World of Warships- The Massachusetts Conspiracy

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Today I discuss the de facto American brawling line.

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  1. Glorfindel of Gondolin

    Hahahaha….I’m number one.

  2. Massachusetts is a great ship. I only picked up the Georgia because I had the secondary captain. Last week me and a div mate had a double kraken match, me in the Massachusetts and him in the CV last second win.

  3. I don’t mind a little Jack Daniels bias to counter the Vodka bias.

  4. You mention the CA, but I’m unsure about her current WIP configuration. The secondaries, while numerous, don’t have much range. That being said, the Scharn/Gneis full secondary build is right at 8km… but they also have the torpedoes… Hm….

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      And 30-32 knots speed to close a distance. 20.5 knots doesn’t allow dictating ranges.

    • yeah, id like to see the CA get a secondary range upgrade. so she can do some niceness….but…that being said…a 21knot ship is likely to never get close enough….i hated the US bb line till NC.

  5. Everyone knows that WG staged the moon landings, covered up the alien crash in New Mexico and own area 51.

  6. Evangeline Anovilis

    Is it sketchy? No. Because it’s a conspiracy theory, not more. It falls apart as soon as you look at the development cycle of the Massachusetts.

    Massachusetts originally was supposed to be the Alabama for non-ST people. But because people were outraged over Alabama ST being restricted, we got a normal Alabama. Massachusetts then was reconconceived as what it is today and surprisingly became a big hit.

    Georgia was the reuse of an old model that existed from when the USN BB line originally was developed and was considered as a T9 pre-Iowa with 406 mm guns before they put Iowa there and Montana at T10. The ship took its sweet time in development, because of having to balance the limited number of 457 mm guns and squishy Iowa hull to make something that is appealing to play without being silly OP.

    Ohio lastly is a lazy reused Montana model with minimal changes, as you noted, with just a little bit of balancing, based on what worked on the Georgia. Though they had to nerf the guns a bit during testing, as they overperformed.

    Thunderer and Vanguard seem similar, but frankly the biggest commonality between them is the 4×2 layout and the repair party. Vanguard has poor caliber for its tier and a ton of hp, Thunderer has a big caliber for its tier and is the second worst T10 hp pool. There’s about as much in common between Hood and Vanguard and Vanguard and Thunderer. And noone goes around thinking there was a seperate line of Hood to Thunderer planned (I hope noone thinks that, because it’s silly, given how and when these ships were developed).

  7. I think they should do something about Tirpitz/Bismarck
    Especially Bismarck without the torps isn’t a bad ship its a good one, but the massa is just way better. MB is so much better, higher caliber, more accurate 1 shell more. Better AA and way more accurate secondaries and I’m not sure about numbers, but from Ingame experience they also have better fire chance. Does it also have better heal?
    I hope they buff their secondary and MB accuracy a bit someday.

  8. $400 for a digital ship?? Really??…how much do u give to charities?? That’s what one should be bragging about.

  9. 9:20 Georgia almost outrunning the torps?

  10. I was lucky enough to win a black mass and a black Atago during a black friday event last year…mass is EASILY one of the most fun brawler BB’s in game 😁(it made me choose the georgia for my 1st Coal ship…again, another amazing brawler BB that I love)

  11. The California isnt worth getting from everything I have seen on it. Good aa is all it’s got going for it

  12. They could still do a researchable brawler line, if they wanted. Louisiana for 10, another pre-Iowa proposal for 9 (there were like dozens of them) South Dakota for 8, and there has to be a standard, they can use for 7.

  13. Power creep has seriously undermined both the USN and IJN lines. Being the originals to the game does have draw backs. Massachusetts, West Virginia, California, Georgia and Ohio are all positive steps to remedy power creep. The IJN lineup should be next.

    • You forgot the Germans nothing comes close to the power creep against them

    • @Chris Nettos I’m sure you are correct. I have not pursued the German line at all so I am ignorant of its situations. I used IJN and USN because they were the first complete lines in the game.

  14. Next to come premium GK with 16km accurate secondaries and improved accuracy. Think im joking? Wait and see

  15. still you are not a CC how is it possible 😒

  16. American BBs were always a mid range brawling line. The only difference now is these ships have secondaries. This was prior to the German line and when the us line went into decline, the germans redefined what brawling was with turtle back and secondaries. Arguably wargaming is just returning the us line to brawling by adding the secondaries, they still maintain what always made the us strong brawlers, belt armor good for bouncing at close range, high maneuver, quick turrets.

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