!

so today its ! the !

this game is great, i love it so much, and cant wait for the entire thing to be released, i will definitely put up more videos at that point, perhaps even sooner, cause this is just so fun.


  1. You zir! Your commentary iz pure gold, purer zen any of ze gold plillaged
    by ze Vikings!!!! I literally died at your jibe ze cook for setting ze ship
    on fire XD

  2. I think the Kongo’s crew needs some names, perhaps the Imperial Japanese
    Navy could hire the ancestors of Ik the Pirat’s crew?

  3. Alexander Karavas

    I like wows!

  4. Try Navigate or Cruise to your part of the map? ROFL.. :D

  5. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    Feel like this channel is being overtaken by World of Warships content…

  6. hihi hei ik jeg er norsk

  7. commanding a battleship?

  8. Near… far… where ever you are.. I believe that the heart does goooooo

    Nicely sunk Ik…

  9. You steam! Oh the norwegions. how can i stay mad for long?

  10. You died honorably

  11. More World of warships footage please

  12. Needs moar Midway.

  13. Love a bit of motorboating.

  14. i knew that this “business” was the wedding of QB and Pepmeister :)

  15. You know that a true Viking is on the helm, when he refers to the
    305-millimetre shells coming toward him as “enemy bullets”. 🙂

    As for the aiming, IK, not that I have much experience myself but I usually
    aim at waterline, with HE jut a tiny bit higher. And more important – when
    giving lead you need to consider the heading of the enemy, many of your
    salvos came in too high because you aimed as if they were on a parallel
    course to you, instead they were coming closer at an angle. It is difficult
    to see on a 2D-screen.

  16. Great match IK. Load the HE.

  17. Great game, Ik. You almost carried it to the finish line!


  19. Love your accent! Subbed!

  20. You could be ‘steering’ or ‘sailing’ your battleship… unless you’re
    Jingles (and/or the Royal Navy), when you could be ‘driving’ your
    battleship. Because reasons.

    Also, English is not logical. Because beer.

  21. Cruising is the word IK! Or heading some direction.

  22. IK is out sorting out his subjects.

  23. Seemed like a great match, in spite of IK ending up having his pants wet 🙂
    Not that I’d really know, I didn’t get into the beta :'(
    Which type of battleship comes next in the tech tree after the Kongo, is it
    the Namibia or the South Africa? =P

  24. You are definitely motorboating dem ships… XP

  25. You went down swinging IK, that’s all the Japanese empire asks of you.

  26. Emergency Friday vid.

  27. You make me laugh

  28. Finally!! A new episode of Sid Meier’s Pirates!!! Wow. The graphics look a
    whole lot better than I remember. Was there a patch? Or a mod?

  29. i want this game but i didnt get access Q,Q

  30. your intro speach about now and past was hilarius

  31. you do some business? you are sorting some stuff out? so you are leaving us
    hanging to take a dump? :D

  32. Dear Lord, you are a funny rascal.

  33. Nice, cool commentary; The Cook dropped the pan and managed to set the
    schip on fire

  34. SuperstarMcAwesomeville

    I don’t know what’s so funny about you, but it is there XD

  35. Close , i guess it is harder to go 1v3 in wows than it is in WoT.

  36. Andrew Scheurich

    Hi Ik

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