World of Warships- The Meme Ship That You Should Get

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Hey guys! Today we go over a newly re-released ship, the Agincourt, a Tier V British Battleship, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. I got lucky and got Gin Palace back when they did the containers with her when they first came out. Nothing spent on it. She isn’t really what I’d call a good ship but she is one of the most fun ships there is. Any up tier really means you don’t really have lots of chance to get to the front line, and you can’t really go from one side of the map to another any time soon. But that doesn’t matter to me as she is just so fun. Worth getting if anyone is interested in her!

  2. Ryan Szymanski from Battleship NJ Museum refers to these old Dreadnoughts as “Turret Farms”.

  3. Also you forgot to mention that the secondaries have inproved dispersion

  4. I have HMS Agincourt already and I can confirm that she is a hoot to play

  5. Do we know the exact price yet?
    The “standard price of a T5 premium ship” in the armory ranges from 3000 up to 5450 doubloons. I expect something >= 5300.

  6. Agincourts concealment gets down to 10.7km. Of the T5 BBs that’s the second lowest after derfflinger and lower than the majority of the cruisers at T5. I wouldn’t call that bad.

  7. Official Boomtish214

    I got the Agincourt… and went full secondary build. Do I have any regrets? No. Do destroyers melt when they get within 7.5 km or so of me? Yes. Yes they do.

  8. I bet Wargaming love this ship, they can put it in the game three times, one as a Brazilian ship and one as Ottoman ship.

    • I figure it’s *very* likely that we’ll see Rio de Janeiro (Pan-America already has 3 copy-paste premiums, 2 of them Brazilian). And since copy-pasting again as Sultan Osman I for the European tree would be just as easy, it’ll probably happen too.

  9. Agincourt AP is the short fuse AP with improved pen angles. So, against enemy BBs she strugles with her AP, but she can absolutely destroy cruisers, which is basically what this ship is, a dreadnought cruiser-killer

  10. Nice, I’ll be picking this ship up, thanks for the video. With the addtion of super ships snd super CVs, I may spend more time between tiers V though VIII.

  11. And I have Viribus Unitis at T5 as premium … I am asking how WG manages to screw up game balance that badly even at low-mid tiers too …

  12. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    So the Agincourt hasn’t popped up in the armory yet today. There’s a good chance it could appear tomorrow or later in the day. WG didn’t mention exactly when she would be available, just that she would be available in the armory for Dubs this patch.

  13. Agincourt’s aa is composed of the bridge crew walking out on the deck and shaking their fists angrily at the attack planes.

    It’s a bit sad the Oklahoma got shafted because it was the original secondary bb at tier 5. Kinda wish the Oklahoma got some kind of counter to even its stance. Both absolutely slap cruisers though.

  14. If the schleffen didn’t exist, I would say that the Asincourt is probably hands-down the most fun secondary ship in the game

  15. i got agincourt in a santa crate this time around and i gotta say, she feels like shotgun bb in terms of shell count

  16. So I have exactly 490 battles on Agincourt on na and the build I recommend is full secondary/ brawl play style, if you’re not in 8.3 range then you’re playing the ship wrong imo, at least in a tier 5 only match. The build I recommend to everyone is PR, GtG, AR, MSBA, LRSBS and CE. The last 4 points you can put in a lotta places. I personally have had very, very few games where I am able to use all 5 heals due to my playstyle of always wanting to brawl so I actually took some weird skills in brisk and vigilance. I took brisk because your concealment is 10.7 and you’re base speed is 22 knots so you are slow af and I took vigilance to give Agincourt 21 instead of 14 toro protection and a little extra time to dodge torps because I’m constantly pushing into the enemy. So with this ship you can play a very passive he spam type of playstyle but please at least attempt to make a secondary build on it, honestly it’s accuracy is so good you don’t need the four point skill, I used it plenty before the rework just at least get the range because even without the flag it’s 7.9 with the 3 point and the third upgrade. Also if you are only concerned with getting amazing stats pushing is not a good idea, but if you want to push up and be a bully brawler then I highly recommend this ship and at least the 17 point skills I talked about above. Also the AP can be nice but from my experience it’s wildly inconsistent so I usually just spam HE because you can cit every t5 cruiser besides maybe fura and even some bbs( I’ve only cit the Russian tech line bb but it is possible). Sorry that this is long and rambly, just thought I should share my opinion because this is my most played ship and I love it to death.

  17. I’m still pissed that I didn’t get this ship after buying 40 of those Jutland containers.

  18. Ah, Agincourt. When you need a turret for every day of the week.

  19. I got this ship in a XMas container and its definately hilarious to play.

  20. So as a giggle I tossed $15 at crates and hit 15K coal AND Agincourt! Was shocked and took her out and really a fun ship!

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