World of Warships – The Mikhail Kutuzov

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There’s a new Soviet town and it’s very, very good. It’s also very, very expensive! Is it good enough to justify the price? Let’s see what the last and best conventional light artillery of the Red Banner Northern Fleet has to offer.

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a War Thunder or replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Atago is the best of all the tier 8 cruisers, premium or not, the Kutuzov
    here is basically an escort cruiser, meant to work in a group, however,
    atago is faster at 35.6 knots which with flags and such can go up to 37,2
    and actually run away from destroyers at the same tier, has a lower
    surface detection range at 11km which with capitan skills means you can
    actually get it to 8.9 and fire your torpedoes of which you have 4
    total launchers 2 either side with 3 tubes each, with insane firing arcs
    and a 10km range at a speed I believe of 62 knots before you are detected,
    couple all this with 10 (2×5) fairly accurate and hard hitting 203mm guns
    with 16.1 km range (on mine at least with upgrades I don’t remember stock
    exactly) and atago is probably the best (tier for tier) cruiser in the
    game, it is surely the most versatile with the possible exception of Zao,
    the only drawbacks on atago are the relatively long rudder shift time
    (again rudder shift upgrade gets it down to around 8 seconds) and weak AA
    (still viable for self defense), and it does get the damage repair ability
    like the higher tier cruisers as opposed to a smoke screen, plus you can
    get it for 29£ as a single ship, i’d suggest unless you already have it, if
    one is looking for a t8 premium cruiser atago is where your money should go

  2. Well, ACTUALLY, Jingles, the first battleship was destroyed by the friendly
    carrier and not the fail division..


  3. jingles, learn to use your captain skills :))))))))

  4. soviet bias

  5. The torpedoed Tirpitz in this particular match wasn’t that terrible to be
    He was very close to the map border – if he turns left, he runs into it,
    slows down and will be an easy target (for the three ships firing at him +
    the cruiser that may have torpedoes); if he turns right, he gets even
    closer to the ships firing at him + he also gets closer to a cruiser that
    may have torpedoes. Slowing down could’ve worked (but still means he’s
    getting closer to the multiple enemy ships firing at him) – see next

    You were playing a relatively new premium ship, that gives him an excellent
    excuse for not knowing what kind of torpedoes your ship has (if any) –
    since the ship is sold in bundle, I assume (3GB update, can’t verify) it’s
    not available to view in-game, it stats also aren’t visible on the website
    (19/100 torpedoes doesn’t tell a lot), so unless he did some research
    (videos, reviews) then he won’t know what kind of torpedoes the ship has.
    I believe (again, can’t verify and I’m not sure how correct this paragraph
    is) that most Soviet ships have fairly low torpedo ranges (I’m thinking
    about the <4km range on destroyers) - so even if the Tirpitz expected you
    to have torpedoes, he has no idea on their range, he might easily assume it
    to be low (in order to stay in line with other Soviet ships).

    He was probably also distracted by the two battleships firing at him, the
    cruisers kept you engaged (while they were alive) to allow him to
    concentrate. You fired torpedoes before your guns - so there wasn't any
    noticeable pause between your barrages that could've tipped him off.

    I'm not saying that he isn't a noob, or a terrible player, but this one
    occasion isn't enough proof of that.

  6. Jingles! You started WoWS a bloody fucking year ago?! It still feels like
    you fucking started it yesterday!

    I’m pissed that time is passing so quickly.

  7. Carriers are more on the low tiers Jingles. and barely there either.. Great
    video BTW. a bit to expensive for my taste

    you going to mention about the anime event on world of warships?

  8. Hey Jingles, happy to see the boat game again. Does the EU server have the
    Arpeggio event going on right now? Have you seen the new Arpeggio ships,
    ARP Kongo and ARP Myoko?

  9. Pleeeease. T8 Cleveland = Mogami.

  10. I’ve already spent a little over 150 Euros. These bundles make me really
    angry, especially combined with prem time.

  11. Not kutjezov its kutuzov ( kuˈtuzəf) sorry but piercing ears too
    much…Great looking shit btw

  12. Nigel “DeliriumTrigger” Fitton

    Ive seen almost exactly the same amount of people complain about the
    uselessness of the MK as I have seen people praise it up and down all day
    long lol.

  13. Joel Bartosch (TheKineticz)

    You can tell if someone is firing AP or HE at you by looking at the colour
    of the shells.

    HE glows a reddish orange
    AP glows a greenish-yellow

  14. Expert loader? Jingles, are you serious?

  15. God damn those guns sound glorious.

  16. Expert Loader is not worth it. It only works if you switch while all your
    guns are loaded. 99.9% of the time you either have enough time to switch
    without the perk or you’re better off clearing the guns out through the
    business end.

  17. Why bother with this when you can play the Mogami with its 15 155mm guns.

  18. 16:39 – The hell happened with the audio for that brief second?

  19. It’s nice to see one of the Sverdlov class in World of Warships, but paying
    AU$100 for it?

    No thanks.

  20. more world of warships videos =D shows us some more US ships high tiers. =D

  21. Nice review Jingles.

  22. Jingles ship fetish confirmed.

    Well he did watch Kantai Collection.

  23. Over on the NA server, the ship is being offered in two packages. The
    “cheap” package is the ship, a port slot and 1000 gold for $50. The other
    package is all that, 7 days of premium, and 150 flags for $55. So I’m going
    to pass Wargaming, thank you all the same for your expert attempt at
    soul-sucking capitalism. If they ever lower the price to something
    reasonable (around the $30-$40 range) I’d likely buy it, but no matter how
    good the ship might be it’s just too highly priced to give it any

  24. Jingles plz turn up the volume whilst recording your vids… this one is
    very quiet.

    otherwise: LOVE U!

  25. I really think Wargaming have lost the plot with the pricing. £45 is an
    obscene amount of money to spend on a single boat no matter what country
    you’re from when that could buy you an entire new game or 5-10 games on
    sale. I understand that they need money to keep the servers afloat and pay
    for development but surely they can see they’re shooting themselves in the
    foot. Not only would most people never spend that much one one boat, I bet
    they would be put off ever buying anything once they’ve seen that price.
    I’ve purchased a few premium ships and I think the pricing of things like
    the Murmansk is where they should be aiming at. I’d happily spend £10 every
    once in a while to get a premium, but even if I was a multi millionaire I’d
    never pay £45 just out of principle.

  26. Jingles, two things:

    You know, the “Premium” smoke now adds an extra charge as well as a quicker
    cool down, and I would HIGHLY recommend using it on this ship!

    And, you don’t seem to put as much stock into this thing’s AP power. I mean
    beyond about 10km when your shells are arcing a lot – HE will be better for
    sure. But closer range, I have seen this French gentleman who runs the
    channel “VoulezVousTV” use AP at closer ranges, and DEVASTATE heavy
    cruisers! He scored something like 10 to 12 citadels in a row and sunk a
    basically full health Mogami, IIRC anyway… Regardless, it APPEARS that
    the AP, while not as damaging as 203mm shells, has decent penetration –
    probably a good deal better than on the Cleveland, and close to the same as
    the Mogami’s 155mm guns – perhaps more, perhaps less – but not by much in
    either direction.

    And EVERYONE know that given a broadside of a Cruiser, while sailing the
    Mogami with the 155mm cannons – AP will utterly EVAPORATE THEM!

  27. 1 Hour ago, and only 4000 Views? Something is not right

  28. Yeah, very very expensive ship indeed. Seems like it would fit my play
    style but not at the current price point. I got the Tirpitz, because she is
    one the most known WW II ships. Same with the Warspite, wich I got for the
    same reason. Both are very good ships, and worth their price imo.

    This Soviet cruiser seems like a nice enough ship, and I would love to have
    her in my port, but the price is to high, so it looks like I will not get
    her this time round. Maybe if WG are to offer her as a single ship purchse
    in the future, then I might get her.

  29. wait, I dont get it. In the beginning you said that it’s biggest strength
    is it’s biggest weakness. I didnt get if it was the price or the guns. For
    price it coudl be like BAD: Expensive, GOOD: Not alot of people will have
    it, for the guns it could be BAD: low caliber, bad AP, GOOD: fast ROF and
    good HE. I got distracted troughout the video multiple times so I kinda
    lost it.

  30. So in Hungary or Poland, how much did Fallout 4 cost when it came out…?
    With wg’s logic it must have cost significantly less there than in the UK
    or France?

  31. Jingles, why not covering the upgrades for this ship? And unusual for you,
    you didn’t talk about the history of this (class of) ship. The sistership
    of Kutuzov, the Ordzhonikidze was involved in a peculiar incident with
    British intelligence (Lionel Crabb affair) during 50’s, it was also the
    biggest warship ever operated by my country’s navy.

  32. Jingles I really enjoy watching your videos ‘cos you play all the game I
    love to play AW, WoT and WoWS I love you covering AW but you kind need to
    do more WoWS as well your ship previews really helped me in doing good in
    games and I’m sure they have helped many more as well. I know you have lot
    of other games to play and preview but WoWS is a main streamer so will be
    good if you do more videos on that a bit more.

    And I think you have stopped USN cruiser previews ( correct me if I’m wrong
    ) after Cleveland hope you start doing more ships videos in the future and
    thank you for all the work you have put in to these videos.

  33. MWO video coming soon that you said you would do? Great Vid BTW

  34. Now I’ve heard everything, my favorite Jingles quote: go home Jingles,
    you’re drunk

  35. What I dislike most about WG’s pricing policy is that many items are only
    available in the gift shop as bundles. So you monetized before, got a bunch
    of gold but cannot use it on the item you want. Really a slap in the face
    to those that paid money before and certainly not good for customer

  36. 65 Swiss Francs in the premium store. Thats a lot of money even for
    switzerland. Thats even more than a new PC game, they rank around 55 Fr.-
    And its a bundle. Why should i pay more for a premium ship than a new

  37. Did someone say ‘Sexy Beast’?

  38. I love hearing people complain about Russia being added before England,
    France, and Italy.


    The Furutaka has 200mm guns STOCK – when you upgrade them, you get REAL
    203mm guns! And just as many of them as the Aoba! Though as they are in
    single turrets with painfully slow traverse, it it nowhere NEAR as good as
    the Aoba!

    Say what Jingles will about having more guns in less turrets, but that only
    REALLY matters in destroyers and LIGHT cruisers!

    Of ALL my games using Japanese 203mm twin gun turret heavy cruisers, I
    CANNOT remember the last time I have lost a turret permanently on an IJN
    Heavy Cruiser! It has happened, maybe 3 times in over 75 games. And if
    memory serves, it has ONLY ever happened when Battleships, for whatever
    reason, fire HE at said IJN Heavy Cruisers! Even then, it is RARE!

    Now the Atlanta, TOTALLY different story! I LOVE the HELL out of that ship!
    But permanently losing turrets due to HE fire is one of its biggest

    Because it does have Destroyer guns AND turrets, and is a light cruiser
    with emphasis on LIGHT armor! The turrets and guns are literally IDENTICAL
    to those mounted on the Gearing!

    Really, only destroyer guns stand a somewhat large chance of being knocked
    out permanently. And that is alright, as destroyers are generally
    maneuverable enough to dodge til they are in stealth again or have popped

    Also, for really ANY AND EVERY ship, with Japanese DDs and CVs being the
    only exception (and IJN DDs sometimes will use it anyway) – the FIRST mod
    slot SHOULD almost always be occupied by the “Main Gun Durabillity mod 1”
    that lowers chance of incapacitation by 20%, and increases repairs to
    damaged turrets by 20%.

    Pretty much ANY Cruiser, apart from the Atlanta, that is running that
    upgrade – will basically almost never lose any guns permanently.

    I mean, I cannot remember, really EVER, losing one of two twin gun turrets
    on my Yubari – and my Murmansk has maybe lost a gun or a turret like 5
    times total at most in over 35 battles, and it was usually the single
    barbette mounted guns anyway.

  40. That is my one real complaint about WoWs in specific and Wargaming in
    general. The premium shop prices are out of control. Premium items need to
    be MUCH less expensive. Not 5% less expensive, not 10% less expensive, but
    75 – 80% less expensive. A Premium ship/tank/plane should not be more than
    $10 US. These are VIRTUAL ITEMS remember. You aren’t getting anything REAL
    out of them. Maybe if they were also shipping you a nice model of the ship
    too, then you could justify it. But for something that doesn’t actually
    exist the amount of money they want is utterly ridiculous.

  41. O great, more stronk OP Russian ships

  42. I want your enemy BB’s as my enemy’s Jingles 🙁 every time I try and torp
    anything they turn and change speed and then you do another video where
    they don’t.

  43. Jingles, I doubt you were the inspiration for the destroyers rushing the
    center. More likely that came from Phly or Baron. :D

  44. The Sunken Swede (rilleboy)

    the ship that didnt do anything to receive the “naval legends” title but
    got it anyway because its a stronk(nope) russian ship :P

  45. one of the crew skills give you more charges so you should get that. :3

  46. Boat bloody it’s again game that.

  47. So basically a Soviet stock Mogami

  48. How is 15.9 is a good range in tier 8?? Whats average range of tier 8

  49. does it have logs? i know its not a tank but still needs a log :))

  50. How’d you get 2 rows of ships?

  51. In all honesty, i really do wish that Wargaming would show a bit more love
    for other tech trees, instead of garnishing the Soviet tech tree with
    premiums. While i am not shouting ‘Russian bias’ like i see occasionally in
    forums, there are six of the bloody things i counted in the garage slots.
    What would be interesting would be to see the completion of the German tech
    tree, as well as the French and Italian tech trees introduced alongside the
    British tree.

  52. Shit this boat game again…

  53. yay world of warships

  54. Am I seeing things? Tier 8 cruiser. Has smoke instead of defensive fire.

  55. So they put torpedoes on a Cleveland and made it tier 8

  56. £45? Lord help us. Fallout 4, an entire game costs less, with tons of free
    downloadable mods. £10-£15 tops.

  57. asian server has the same issues a europe

  58. Ok so you asked about pricing policy but what was the answer?

  59. So a newb friendly ship. Keeping it in line with the Soviet tree in WoT I

  60. $49.99 US FYI. Rather want the British Navy, rather than more Russian
    ships… I don’t care if they are a Russian company… it’s ridiculous that
    the British are represented by only one ship so far.

  61. Yes! Finally, a warship video.

  62. Koo-too-zov. One of the easiest to pronounce

  63. *Insert boat joke here*

  64. Don’t get Expert Loader, just fire off your salvo and then switch to the
    correct ammo type. The reload is short enough already (so you would only
    save around 4 seconds, that is not worth a skill point) and you still have
    the chance of doing some damage with the incorrect ammo type. Also you
    should try to get Advanced Firing Training on the Kutuzov since the 20%
    range increase applies to its low caliber guns.

  65. On the US Server this is $49.99 with 1000 Doubloons. $54.99 with 1000
    Doubloons, 7 Days of Premium and 150 Flags (3 types, 50 of each).

  66. HE spamming guns, lots of AA barrels, 14k torpedoes… its a yubari with
    the torpedo launchers fixed and a smokescreen added

  67. Jingles, you are driving me nuts, but correct me if I am wrong. It is not
    ‘at’ ‘a’ ‘go’ but ‘A’ ‘ta’ ‘go’. Sounds like ah tah go.

  68. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    If you wanna compare prices, Jingles! Do a Steel Ocean Video! It’s on
    steam, I’ve done a couple now and I think you will find the prices, better.

  69. What? No history of the Sverdlov class? As prior Royal Navy you should be
    ashamed for not covering one of the longest serving classes in the Soviet
    Navy. This things followed my dad around the Med on more than one cruise.
    They were retired by the time I got in so now I only see Udaloys following
    me around. I are disappoint. For shame Jingles, for shame.

  70. Lazy, where is history article of this bloody warship?
    IMHO Better buy Tirpitz, price is close and Tirpitz has more advantage
    among BB than this in CA/CL line. Seems like she is pure escort cruiser,
    compared to IJN ones and cant go by her self like Atago. Tho, CLs Like
    Cleveland, Mogami and this, can use ROF and range skills which make them
    bit OP, and they dominate statistic tables by dealt damage. So rapid 155mm
    guns are nice to have in game, but I still rather go with IJN cruisers in
    T+6 battles – escorts are easy targets for BBs.

  71. I’m pretty sure this ship isn’t worth the money. Why? It’s main guns are
    actually pretty crap. They fire 90 152mm shells per minute with 2200 HE and
    3300 AP at a range of 15.9 km, which only sounds good if you don’t compare
    it to the nurnberg. The tier VI german cruiser Nurnberg fires 90 150mm
    shells per minute which do 1700 HE and 3900 AP damage at a range of 16.5
    km. The shots of the nurnberg are also faster and it will not get into tier
    IX and X matches like the Mikhail.

  72. It has the same price tad as Tirpitz. At Christmas when both of them ware
    for sale , its no brainier- if you are going to spend money , buy the
    Tirpitz. Its much better ship. For those who wonder how good it is – I’m
    cruiser and DD driver and the Tirpitz is the only bb I really enjoy. If you
    have any basic knowledge of what you are doing , you are going to have good
    time in it.

  73. Even if I was a miljonair I wouldnt buy the ship. Its ridiculous.

  74. Admiral Hippers Breakfast….

  75. jingles, i’ll jsut mention ehre, i use the 155 mm on my mogami… due to
    mcuh higher DPM, they have no issues penetrating cruisers 🙂

    edit: except the zao… but the zao is about as much of a crusier as the
    stock kongou is a battleship… vs Zao i’ll jsut spam HE and giggle like a

  76. Jingles can you use a bigger minimal whilst recording, I like to watch
    what’s going on a bit clearer

  77. don’t forget you can push the range even further with the rank 4 commander

  78. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Bloody Battle Boats Game again

  79. As a hungarian I totally agree that the pricing is fucked up, even more now
    that our money worth almost nothing. I’m not here to brag but my family is
    considered quite wealthy in our country(anywhere else it would be just
    normal) but even I cannot really spend that much on a digital ship(I mean I
    have the money but it’s really expensive with our standards). Would be a
    lot better without that pile of junk.

  80. Wargaming need to stop being such greedy cunts with the pricing. They’d
    sell more ships then and make more money as well as attract more players.
    The Atago is a far better ship as a premium T8 CL.

  81. What pisses me off about the pricing of WoW/WoT/WT premium vehicles is that
    now AW have proven that premium vehicles can be done just as well for much
    much less and, I guess, still make something for the devs. Honestly, you
    can buy most of the current AW premium vehicles for the price of one WoW


    +The Mighty Jingles, love your videos, hopefully one day i will run into
    you on war thunder or world of warships or better yet play together on it
    🙂 keep up the good work.

  83. Can you please ask WG why I can’t move rear guns independently and why I
    can’t see how much damage I can repair up too so I don’t hit the repair
    skill and repair 500 damage…

  84. saw it in a match yesterday on the NA server.. wondered if it was a new

  85. I think you missed a key factor about this ship; It’s long range AA (the
    dual-purpose 100mm) have an insane DPS of 90! These are the guns that get
    the x6 bonus from the Defensive AA Fire ability. Combine that with the Ctrl
    targeting bonus of x1.5 and these long range AA get a DPS of 810 for a
    total base DPS of 1026! Considering the long range guns can be buffed to
    7.2km with the right equipment and commander, it puts American AA escorts
    to shame – The Baltimore has a base DPS of 820.5!

  86. what does the hydroacoustic search do again?

  87. Ritsu_Tainaka_Is_ A_Goddess

    Jingles you should do a review of the IJN destroyers. They get a lot of
    flack for not being able to match the firepower of Soviet and American DDs,
    but I feel that they’re very capable because of their great torpedoes that
    a lot of other people don’t seem to know how to use correctly

  88. lol, which – recent – AAA game is sold for under 60€ on release? :D

  89. Very stronk but is it stronk enough. Think about my hard earned vodka
    comrade before you tell me to buy it!

  90. Fail-platoon got only 1 kill (BB on B cap). CV got the second (cruiser on D

  91. Whats that? A Russian ship that is better then a German ship? Holy Crap.

  92. Jingles, there are few fails in your pronounciation. In “Mikhail” you
    swallow last “i” but originaly that’s where the accent is, and it
    pronnounces in the same way you pronounce first “i”. In Kutuzov accent goes
    on “o” and both “u” are pronounced as you pronounce first one.

    Also a test if you really are reading all the comments in the first day <_<

  93. Aleksandr Pokrachinskiy

    Stronk ship!

  94. Your pronouncing that surname wrong, if it the named after the famous
    Russian general of Austerlitz fame that is.
    Watch the new BBC “War and Peace” production for the correct one

  95. I’d spend money on WoWS and even WoT if the premium vehicles weren’t so
    expensive. It isn’t even a money issue for me it is the fact that it does
    cost so much for a single ship and we don’t even get the gold or anything
    over here. If they priced these things at like 10-15 dollars i think that
    would be better.

  96. Watching this is more educational than school…..that I’m in right
    now…fuck math

  97. its that bloody boat game again…

  98. Forgets to mention that it is the only cruiser with a smoke screen….
    Jingles video confirmed.

  99. “It’s biggest advantage is also it’s biggest drawback” So that means that
    everything is utterly desastres shit but one thing that is “only bad”
    compared to other ships?

  100. O god you still need to grinf the Karlsruhe. just free xp it Jingles its
    soooooooooo bad

  101. Not that bloody boat game again Jingles Kappa

  102. Damn you Jingles! Your port has more ships than i have tanks in WoT! XD

  103. Deus Vault.

  104. Just when I was wishing for another one, Jingles delivers. Cheers!

  105. Kutuzof Jingles, KUTUZOF! Not Kutjuzov. I’m sorry, but it just hurt my ears
    too much to not mention.

  106. The russian bias is so strong in this game. Really!? Still no french and
    italian ships?

  107. Because the guns are small, there’s a T4 perk to get 20% range increase
    ;))) that’s huge…

  108. Thanks again for another good one, Jingles! :)

  109. Nice ship but not for this price , I want the ship I don,t need flags ,
    dublons nad other crap.

  110. The ship feels like a big Russian DD when playing against it.

  111. star citizen?

  112. basically the old cleveland with tops and smoke

  113. The bloody shipgame!

  114. Jingles I hate to be a grammar nazi but there’s a small mistake in your

  115. #479…#61 liked

  116. yeah, under 400

  117. Pretty ship. Needs more of a German flavor though :)

  118. well I like the name only the first 3 letters (kut)uzov
    where I live in Europe kut is a other name for cunt of prived part of a

  119. play world of tanks blitz

  120. Whohoo! finaly some WoWs again! :D

  121. Oh, it’s that bloody boat game again..

  122. oh and were the hell is the royal navy were are the Brits

  123. Jingles will you do a video on the bf109?

  124. wow…amazing! new video on my 5 minute break from the mines

  125. khaenn35 ForTheDerp?

    Of course. A Russian Ship.
    Wargaming, give us the damn Royal Navy line already…

  126. Yay finally another warships video!!!

  127. already? nc

  128. What no one here yet?

  129. 301 views club

  130. Awesome ship!

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