||World of Warships|| – The Little Destroyer that Could (Sampson Gameplay)

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Wasn’t a huge fan of destroyers to begin with – then i finally realised what i was doing wrong and now they are fantastic! — Taking a look at the Sampson today – tier 2 entry level US destroyer

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What is World of Warships?

World of Warships is a Massive Multiplayer Online Experience that puts you at the helm of warships ranging from nimble destroyers to multi-ton juggernauts, and in the heart of fast-paced sea battles of the first half on the 20th Century!

Learn the strategies and tactic subtleties of war at sea to achieve victory!

From angling your vessel for the perfect broadside to launching a fast flanking attack with torpedoes, or engaging a battered enemy in an intense one on one duel – Nothing happens the same way twice, and each tactic has its own rewards.

Look forward to a large array of warships and game styles to choose from; struggling for air supremacy with Carriers –, holding the line with Battleships and Heavy Cruisers, and screaming down the enemy battle-line with Light cruisers and Fast Destroyers.

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