World of Warships: The Mighty Montanas

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The Mighty Montana is back! This time she’s in sea monster form along with another mighty Montana to back her up.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 US battleship the Montana. The match is played on the map Okinawa.


  1. Dat camo- so good

  2. Ahh, the aerroony is back 😉

  3. The mighty croc 😉

  4. I love this camo where did you got it ?

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    Sure why not

  6. other montana, MVP

  7. Your carrier got nuked because he sat right next to the cap where the big enemy push was happening so a Yamato deleted him. You certainly had a great game!

  8. That camo looks like an alligator to me.

  9. The reason you did so well is 99.99% because your camo made the ennemies piss themselves and mess up their play

    Understandable tho

  10. Monty can do a lot of things in Radom. Not way too good but average in every field, I like this ship.

  11. stefanos perivolaris

    Ha monty is good but nothing better like genova
    Genova has unflammable shells

  12. I see Aerroon is playing in a massive division. Real wows players are either afk, too passive, or they die in 2 mins.

  13. the gearing died because u couldnt hit the smolensk for a devasting strike!

  14. That’s a GG mate!

  15. My Montana setup is using the legendary upgrade, and secondaries haha. Using the reload upgrade since shes turning faster than regular setup. The biggest gripe is the large detection radius. So i kinda need to utilize islands for cover.

    • Secondaries doesn’t sound great on Montana. The legendary is interesting though. I don’t like the reload upgrade because it slows down turret traverse.

    • @Aerroon Secondaries is okay, ive been thoroughly test the result at PT server beforehand. Use john doe or Halsey for turret traverse.
      Idk why you stressed the reload mod. Montana’s gun has already slow traverse from the beginning. The 2nd slowest among the others. Saving it not gonna change the world. But reload booster is. Also John Doe/Halsey’s skill will make her turret traverse a little closer to GK.
      Don’t take GK or Republique as secondaries base.
      Montana’s isn’t stellar, but at 9km, every DD trying to close in will have a little taste of it. CL also not gonna happy under the umbrella. Coupled with the appaling turret traverse, it is a huge help.
      Actually i rate GK is a bit better than Montana. Montana is the weakest T10 BB. Compare her stats, everything to GK and nothing better except AA, range, and turning radius. Shell dispersion is also not that bad at GK, people just dont get how to utilise the vertical dispersion.

  16. Yes, battleships become really active and push hard when they have an unspotted Shima behind their sterns 😉

  17. how much credits did you make on this game got to be in 600k region ?

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