[World of Warships] The Mighty Jingles at Wargaming

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Wanna know more about him? Share your questions! 😀

    • Is the Mighty Jingles just an aged modern version of Baldrick?

    • don´t give a damm about Jingles adn more importantly i coudn´t care less about what you “think” if would i would “asked” for help so please kepp “thinking” but keep it to your self

    • Is Jingles human? XD

    • World of Warships Official Channel When we will be a Jingles captain in Wows? Same question except commander in the Tog II on Wot?

    • Dear Mighty, any chances for us followers to see again your reviews of WoWs ships? I am very curious to hear your opinion about the Italian battleship Roma, the sexiest ship known to mankind.

  2. Christopher Pittman

    YouTube always needs more of our Gnomish Overlord. To the up vote levers!

  3. Rita asked all the IS questions

  4. Mingle with the Jingles in the wrong channel.

  5. Jingles did serve in the RN, being away from home for long periods with other seamen, so I suppose the gay question is applicable
    Cue the navy jokes/puns etc
    How do you separate the men from the boys in the Navy? With a crowbar!

  6. he definitely has some fangirls out there…

  7. in this century, people still don’t know who he is, where he lives, what he does, and if he’s married! where do u all live? on the Moon? 😀

  8. Is the Mighty Jingles Play Kancolle?

  9. “Is The Mighty Jingles gay?”

    Well, he served 22 years in RN and we all know about “Rum, sodomy and the lash” and he has said that he doesn’t like rum soooooooooooo……….

    • Yep Mr Locker.. he did

    • any true fan will remember his cold water video..where he flashed back to gaming om ship..and the XO flipping out over seeing classified details of the very ship they were on… in the game…and asking how the hell did they get that knowledge!!

    • well, if you paid attention to it, youll know that he still not part of the WARGAMING community contributers programm, but instead part of the World of Warships community contributors program, which is something on its own, as wargaming no longer focuses as much on WoWs and leaves them mostly to do their own things. the entire situation with sirfochs was a WoT issue and by leaving the contributers program, he also hurt the WoWs dev team, which was something he didnt want to do, but saw no other option at the time.

    • ‘like 2 bald men fighting over a comb…’ HAHAHAHAHAAA…. saw that once, but not over a comb. they were fighting over a bottle of baby oil…

    • rum stopped in the 70s, i guess the lash stopped long before that. as for the sodomy well ive no idea lol

  10. Cant wait for Yuro’s QnA

  11. ? That was the most hilarious MJingles vid of ALL TIME! ?

  12. Will The Mighty Jingles and Captain Blackadder of the Royal Fussiliers invade France?

  13. The salt mines are alive and well. Would you like to know more?

  14. “I’m level 48 ugh”

  15. Jingles, please blink twice if you’re in trouble…

  16. WEll as far as the gay question… umm no.
    Rita went after him and landed him. Sounds like to me she knows how to get her man dears. ^-

  17. The question asking how much money does Jingles make was mostly from the inland revenue trying to find a way to tax him more

  18. Jesus. He’s only 48? Jingles has done some hard living, apparently.

  19. Jingle’s laugh is a national treasure.
    Btw; we need a jingles UK captain asap

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