World of Warships- The Massachusetts That Could

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Today DrukenDutchmen shows us how its done the in Massachusetts!

Outro Music- Stranger Think by C418

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  1. hey SLM, you are way more enjoyable to watch than Flambass and Flamu due to your composure. Keep up the good work. I Like your vids

  2. Yammy: “how lewd”

  3. Big Mammy does it again! If she were a woman I’d ask her to marry me.

  4. Damn I tipped this with a 296k 7 kill
    game last week, I shoulda sent it in goddammit!

  5. You showed the wrong end game screen at 14:29 lol

  6. Come on you know you want to call him “Dutch the Drunk”!

  7. Tier VIII ship in a Tier X Match! Show me Shocked..Shocked and Amazed…Shocked, Amazed and Stunned!

  8. he better not grope yammy’s ass next time… so lewd!!!

  9. You sound tired MB, Make sure you take a rest break and revitalise.

  10. Spotters are more useful to look over islands than the extra range.

  11. Why would you use the mouse scroll to zoom its nauseating

  12. “Intents and Purposes” vs “Intensive Purposes”. To compensate for my annoying correction comment, I have subscribed 🙂

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