World of Warships- The Last Battleship

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the Tier VII Premium British Battleship Vanguard, enjoy!
Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. My fav T8 BB. Been waiting a vid about this since the last vid of this ship. Thanks SLM

  2. According to Wikipedia, shortly before being decommissioned the interior of Vanguard was used for scenes of the 1960 film “Sink the Bismarck!” which was on UK TV over Christmas.
    Apparently being used for scenes set on the bridge, turrets and Admiral’s Quarters of HMS Hood, HMS King George V and Bismarck.

  3. I had my most base xp round in her. 4k xp in Vanguard. It is just a fun boat

  4. I was crazy lucky to get Vanguard in supercontainer, very good ship.

  5. djbjunior Barbosa

    The vanguard on the console version got buffed 12 times, it has a 24 sec reload and it has a reload booster consumable as well lul.

  6. Nice. If I remember rightly the guns they had laying around that they mounted on this ship were actually world war 1 guns that were so good they were still in use in the 50’s :~)

    • They were guns (actually whole turrets) pulled off the Courageous and Glorious when they were converted from battle cruisers to aircraft carriers.

    • Gareth Fairclough

      @LTC_Tiger This.

      It wasn’t that they were “that good”. It was a case of “they’re all we’ll have for a long time, so let’s use them” and “eh, they’re not great but they’ll work well enough”.

    • @Gareth Fairclough Yep. They actually wanted to switch the locations of the gunpowder and shell magazines based on lessons learned during the war, but couldn’t because they were locked into the configuration of the loading elevators.

  7. Waverley Journalise

    There is absolutely no reason for Monarch to exist when this beautiful ship is in the game.

  8. this ship inmo, should have been in monarchs place on the tech tree. outside of concealment this ship is superior :).

  9. If anyone wonder why Brittain didnt save any battleships as museums, its mainly because of war debts! About 7,5 billion dollars to America, and 2 billion to the canadians!
    Brittain payed the last of their debt to America in december 2006, about 84 million dollars. I imagine post war economy in Brittain didnt leave much room for expensive museum ships sadly.

  10. Love this ship, got her at the start of December and she plays like a next teir hood. She is brilliant for taking out cruisers and you just have to make sure you on your game in keeping moving and situation awareness and whip out her ass just as the guns reload, fire and then whip the rear back in which she is more then capable of doing. Really fun ship

  11. I used Vanguard in the 1 v 1 T8 brawls a couple of years back. Some opponents commented they were not expecting a Vanguard and were surprised at how well it played – even in the hands of a potato like me. I did have a winning percentage in it.

  12. yeah the citadel is mostly underwater if was flipped upside-down it would high dry above the waterline

  13. I tend to put priority target on all my battleships to avoid torps from unseen destroyers who dont know any better than to let their guns lock as soon as they dump them in the water. So far its working quite well for me.

  14. Good fun – trying to pen a Kremlin’s broadside with her is a bit hilarious though… she was never planned to have 16 inch guns, she was a way of using up the turrets from Courageous and Glorious which were still in storage after those had been converted to carriers under the Washington Naval treaty.

  15. Compared to most T8 BBs, it is easy to hit. Only Italians and Russians go higher above the waterline without having a turtleback protection.

  16. Vanguard is basically a Monarch, but with one gun and some concealment traded away for actual hp (great hp pool for its tier), maneuverability and accuracy. Pretty good ship, imo. I do not think you necessarily have to consider it a heavy cruiser, its survivability isn’t bad, you just need to really know your positioning. It’s not a campy BB, because you need speed to shift the rudder to reveal the guns, before hiding your broadside again, but if you can do that, the ship is quite survivable, as long as you don’t get shot at by Yamato and derrivates. But the dpm on the guns is actually very good and only second to Monarch in both AP and HE and the difference of the extra gun you can make up with the facts that you have a way easier time using all guns on the move and you land more shells. Shell performance is slightly inferior to Monarch, meaning before Odin this was the worst AP shell pen at T8 among BBs. Still can do a number though at mid-range vs BB and at any range vs cruisers. HE is second only to Monarch, but allows the ship to basically win HE contests with most of its peers and like with Monarch, the HE here fulfills the role HE should have on the line imo, not which it has, that is, you basically fall back on HE to win stupid angled staring contests, shoot AP otherwise. The amount of super-exciting gimmicks might be not high, the build is bog standard BB build, but the Vanguard is good T8, imo.

  17. I got Vanguard out of a santa crate my buddy Freddy bought me last Christmas (December 2020). Good old shortlist ship. She’s solidly ok. Not great not terrible, her main value to me lies in being another battleship I can throw Cunningham on.

  18. For other Hood and Vanguard fans like me, the Hood gets 1.9 Sigma and improved pen angles while the Vanguard has better 2.0 Sigma but standard pen angles. So generally speaking play a little closer in the Hood and mostly use AP while in the Vanguard be prepared to switch a lot between AP and HE. Both are fund ships if you keep the speed and rudder working!

  19. Just picked up the Vanguard last week, I really like it. It’s a toss up between her and Warspite on which is my favorite British BB. It is a travesty that she was scrapped, I don’t know if there was ever a better looking battleship.

  20. Interesting footnote on Vanguard, is that if you’ve ever had an x-ray, or worked in nuclear sciences in Europe (but mostly in Britain), it’s very likely you’ve been in direct contact with her. She was basically the last source of new high quality steel from pre-nuclear times, and so the steel was extensively re-used.

    But oh my days does WG’s noncery about exposed citadels on British ships annoy me.

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