World of Warships – The Little Ship That Could

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Well this title seems strangely familiar…

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  1. First the little tank that could, now the little ship that could? Points for creativity I guess.

  2. From the commentator who brought us “The little tank that could”, he has come to bring us “The little ship that could” a sequel that comes to us on YouTube, thank you Jingles!

  3. Hey Jingles been watching your content since I found a video about you years ago, great content keep up the good videos, Long live the Queen, Aussie here

  4. Ein Eisbär auf Taiwan

    And all that was possible because Buda remembered to equip his grenades.

  5. Love you jingles been a fan for well over 10 years keep it going on!

  6. Howdy all! Thanks for featuring my replay jingles, and you are correct that the second pronunciation is correct but we can let that slide 😄

  7. Make-A-Woosh-Foundation

    when he killed the second SS, I thought: “oh, he just missed the double strike… what a shame”


  8. i feel like he would do well in a light tank in world of tanks!

  9. Additionally Jingles:
    In lower Tier battles there is also less Health to begin with and therefore less damage to deal.

    My rule of thumb is:
    10k of dmg for each Tier is avg. Below is bad above is good.
    So in a T6 Ship I aim for 60k dmg minimum.

    • Not that sure I would agree. If you are in a battleship then 60K seems doable but when you are in a 12k DD then 60K is a lot to ask. I prefer to look at each battle as how much you can carry based on your own HP pool. Above it, then you have played well, below it then you played poorly. Your result is proportional to the HP you contributed to your teams HP pool. YMMV

    • @Andrew C
      Its a rule of thumb.
      Not including ship types.

      If I include ship types its 7.5k per Tier for DDs, 10k for CA/CLs and 12.5k for BBs

    • Ignoring CVs obviously.
      Cause I refuse to accept they exist

    • @Legendendear Its a shame I can only like the above post once🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Big shout out to you Jingles for uploading over the years. I’ve been subscribed to you for 7 years but I’ve been watching you for 10. You were apart of my childhood and I appreciate you. From Beale AFB, Cheers mate.

  11. Mikazuki’s inverts

    One thing you’ve taught me jingles, is that when in a DD (mainly speaking on my fletcher and gearing(also legends) is that when I’m out spotted I wait a second to do anything and just sail in a line, as once I’m spotted the other DD almost always smokes up, opens fire/torps, and turns out too get away before there spotted usually resulting in many mistakes you can punish properly

  12. Oh, finally someone is pointing out that percentage damage is what counts

    And that is why PR-flexing idiots are, well, idiots

    For those who don’t know, PR is based on actual damage, not percentage damage, and that makes it the most useless stat available to WoWS players

  13. I gotta admit I do love the animations they put in when you depth charge someone.
    I remember growing up, a mate would go to france or italy on holiday, EVERYONE would give him shit loads of money so he could bring back boxes and boxes of bangers.
    Because illegal in the UK obviously. One of my favourite things we did was to throw them in the lake and the blast would send the water about 10ft in the air.
    And after 30minutes we’d have to leg it from the police because of the angry locals reporting us🤣 🤣🤣. Those were the days!
    Just seeing those depth charges in the video reminded me of the fun and games we used to get up to.

  14. At 7:15 he is probably dropping smoke in order to provide cover to the friendly Scharnhost

  15. HMS Icarus…
    I ‘learned how to destroyer’ with HMS Icarus and I have had lots of marvellous battles with her.
    She is still in my port with many battle-honours to her name and she wears her combat scars with pride.


    “Si vis pacem para bellum”.

  16. The Icarus is where I really started to get a feel for the UK DD line and it’s a fun little ship. For T6 it’s concealment is pretty good. In fact the only thing I don’t like is the turret traverse, which is very… Japanese-like in it’s painful slowness. It suffers when double up-tiered, but most T6s do.
    I do like Buda did play the ship ‘historically’; British DD doctrine was a very aggressive one (Battles of Narvik, Glowworm’s last engagement, Tribal’s and Piorun harassing Bismark etc), so the yolo for the Double Strike is just doing it right 👌

  17. Jingles laugh at the double strike is truly heartwarming.

  18. just when you think he got a double strike, a kraken etc… you realise he used AP ammo on that BB …. either biggest troll ever or just the biggest lucker ever…

  19. That was an amazing double strike on those battleships

  20. I feel like deliberate “kill stealing” is pretty rare. The ultimate goal is to win the game, so if people focus fire on a ship, then over time it will generally average out. I’ve had top-scoring positions with only 1 kill and mid-scoring positions with 5 kills. A friend who was overly conscious about kill stealing stopped firing at a BB because he thought he hadn’t done enough damage to it and didn’t want to accidentally kill it. The BB got a final salvo off right as it died and citadel’ed my friend. If he had kept firing on it, it probably wouldn’t have been able to get that final hit in.

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