World of Warships The Mighty Jingles Interview

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The other day I sat down with the Mighty Jingles for a little interview. I am sure he needs no introduction. We spoke for an hour about a myriad things. Ships, Games, Naval History, World of , the works. There are even a few juicy nuggets towards the end about the carrier , non-NDA of course. Thank you to Jingles for parceling away some time for this. It was a enjoyable talk. Hope you all enjoy as well.


  1. I like Jingles. He’s funny and I’m better than at least one person in the world at WoT and WoW.

  2. good old C64 times 🙂

  3. ian jackson books , commodore 64 , amiga 500 its like listening to myself talking to my kids lol elite was the first game that really blew my mind ,

  4. That was a great and informative interview. 🙂

  5. Special Jingles captain REDUCING your spotting range, occasionally just straight up mistaking enemy ships (“Looks like an Aoba to me!”)… what else would his superpowers be?

  6. Me too i spent a fair amount of time in uk and lots of peoples think i am german or austrian back home due to the fact that english is not my native language. I am going to London next week.

  7. I can’t tell you just how much i really enjoyed this vídeo. Hope you do more of these. I’d be very interested to hear Flamuu and Flambass ..just to make sure they aren’t the same person! Kappa

  8. Phillip Crabtree

    Now I want you two to do a history podcast…I think that would be fantastic

  9. Great interview! Are you actually playing while talking or is that just a previous game video in the background?

  10. USS Enterprise I would love to been on

  11. The cat solution is.. never let a cat remain sleeping in the daylight hours.. get em up… !! Then they will sleep more at night.

  12. 40:55 No no, it was the Iowa

  13. Tell me I’m not the only one who thinks Zoup looks like Tony Romo…

  14. I was in sitting on the HMAS Cairns wharf when the Nottingham was brought in after its ‘accident’. The tugs had to spin you 180 so your bow would face the oggen. Not sure why. Either way your boys had an nice impromptu shore run. Cairns is easily the best port of call in Australia.

  15. it was the iowa jngles, they modified her bathroom.

    • due to President Roosevelt and his physical limitations. recently (a year ago?) toured the ship. 1 of the rooms open for viewing had the game Battleship on a shelf

  16. Captain_Dilbert

    Gnome overload would be appropriate

  17. Lasse Johansson

    Thank you for this lovely video. Amazing good, to say the least. Thank you to everyone from Sweden.

  18. You mentioned age playing World of Warships, well I’m headed towards 69 years old and love the game and play it just about every night for about three hours. Oldwarrior1950.

    • Good on ya, Allen. I’m 60 and am still playing a lot of games on the PC. WoWS, XCOM2, Subnautica, etc. I started playing Eve Online when it first came out in 2003. I only stopped playing it 2 years ago. The community was getting a little too toxic for my liking. However, I think I’ll continue to play until I expire!

    • Goddamn layabout. 😉

    • 60 here, play WOT, WOWs and WOWp, having a great time doing it.

    • 60 here also.WOT, WOWS, XCOM2, FALLOUT4!! I started playing in the 90’s with Quake, Doom & MechWarrior

  19. Would love to have a Jingles captain! Instead of “penetration” you’d hear “that’s a paddlin'” lol

  20. Best hour I have ever spent on YouTube!

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