World of Warships – The Lonely Queen of the North

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In which RedRackhams very generously allows his team to get a kill while embarking on a murderous rampage in the Tirpitz – the Lonely Queen of the North.

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  1. Make-A-Woosh-Foundation

    when you refresh and think, I could use a Jingles video before going to the salt mines

    impeccable timing, old gnome

  2. Dunkirque and Tirpitz, my first premiums! Special places in my heart, these ships!

  3. “This is a game about ships shooting ships”

    Incoming torpedo bombers.

  4. KMS Tirplitz: Exist*
    The Royal Navy : …And we took that personally.

  5. Jingles: At the end of the day, World of Warships is a game about ships shooting other ships.
    WeeGee: Have submarines and fun police, up yours.

  6. 9:20 similar thing happened with me, their team was doing well, so of course the wesser comes and broadsides me in a Yorck at like 5km i just loaded ap. and even through we were losing Our team ended up winning.

  7. Jingles: Now regular viewers of this channel cannot have failed to notice that I do not have a particularly high opinion of the German Tier VII Battleship….

    Me: Akchually Jingles Tirpitz is Tier VIII

    Jingles…. The Gnisenau

    Me: Gonna be hunted? **Mossberg 500 noises** yep

    Jingles: And the salt mines buckaroo

  8. 8:12 “It’s just a Ryujou…” Well.. Ryujou, Ranger, whose to say what carrier it might be?

  9. How ironic, I literally just finished a match with the tirpitz when this video was uploaded. High caliber, dreadnought, cq expert, 4 kills, and the win

  10. The Tirpitz never felt particularly inaccurate to me when I still played (I quit for the third time after the Puerto Rico debacle). I always got a decent shot in it even at longer distances, though it was definitely derpier than some other ships too. Highlight was when I took off 80% from the health of a Zao with it at over 18km distance. The Zao probably wasn’t particularly happy about that salvo, especially not when my next salvo took him back to port.

  11. He definitely was seeing red at the end, engaging instead of breaking contact and letting the time run down!

  12. The other team really needed Sir Francis Haddock in command of The Unicorn.

  13. I’ve purchased quite a few ships on the recommendation from Jingles (Gremy, Atlanta, Nikolai, Belfast and the Tirpitz). The Tirpitz is in my top 3 played ships. The only way to improve her would be the addition of Lutjens. I have enough coal for him but I fancied the GK as my next coal ship.

    • I got the GK before the introduction of the Preussen, and I think the GK (the OG GOAT of tanky secondaries) still is a better ship. I have Lutjens as her commander, and she’s a scary beast if you know how to control your aggression lol.

  14. I love the Tirpitz, easily ny favourite ship, on the console version of the game. I currently hold the damage record for it for console players.

  15. Even after all this years, I still prefer her over any BB or BC. Reliable, greatly fun, well balanced and historical. Bonus points for Azur Lane version. Best waifu.

  16. THe kind of game we all love, going forward and smashing through everything that comes in the way.

  17. Does my heart good to see a good Tirpedo kill, for nostalgia’s sake

  18. I’ve said it at least three times now, Gneisenau now has VERY accurate guns as they, along with every other German battleship main batteries, were given America battleship dispersion. She went from a terrible ship to one of the best tier VIIs in the game.

    • First impressions tend to stick, unfortunately. However, I kinda liked playing the Gneisenau when I was grinding up the tree. I used to brawl against T9 battleships and win my fair share of those encounters, and the guns behaved juuuuust well enough where I didn’t hate my life at range.

    • I wish Jingles would acknowledge this.

  19. 6:08 – I learned this from a friend who plays competitive; use your zoomed-out camera at ranges <5km to make your guns more accurate. Apparently it's got that same scuff that caused the railgun shell bug from a few patches ago.

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