World of Warships – The Montlanta

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After months of lobbying for changes to improve the Montana and the Atlanta, I’ve finally gotten a design through. With the creative assistance of World of Warships players EadTaes and TsundereAdmiral, I present to all of you the Montlanta, the pinnacle of the US tech tree, a floating fortress of guns. The ultimate in offensive and defensive power! Coming to World of Warships April 1st.

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  1. USA millitary like your idea

  2. PawlusSidewinder

    Mindblowing ‘commercial’ music :D

  3. ..why is the montana a not so good ship? is the monana a terrible
    ship..i have it..i play it and i love it..the atlanta yes..bad range but
    the BB how..i would love to know how you or anyone else say that its a
    terrible ship..

  4. this is a Epic Fail…. this is just pure stupidity

  5. Do the Atlanta-guns count as main batteries, or secondaries? XD

  6. Daddy wants

  7. 蒙特蘭大wwww

  8. Even a Yamato would scream when faced with this monster!!! HAHAHAHA NICE

  9. So how much is it??

  10. Kuu Hanekawa (羽川空)


  11. finally. we needed this

  12. I want that so bad

  13. *applause* nicely done chase. I’ll take 10 of those :P

  14. Can we see a gameplay of this?

  15. That a bit to easy to see its a april fools prank lol

  16. new food for yamato? lol

  17. Ha Ha! April fools. Love it!

  18. Nice April fools lol. Although I have to admit, the ship literally
    represents us naval strategy.

  19. perfect April fools joke, lol

  20. Try out this insane Russian design
    What should have been the Soviet Tier 10
    instead of Moskva.

    12 x 7 inch guns.
    What makes this ship special… The underwater Torpedo Tubes.
    84 x 450mm underwater Torpedo Tubes.

    She’s the DESTROYER of Fleets
    Shimakaze and Kitakame got NOTHING on her.

  21. LOL

  22. Just Shut up and take my money!!!!


  23. *slow clap*

  24. Nice :D

  25. ah the 1 april pranks :D

  26. What’s sad is that this is actually a good idea to fix some of the
    Montana’s problems.

  27. PrimatusRobustus

    how uncreative modders

  28. I think there’s enough space to put a Midway on top off it too. We all know
    the CVs need a bit more love.

  29. So… what´s the turn rate?

  30. Star Trek Theory

    OH, HELL YA!!!!
    Bet you want my CC# now…

  31. Looks great, though, I must call into question her turning ability. In all
    those clips, you seem to be taking her rather straight on. I’m sure
    Destroyers as well as Carriers will love/hate this newest addition to the
    fleet. o7

    (And Happy April Fools.)

  32. I’ve just heard that the German tier 10 BS will have V1 missle lauchers
    which a player can guide to the target (similarly as with the bomber planes
    but you cannot adjust the path basically what you get is a straigth path
    from ship to target after you lauch you forget about it)

  33. Scipio Africanus

    I want one or maybe two…..:)

  34. Montana: IT’S NOT A TUMOR! I SWEAR!

  35. I give it 10/10 Battles of Midway!

  36. *slow clapping

    I love it. Good job.

  37. A better April Fools joke would be a new free premium ship, the Novogorod!

  38. Fanru Ye (Frank)


  39. The Montana has near the same amount of secondary guns as the Atlanta and
    there the same guns so really the secondaries just need better RNG not this
    piece of trash

  40. BakingPowder Liew

    lol I want this ship be playable in the next year April 1st XD

  41. Cool Chase ! this ship is a must :)

  42. This needs to be real! Shut up and take my money!!

  43. what happens if you citadel the Atlantas on the side?

  44. rofl very good one
    thx for it! :)

  45. i am done with the internet

  46. Troll ;p

  47. Epic shitpost fam.

  48. Alessandro Filippi

    Good one!

  49. If only…

  50. TrungVN the Purpdonkey (MinecraftVNteam)

    This is gonna be the most OP ship in the game :v
    I have a question: What an enemy manage to destroy 1 of the Atlanta, what
    would happen?
    Flip the ship?

  51. Seee now the MontLanta has better main belt armor then the yamato 😛 and
    its also spaced armor :P

  52. Too OP. Nerf!

  53. Can I launch 2*6 torp squadrans from this Montlanta too? Gonna be OP as

  54. You win

  55. LMAO good one 🙂 have a great April fools man.

  56. Does it come with Gearing Torps?

  57. Nice… Will this be trier 10 or 7?

  58. Lightsaber Duels

    Happy April Fools Day Chase. Good effort!

  59. How many takes did this take? 😛 I like the sort of movie announcer style
    voice at the end, as well :P

  60. Shutup and get my money 😀
    i want 2.

  61. I smiled. Nicely done.

    …although now that I think about it, the idea of a Montana with an
    Atlanta strapped to each side is…terrifying…

  62. Nice try, didn’t trick me.

  63. CynicallyObnoxious

    i want to do this

  64. TheDoctorInControl

    Love it Chase!

  65. It was a lot of work, wasn’t it ? :P

  66. I knew it be a April Fool Days video, got trick once earlier.But hey, that
    the most OP ship design ever, got to Atlanta covering the citadel and all,
    please implement this :v

  67. ;-)

  68. I wonder what the date is …

  69. Where is the carrier? xD

  70. well done good sir…well done

  71. and then suddenly a WG menber see this and boom you got that ship in
    reality in the game… 😀 good work Chase !! :D

  72. mistformsquirrel

    I would captain that monstrosity tbh… just for the bizarre messages you’d
    almost certainly get in chat <,<

  73. TheHardstyleMusicz


  74. Not good enough. It still gets overmatched by the Yamato everywhere but the
    citadel belt.

  75. LOL! Happy April Fools’ Day to you too Chase.

  76. XD

  77. LOL. Another design would be a Montana with a Atlanta strapped to the
    front. Yamato can’t pen through the bow now!

  78. My dream has come true.

  79. HAHAHAHA 😀 Briliant!!!

  80. Valeriy Molchanov

    Good joke 🙂
    Happy 1st April;)

  81. This is something the russkies would do.

  82. I would play that ship. But still i think it would need 2 squads of torp
    bombers it clearly has the room for it :P

  83. *slow clapping*

  84. Sparkleshy Starswirl

    “published on march 31” CHEATER!!! THIS IS A FELONY!!

  85. Insert “Shut up and take my money!!!” meme here.

  86. Warner Moczulski

    LOL, NIce! Must test this “Ship” it could work

  87. Hahaha excellent now it may be able to scratch the paint on a Yamato. It
    MAY be…

  88. good one :D

  89. You had me for a minute IChase thinking that they might actually buff the
    Atlanta :)). Well played sir.

  90. Finally!

  91. *chuckles* Nice one Ichase, nice one.. now off to the bathtub with you!
    Wash behind your ears!

  92. *slow clap* Bravo sir, bravo.

  93. Jasonbiggsdark 490

    ummm is it premium cause if it is i can’t get it

  94. Still gonna get wrecked by Japanese DDs invisifiring torps. Better put some
    radar on to fix that.

  95. how did you stick three ship together. And I think there should be a Midway
    behind. Aviation Battleship Montlantway

  96. Awesome iChase lol! And i was thinking it would be an Atlanta with 16′ guns
    lol, I hope its a prem ship that costs 1000$ lol

  97. kasheriey banquillo

    montlanta lol

  98. Take my money!… I would spread freedom all over the map with that… Too
    bad its just in jest…

  99. How about combine Yamato and 4 Shimakaze, Yamakaze, the combination of
    strongest gun and torpedoes ;)

  100. Montlanatolanta!

  101. April Fools to you as well Chase! Back to the Mars Expedition for me :D

  102. How the hell did you manage to keep a straight face while recording this?

  103. Happy April 1st

  104. Tier 13 most Overpower ship in the game!!!!!!

  105. I’ve a better idea.
    Instead of 2, strap 4 Atlantas with 2 on each side, front and aft. Cut the
    Montana in half and tuck a Midway right in the middle.
    The REAL pinnacle.

    Happy April 1st.

  106. Someone has to start the slow clap.

  107. Not gonna lie i belived it at first, well done chase, well done

  108. iChase sank my New Mexico with his Nagato earlier today in a striaght up
    brawl. Still licking my wounds but it was close.

  109. can’t turn tho lol

  110. Sir I respect your design and show, but this was not the best way to go.
    Clearly it should have been five Tillman IV maximum battleship
    designs(including the sub versions) strapped together, that clearly
    would’ve made a better cruiser. As for the better battleship, just strap
    every battleship design and sub design together as one big thing then bolt
    on some more main guns and secondaries…or, April Fools.

  111. Is this a premium ?

  112. Can you lobby for a change to the Erie, by strapping a st. louis to each

  113. Murica! Where they strap on anything on anything to make that something

  114. Nice April 1st

  115. How tactical! Inside facing torpedo tubes! So usefull!

  116. Why’re the Atlantas outside the Montana? You should at least try to split
    the Montana along the middle so you can hide the fragile parts within.
    Also, you’re a day early… XD

  117. Sebastian Krzyczewski

    Nice April fools joke

  118. I want to see Yamakaze.

  119. Vanessa Palmer (Vanessaira)



  120. Christopher Putt Rogers

    Wait, is this a Premium ship? ;)

  121. Pretty funny but I wish the Atlanta would get a heavy buff. It could be
    Tier 5 and not be OP. That’s how bad it is.

  122. Guns on guns on guns on guns.

  123. this ship can be killed by another Montlanta!!! it’s too underpowered, plz

  124. Don’t the Montana already like has 2 Atlantas’ worth of 127mm guns strapped
    on sides of the ship?
    And the magical mystical mighty serB took away the BB secondaries and made
    them into fireworks in case of close quarters combat.

  125. MeKanism Lastname

    Please make more like this

  126. meh
    I’d rather have the following:
    The tin can armor but 35 knots, 1000 foot HMS Incomparable 6 x 20 Inch guns
    USS Tillman 15 x 18 Inch guns
    H44 with 8 x 20 Inch guns
    Fujimoto’s dream boat design A-220 with 12 x 20.1 Inch guns.

    Or the 500,000 TON Hyper Battleship KANEDA with 100 x 16.1 Inch guns

  127. Well, that might be the one U.S ship op against anything.

  128. WaterDogZilla/MuttZilla

    LOL.. Bet that was interesting and took some time to set that up. Thanks
    for the laughs.. Needed it.

  129. Don’t get how the Montana us bad. Still, an interesting concept

  130. omg i laughed so hard in this video XD

  131. Tsundere Admiral

    Where can I sacrifice Wallet-kun to get one? Poi!

  132. It will still lose all it’s gun 5 seconds into a fight tho… :P

  133. Well Done Well Done Chase.

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