World of Warships – The Mighty Jingles!

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Oh hello there Patch 0.8.5 Public Test Server, what’s that you’ve got hidden behind back?

Summer Roads 3 by Valdemar Hansen
The Stylish Traveller by Martin Landstrom
All music licensed from



  1. “Problem solved sir” ??
    They made you to say that, and all the others .. I belive you have better ideas for the script.
    Like: “We had a grillparty on the deck, but its all good now … noob!” 😀

  2. they should have had you say for the smoke screen “Torpedo magnate set!”

  3. My wife does not understand me, she gave me pitying looks when I cheered “That’s a paddling'”

  4. I thought this is a special commander who can lock on friendly ships…..

  5. aiming at citadel, close range, shots fired
    me: ooooh that’s a paddlin…
    Jingles: THAT’S A PADDLIN!
    my day just got brighter!

  6. What happened to “Brown alert”?
    Congrats ya pommy bugger, ? ??? well done.

  7. Below Average Gaming

    and then randomly it should say “hold on, i’ve got a kitten clawing at my leg”


    That… was golden.

  9. Sandro The Great

    Disappointed there was no:
    “Enemy cruiser spotted…oh hang on that’s a Battleship and it’s on our team”
    [Hit by torpedoes] “Yes genius, that’s what happens when you sail in a straight line”

    • Clear game communication > memes.

      I mean, it would be fun, but it would also be confusing when the game gives you false feedback on the action around you.

    • Lt_Rainbow Slash

      fendelphi Meh, I never listen to what my captain is saying anyway. Don’t need to most of the time.

    • @fendelphi Yeah, I agree. I imagine those who got Jingles not because of the character would be utterly confused.

    • @Lt_Rainbow Slash Unless you have your sound turned off, you do listen. At least subconsciously.

      And if that communication contradicts what you expect(like, “we have sunk a cruiser” when it is in fact a destroyer) you subconsciously write off a cruiser instead of the actual target.

      Ofc, your conscious self will quickly tell you “nah, that was a destroyer, right?”, but in the heat of battle, when engaging multiple targets, that distraction/delay might be enough to bring you out of focus or might get you killed.

      There is a reason why game designers make clear UIs and communication within their games.

      Also, if you dont listen to what your captain says most of the time, it should not really matter what Jingles say to you anyway.

    • Lt_Rainbow Slash

      fendelphi what if all my voice lines are national, and therefore mostly in languages I don’t understand? 😛

      Just a thought, maybe they could have the option for a more memey VO, and a more normal one.

  10. I know this isn’t the appropriate meme, but it feels just as fitting and satisfying to say:

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, *we got em*”

  11. It all sounds good and great. But the lack of enthusiasm when you say “Fire, fire, fire” sounds out of place… I would rather hear: “did I smell something burning?”

    • DiggingForFacts

      I think that’s more the general bridge response to a fire. A lot of this stuff gets drilled. Although considering how many are just exact copies of the basic lines I fear Jingles was not given a free hand in everything.

  12. A few missed opportunities:
    When you get citadelled: “Sir, we got paddled!”
    When you’re on fire: “Sir, we appear to be on fire.”

  13. RobsGamingWorld

    *Admiral Jingles sinks a Stalingrad*

    Admiral Jingles: “We’ve sunk an enemy Battleship!”

  14. They missed out on adding “Burning Love!” :3

  15. LoL why so serious Jingles!
    Some dialogues feel kinda fast, not relaxed. Were you in hurry to go somewhere?

  16. Oh I say, you’re speaking in your posh voice Jingles

  17. I was about to be furious if there was not a “that’s a padding” voice line

  18. Finally a reason to play British ships!

    *Blackswan sealclubbing intensifies*

  19. well voiced but could have used a bit more jingles personality 😀

  20. I am disappointed that your voice never mixed up the ship classes…

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