World of Warships – The Middle Ground

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In which SubaruSama finds himself not only with 4hp more than strictly necessary, but also finds himself on a team with Battleships who understand that there’s a middle ground between seeing who gets to be the first one to win the suicide lottery and licking the windows on the map border.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. my body feels right when jingles uploads

  2. I love the smaller caliber Mogami. Probably my favorite ship in the line. With IFHE she’s terrifying

    • Just got IFHE and fully upgraded it 🙂

      It’s garbage. Gets damaged so easily…

    • Benjamin Signor

      I also really enjoy the 155 Mogami, and I play it EXACTLY like an American cruiser, it can be so devastating to the enemy when your able to fire freely from cover. Easily average around 110k damage in most matches.

  3. Dicky Candra Ary

    Soo Ba Roo, Jingle please
    SewBeRu is not how it’s pronounced

  4. 14:40 don’t know if you noticed but enemy team is 2 points away from winning until the Z-23 capped all caps from the enemy

    • OH shit yh….

    • and his detection was 9,3km….the 10km circle was his torpedo range

    • 14:00 The game would’ve ended very differntly if one of them managed to hit ONE shell on the mogamis deck…

    • Robert Pettigrew

      We have all passed the mighty Gnome Overlords test he in his kindness misses these things and get stuff wrong so he can make sure we are on our toes (working in the salt mines can dull the senses). All praise the OverGnome

    • I look at the point count right after the Amagi died and was like wait a second, if it’s at 938 now what was it a before? A quick rewind provided the answer, 998

  5. distancerunner7

    that is by far the absolute most ass backward way I’ve ever heard someone rationalize the pronunciation of a word and he still managed to get it right. Lols

  6. I would argue that the Amagi is even MORE useless to the team than the Battleship Camping Society – at least the BCS are guns in the game…until they aren’t.

    • yep, better the BB “Camping” at the optimal range of 12-16km back 2 squares from the foes, dealing constant if per WG, RNG-deterministic damage and not just getting burned to death by fires in their METAL WARSHIPS, than the kids that just rush in, XD
      (as one cannot rely on cruisers players)

    • oh famous argumetn of how steel ships should be inflammable…..

      1: decks are still wooden if you didn;t notice
      2: after the battle of tsushima strait russian crews were reporting pieces of armorplating catching fire from japanese HE shells, and that battle was fought with ships equivalent of WoWs T2 (Mikasa-class battleships to be precise)

    • ZGuy0fSci HE can’t melt steal warships

    • You are going to be burnt down from 16km away. That is a BS reason for not MOVING THE F UP. If YOU are 16 km away from the cap and THEY are 16 km away from the cap, since that is where we are measuring from, then you are a shit ton away from each other.

    • Nathan Walling I can’t remember but does the amagi how would you rate the armor on the amagi?

  7. Although it’s fun to always take the mick out of bad battleship players it is true there are plenty of good battleship players out there, it’s just the bad ones complain the loudest about HE, torpedos, planes or what ever else they don’t know how to deal with and make all battleship players look bad as a result

    • Timothy House that’s why I gave up on ranked battles too, so many people prefer to shoot at the battleships 15-20km away but totally ignore the cruiser only 8km away

    • …or move into a position they can shoot the cruiser. Hard to do that when you are kemping the back of the map. WG could fix it by increasing dispersion on BB guns past a certain point. Want to do damage? Move the F up.

    • Timothy House well they tried that with the German BBs and people still try to play them at max range, personally I think they should make XP almost totally cap based rather than damage, capping and defending cap are then the only ways to make XP in ranked

    • That is probably the only fix. The biggest deciding factor of me quitting ranked was being around the bottom in xp while these happy campers post at the top because they are sitting in the back getting random damage rolls. It is hard to do anything when you are running for your life the whole game and then bb are calling you a noob for “not spotting” so they can sit back and plug away at the other bb.

    • I had one in a Paris complaining about torpedoes when he was parked 15 km from the cap in OPEN WATER and not moving. The other team had TWO GEARINGS. It is like this moron didn’t know the Gearing had a 16 km torp range. I sure wasn’t going to venture into the cap when it was flanked by a moskova and a dm that ended the match with almost full health. Meanwhile, OUR dm decided to yolo to the c cap and get deleted by a yammy instead of helping with AB caps.

  8. actually Jingles, looking at the map the number on the detection radius says “9.3”
    so he is in fact playing full stealth build

  9. Solo Wing Borders

    RE; Zero reference?

  10. The guns of the Mogami-class certainly have an interesting story. The London Naval Treaty of 1930 limited the number of heavy (8-inch-gunned) cruisers that each of the major naval powers could have. Japan was allowed 12, which they had already reached with the Furutaka (2), Aoba (2), Myoko (4), and Takao (4) classes. So, Japan designed their next cruiser class to essentially match the configuration of the Takao-class, and to be heavy cruisers in all but name. Since they were equipped with 15 6-inch guns instead of 10 8-inch guns, they were technically classed as light cruisers, and so were legal under the treaty.

    However, the designers and naval planners had always intended for the Mogamis to be refitted with 8-inch guns in the event of imminent war, or if they withdrew from the arms control treaties. After Japan withdrew from the treaties in 1936, this gun swap was carried out in 1939-40. However, the original 6-inch turrets would continue on in service, as they were then used as secondary armament on the Yamato-class battleships.

    Edit: Sorry, SORRY, using the word “battlecruiser” was a complete brain-fart. I know full well the Yamatos were battleSHIPS. Blame Jingles’ 4 am uploads. 🙂

    • +clandebouyekid Yes, you’re right, I just brain-farted. I know the Yamatos were absolutely battleSHIPs; I don’t know how or why I wrote “battlecruisers”.

    • No, if you want a Battlecruiser, look at the US’ Lexington class. Enormous guns, 33 knots and change, and absolutely no armor to speak of whatsoever. Exactly as Fisher intended 😛

    • Josy Naemi Köhler

      And funnily enough, designed, when the other nations, building battlecruisers actually gave their battlecruisers armor. Ersatz Yorck 300mm, Hood 300mm, G 3 up to 350 mm, Amagi 250 mm…
      Meanwhile Lexington: Max. 180 mm armor.
      Yeah, looks like a certain nation didn’t get the memo of the danger, having capital ships being armored like tin cans, and what happens, if they do face something else with bigger sticks than armored cruisers. Like battleships… or you know, enemy battlecruisers.

    • Naval Design to circumvent the Washington Naval Treaty is really interesting for some reason…I mean even the TERMS of the Washington Naval Treaty were a point of contention (obviously) with places like Britain argueing that fuel shouldn’t count as part of the weight limitation because their ships need to get around alot more ocean than other navies at the time…


  11. Lets be honest. Thats a replay of a potato playing with and against of a bunch of other potatoes. Seeing the NC firing HE continously hurts to watch. Only when he has 5 HP hes playing the Mogami correctly in this abysmal BB meta. Ranked is btw the new random battles. No skill found anywhere 😉 – Ok Z-23 played quite okish.

    • He made the mistake of making 1 wrong turn, that got him citadeled twice. Thats a mistake everyone has done before, no matter how good he is. Also, this whole “Stats don’t matter” thing is just a lie people keep telling themselves to justify their own bad stats. He is a good player, but made a mistake. Thats all, not a “potato” how you claim he is.

    • Well, what kind of a genius brings a stock ship to ranked like that NC? 🙂

    • U wanna argue with me about this stats matter or not? Well im Unicum player and in a well known clan. So I can tell u that stats dont say everything about a player. But I can tell u that a really good player wont make such risky plays and mistakes in ranked. And by “really good” I dont mean necessarily unicum players.

    • skinNyVID a mad man that must know what he/she was doing. That’s usually how you can tell if someone really does know how to play. Besides the NC knew he’s there to take the hits when necessary not score big numbers by sniping in the back, letting your only defense get rekt and all of a sudden your a B.B. with 3 heals that ain’t worth a damn anymore.

    • Elf Loved well his stats are not very good and his performance wasn’t exactly a shining example. Everyone knows that you shouldn’t take a stock ship to ranked when your performance is very important for the team. He’s not a unicum, he would’ve performed much better with an upgraded ship.

  12. sue-buh-rue is the Western pronunciation.

    sue-bah-rue is the Japanese pronunciation.

    Oh, good on that Z-23 cause things were a lot closer than you noticed….

  13. needs to be a special medal for that, winning a game with single digit HP’s

    • Yeah, it’s obviously some luck involved (getting hit & only having a few HP left) but something funny like “Skin of your teeth” award, gives you 5 extra XP for the game or something 🙂

  14. Jingles, when you said that the Bismarck and the Charles Martel were the hammer in a “hammer and anvil” maneuver, my history-lover’s ears perked up. The original Charles Martel, the hero of the Battle of Tours, was nicknamed “The Hammer”!

    • And some anvils can be made of iron… and Otto von Bismarck’s nickname was ‘The Iron Chancellor’…
      This could have worked out even better, but alas, both were the hammer this time XD

    • “Nicknamed” – Well, Martel is just the English rendering of “Martellus”, which literally means hammer. Martel is already the nickname

    • And the anvil…. a lightly-armored battlecruiser. lol

    • In reality Charles Martel was an anvil, not a hammer. He stood on the hill and used the fact that horse archers and cavalry were useless against unflanked disciplined, heavy infantry to win the battle easily despite being heavily outnumbered.

    • Hunter R.K. Stever

      to be fair in all technicalities Alexander the great was the first real hammer

  15. You know…
    Subaru is also a semi-common name… not just a car brand

  16. Gábor Négyesi

    *ackchyually jingles* subaru is the japanese name for the pleiades constellation and it might be the real name of the player

  17. ACKSHULLY, Jingles, the answer to two extremes is not a false middle.

    That is (opinion a) We should eat all salt miners. Versus (opinion b) We should eat no salt miners. The false middle says (conclusion c) “The answer is in-between: we should eat SOME salt miners.” Thus, (opinion b) is actually correct, despite their being two opposite opinions and a false middle which only moderates between the two as a lazy option.

    As you say, some of the internet is about having a voice but not necessarily enough brains or logic to go with it. All opinions are not created equal. All participants do not deserve a prize. Common sense is not all that common.

    We have (for the moment) a right to our opinions. We do NOT have a right to be correct, no matter what our opinion is.

    • Binks Webelf i here is shotgun

    • Well, it’s not(hopefully) like he’s saying that the middle ground is always the right choice, just in this case. It is in fact the case that both camping the map border and suicide rushing into crossfires and torpedoes are bad ideas, so if there is any answer at all it must lie in between, after all, nothing else remains.

    • Indeed, what Jingles says is that when there are two opposite extremes that are both idiotic, then consequently the right action is somewhere in between.

      The example presented here is one extreme idiocy and one that is not. That is in itself a false equivalence. The equivalence to Jingles’ position would be ‘A: We should eat all the salt miners’, and ‘B: We should not eat at all.’ Obviously the answer is between that. We eat, but we don’t eat salt miners.

    • Logic and a proper answer not offering a shotgun? Thank you. To clarify, I was not responding to his specific example, but the claim that “between two extremes, the truth often lies in the middle”, or whatever he said, exactly.

    • The middle ground is an area between the two extremes on either end. You can freely move arround in there.

  18. Jingles, I’m not sure if you noticed, but at the time that the Z-23 managed to gain control of all the capture points, the enemy team were at 998 point, one tick away from winning. That Z-23 deserves lay of the game. He read the situation perfectly and responded just in the nick of time.

  19. Johannes G. F. Bruhn

    I can’t believe you didn’t specifically appreciate the fact that the enemy team was on 998 point, when the Z-23 started capturing the last objective… XD What a comeback!

  20. Oh Jingles never change….mistaking Torpedo range on minimap for detection range….Subaru has a 9.3km detection range for a full stealth build…the 10km is how far he can fling his torpedoes 🙂

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