World of Warships – The Lone Ranger

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That moment when you think of a great video title realise it could have been even greater if there was actually a lone USS Ranger on the team towards the end. And then…

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  1. BigCoreGradiusXAnime

    Wow the first Intro was *_BRUTAL_*

    • +Phoen1x Yakumo
      RIP, too soon for trafficking.

    • the fubuki was in his division wich makes it even worse. But he never even tried to avoid. Not that you have too but.. hmm imho just kind a wierd^^

    • +Tearnofear at least the 2nd ship wasn’t the 2nd guy from his division ?

    • Admiral Elo J Fudpucker

      +John Doe The view Jingles is using was a disconnect from what I was seeing as I played it…IOW, I wasn’t looking at either of the ships that torped me so didn’t see either of them coming, even tho it looks like it from the way Jingles did the replay.. it was hillarious… Lyle torped me and then the other Div mate (Thrishul) ended up with a Kraken at the buzzer to win the battle… I had never been tk torped by two different team mates in one game though…. 😉

    • Admiral Elo J Fudpucker

      +Tearnofear see my comment below.. the replay view isn;t what I was playing

  2. I always check the players in each battle to make sure I’m not there embarrassing myself.

    • None Ofyourbusiness

      Same here… also… to see if there is someone I know in there embarrassing themselves… so I can bring their attention to it.

    • Who doesn’t ? That’s why I will try and not add any salt in chat to my potato performance, to at least look nice on TV …

    • I’ve always hoped some day to be the player jingles mentions played well but isn’t the feature player
      “see that [ship name here]? were gonna be seeing more of her later in the battle”

    • mee too ! 🙂

  3. Seven comments, 78 views, 15 likes, one minute & twenty-two seconds.
    Those are rookie numbers, folks! We need to pump these numbers!

  4. “The enemy team have a Ryujo”

    That’s a funny way of saying Ranger.

  5. How to torpedo 101. FIRE AT ZE FRIENDLY DEZTROYER

  6. @Jingles
    Sometimes I have to admit I take your daily video service as granted but today I have to say:
    It is now 6 years since I subbed to you and you are one of those YouTubers that I come back to simply because of your enjoyable videos
    being fun, outrageously professional and reliably hilarious.

    Thank you Jingles for staing with us for so long and making those videos!

    *Fanboy mode out* ^^

    • I look forward to watching his videos every day with breakfast. He’s part of my routine now.

    • Professional? Whut? Who? Jingles?
      *I just bsod’ed*

    • Professional? Are we watching the same Jingles? The Jingles i know can barely keep what tank/plane/ship the player is using in the recording! And that is why we love him, because he is old and crap, and that is okay

      Also all the other reasons listed are applicable and Jingles is actually fairly professional, just a bit of joking fun mates 😀 Have a good day

    • you forgot to thank Rita for sharing him the past few years

    • Yeah, +1 here. Jingles is the one youtuber I keep coming back to watch, because he’s making good videos, and has a fantastic voice and a sense of humor that suits me perfectly. Thanks for doing your thing, Jingles.

  7. Ten bucks says Jingles misses his flight to Russia. Again.

  8. James Andrew FROITZHEIM

    That’s not a ryujo… That’s a ranger jingles


  9. Jingles, can you ask Wargaming whether Captain Jingles will also be coming to WoWS Legends?
    Looking forward to try it out; it would be an icing on the cake, if you are also in it.

  10. the enemy Ranger should know where he is
    Yes Jingles! You finally got the cv right!
    (5 seconds later) It’s likely the ryuujo doesnt have full squadron

    That’s a whole lvl of crap you got there. Dont ever change

  11. Lone Ranger – should have been Lone Ryujo ..
    Oh wait ….
    Edit – comment no 16
    That is quick for me on jingles video

  12. Oh my god that intro was glorious.
    I couldn’t help but think how it would’ve been with Womble’s flying text skills. lol.

  13. What will your voice lines be Jingles?!?!

    Please tell me you’ll say “thats a paddlin” after a citadel hit on a ship.

  14. 5:20 “Like that York over there” *See’s a Fiji* I cannot wait to have Jingles on my ship.

    • I hope they somehow make the jingles captain miss identity ships.

    • Its going to make playing warships sleepy very interesting

    • In fairness there was a Yorck behind the Fiji.

    • Imagine Jingles captain in WoWS.

      In the heat of the battle you hear “Enemy destroyer detected!” and then think:
      “Oh, ok. It’s only a destroyer, no need to angle against his tiny guns. He can’t do meaningful damage to me from that distance.”

      *gets Dev Struck*


      Jingles captain: “Yeah, sorry mate. That was actually a Battleship. BWAHAHAHA”

  15. The infamous USS Ryūjō

  16. you literally switched between “ruyjo” and “ranger” every time you mentioned him xd

  17. AND he earned himself the Hood by completing that mission too..
    Well done..

    • No, the “Royal Treasury” mission is part of the “Fly, Strike, Win!” event. It gives bonus event progress for players of British premiums (Hood, Nelson, Duke of York, Exeter).

  18. *Sink an enemy battleship*
    Jingles Captain: “We sunk an enemy submarine!”

  19. Jingles, have you got into the salt again? If a carrier dies, but still has a squad in the air, he/she has 3 minutes to make any more attack runs before the aircraft “return to base”

    This was why the furious attacked the war spite instead of spotting, because he only had 3 minutes.

  20. Please make a War Thunder video about the F7F Tigercat. Your War Thunder videos are missed and I love your historical information reviews.

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