World of Warships – The Moose Is Loose

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Q. How many kills can you get in a Clan Battle?
A. Yes.

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  1. The title can probably scare Canadians

  2. Hey jingles, hope all is well! Take your time 😀

  3. Q. How many kills can you get in a Clan Battle?
    A. Yes.
    Was wondering when you would make a YES one. 🙂

  4. Excellent lane control and area denial by that enemy Alaska, it was genuinely frustrating to watch him cock block moose for most of the battle which means he was doing a hell of a job

    • Yes he was good in that ship
      as you said,
      great blocking

    • on point. i was thinking that Al Yukizaki was not being so much useful, turned out his yolo job on Alaska broke the stalemate.

    • @DesertFox MJ But it did show bad tactics or a lack of communication on Mooses’ team as that yolo should have had moose pushing as well to make the Alaska have to hesitate who he should target. They might have been able to save the Yukizaki. either way it was RNG that killed the destroyer as he did everything right, that smoke would have allowed Moose to step out if he was in position.

  5. PinkVerticalTaco b

    as an Illinois native i just want to say THANK YOU for leaving the S silent when saying Illinois XD

    • Can’t believe people pronounce illinois wrong, it’s a very well known name.

    • I don’t even care for Illinois and still find it irritating when people say Illi-noise

    • ​@jay71512Depends, really. In the USA? Sure. Somewhere else? Might’ve heard of it, but not often enough to care ’bout how it’s pronounced.

    • @Belgarath I’m not american, I also don’t care how people pronounce it, but I do know how it’s supposed to be pronounced lol

    • @jay71512 Sorry, I might not have been clear enough about this:
      Illinois is so irrelevant for most of the human population that they don’t know how it’s pronounced because they don’t hear it. That you know how it’s pronounced is obvious, but also completely irrelevant.

      To further illustrate this, how many people do you know that can pronounce Nordrhein-Westfalen, that ain’t from Germany?

  6. Hope you are doing okay, Jingles.

  7. Awesome to see!
    Have a nice weekend all.

  8. that was definitely a team win – while he got those kills, his teammates had done the majority of the damage to the ships – he just cleaned up – except for that Lightning at the end – he played that perfectly. that happens – sometimes you can do 150k damage on 8 ships but not get any kills or you could get 50k damage & 4 kills. it’s a funny game like that.

    • ToughAncientSpark

      Supposedly, it’s better to do a lot of damage vs sink a lot of ships.
      It’s just that sinking ships gets all the glory.

  9. Jeez, I hate selfish players!!😁

    Congrats Moose and your clan as well, definitely a team effort.🍻

  10. Here’s an innocent idea Jingles: as someone who only consumes WoWS content via your videos, it can be hard to stay up to date on all the new ships that come into the game. For example your description of the Illinois sparked my interest, so it would be fun if you tried to find interesting games of the different ships that come into the game, so we can get to see a greater variety of ships.

  11. An Alaskan taken out by a Moose? Sounds about right for a friday night

  12. If only there was a replay of this battle from the enemy team’s perspective. It could have been called “Goosed By The Moose.”

  13. Damn, despite the battle not going as planned in the beginning he still managed to kill everyone? massive props to him!

  14. As per usual, a very fine battle! Thank you Moose and Jingles.

  15. Hey Jingles, just wanted to let you know that I just started rewatching your MwJ episodes. Been subbed to you for about 11 years now, and man it’s a blast from the past. Thank you for entertaining myself and others for over a decade!

  16. nice game, thanks Jingle. such a perfect case study for Mainz. all things considered.

  17. Jingles – your videos and your voice is soothing in stress. I studied a lot to that fishing game, and now I am working and listening to your work.

    Thanks for the last five years, and many years to come!

  18. Ben and Dad Mechanical

    And if he had taken one tick longer to fire. … his team was at 999. Great game.

  19. Thanks for the shout out jingles!!! 🙌 definitely was riding on the shoulders of giants that game so couldn’t have done without the team!

    • As the Yukikaze captain(BulletMagnet82), he carried us all quiet well in his comfy backpack.😂 He even had smores. I was super pissed my torp rush failed.😢 Had to get him unstuck somehow.

  20. Real treat to see good play from both teams.

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