World of Warships- The Learning Curve

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Today we are taking another look at the Zao. I have yet to have the awesome big damage number battles but I am starting to utilize the flexibility of the Zao to my advantage. Enjoy!

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  1. that player was beyond salty xD btw the concealment mod lowers you
    detection up to 9.5km with the cap skill

  2. Finally a usefull Zao video. Nice job m8.

  3. You asked – What to buy next. Maybe an episode of you showing what you have
    in port and we can give feedback on what we like and don’t in the Tech

    You helped me think about what to go after next. I think I have to start
    looking at CV’s.


  4. I have seen (unless US CL) most people going for the 3% to set fire at the
    4th commander skill 4. Makes sense if you are not going to play an AA cover
    I have been working on all these missions at once (too many) and grinding
    up commander skills.
    Enjoy your time off.

  5. Check out Claus Kellerman’s channel. He puts up some funny stuff.

  6. Gotta run prem consumables buddy. It’s a must if you want to last longer.

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