World of Warships- The Most Aggravating Ship In The Game

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the Tier VIII Premium Italian Battleship Roma, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Roma was the second premium I ever bought and she still remains one of my most played battleships in the game. You just have to understand that Mussolini givith and Mussolini taketh away

  2. Bernaccia Emanuele

    Can’t wait for the Italian DD line, I’m afraid a CV line for the Regia Marina will be a thing too though

    • Sap bombs here we come

    • SAP rockets. I hope they come, because they’d be easy to counter, but people would still cry their eyes out about it.

    • Well, after all, the Italians were building up at least one CV they never completed, the Aquila, but the real reason they didn’t build more CVs during the war or even the 30s was because of Mussolini claiming that Italy was a big CV in itself, but I supposed they’ll probably come up with the Aquila as a premium CVs eventually…

  3. It’s really odd comparing this game and Blitz, because there’s so many polar opposites with many ships. Roma, for example, is utterly annoying, maybe even bad, to play on pc, but in Blitz, Roma is literally the best premium tier 8 battleship in the game, bar none. Petropavlovsk is borderline op on pc, but in Blitz, it’s a steaming pile of dogshit. Same story with Alaska: disgustingly good on pc, disgustingly bad in Blitz. Scharnhorst is a cracking good ship on pc when played correctly, but in Blitz, it’s one of the most anaemic BBs in the game in terms of alpha damage. Thunderer and Conqueror are both excellent here, but utter dogshit in Blitz, Conqueror more so because superheals aren’t a thing there.

    And so on. It’s always interesting to compare how both games handle the balancing of certain ships. By that I mean making them either op or useless as they see fit.

  4. I used to use her ALOT during the tier 8 ranked, especially since she can absolutely shred german BBs, and has decent armor towards the bow, so you can absolutely troll 16 inch gun ships

    • How do u hit anything? Miss when it had deadeye. Im lucky to get 50% dispersion and when I do hit cruisers just overpens

  5. I last played Roma when dead-eye was enabled and I managed to carry a team to victory using Roma’s insane concealment + functioning guns. Those guns just shredded battleships…. so she has a light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to spray the manure off the headlight first and pray for the best.

  6. Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

    This is probably the most historically accurate dispersion in the game. I find it funny how the problem for all the other nations are mainly fire control but for the Italians it was more of their guns and not their fire control. So if you have like unicum aiming but still don’t hit shit, that’s historically accurate

  7. I still remember getting devstruck by a Roma in my Smolensk, after farming almost all his hp away. I just had to laugh and accept that sometimes RNGesus blesses others.

  8. I currently love to play Roma and the best part about here is that super cruiser concealment with the good armor which allows you to get close and absolutely destroy anything at close range. That let’s me keep a decent win rate and a dmg average of 98k. For me I have always had luck with her guns was able to once dev strike a thunderer at about 17km, but everyone has different RNG.

  9. If you slow down when you shoot with roma you will see an improvement in dispersion. The guns have insane penetration and the armor is very strong if you keep it angled. Roma is a great ship not frustrating at all

  10. I must correct you, architects did not design Roma, our engineers just have fantastic taste! <3

  11. Where’s the beer can? ‘😉”The Most Aggravating Ship In The Game” Granted, I have not played the Roma, however I can mentioned thee other ships IMO, that are the top for most annoying in all of WoWS; Genova, Krasny Krym, and Viribus Unitis. Or are you saying Roma is the most annoying for a tier 8 ship? If tier 8 ship, I can say the Constellation is one of them that is annoying to play.

  12. I was thinking about buying the Roma for quite some time, but I scrapped the idea knowing about the Marco Polo while the Marco can be accessed with Coal from the Armory instead of shelling a good amount of money, but you need money to buy the Roma, and I had to take a bunch of tier 9 ships that were about to be removed from the game while I still had the chance…

    Right now, I’m trying to build up enough Coal to buy the Marco but not sure if it’s worth the time anymore while I already have the Giulio Cesare, and the USS Massachusets…..

    I get along really well with the Tirpitz, even on long range with her main batteries despite the German guns reputations, I just don’t see what’s the reason for that reputation, never had any problem with those on my German BBs…

    • Well as a guy who also play Tirptiz I can say that anything above 18-19km is pretty hard to hit/Impossible to hit, you can actually try to shoot something like Yamato board side at about 20km and get 2-1 bloody over pen and bounce/Shatters… German 380mm Penetration sometimes is just underwhelming… Making it pretty ineffective against any well armoured high tier BBs

  13. I got myself the Littorio during the last AL event, and I have to say that the ship, despite how frustrating she can be, is really fun. Some games you overpen everyrhing and want to sell the ship, but other games, when Mussolini himself guides your shells, you can do incredible damage and absolutely destroy anything that thinks of showing her side to you

  14. For a glorious moment, Roma and Littorio were some of the most fun ships in the game. RIP deadeye Roma. I hardly knew you.

    • That was amazing for a short time

    • unlike Venneto which is so frigging bad that I have still PTSD from playing this piece of shit. 34 sec reload on absolutelly terrible and unreliable guns. If anything angles to you – you cannot hurt in ANY WAY, because SAP doesnt do a shit even if it hits (it doesnt …). Probably worst guns tier by tier from all ships in game. Lepanto and Colombo somehow works due to having access to mod 6 for 32.6 reload and just more guns so RNG doesnt allow broadside neptunes at 5km get away with 1 single overpen lol.

  15. Roma is the *one* ship that I miss Deadeye on. Made her tolerable to play and formidable to face.

    The dispersion problems come from the very high muzzle velocity; this flattens their trajectory and exacerbates dispersion in the vertical axis, meaning shells tend to overshoot or undershoot the target. NC, Bama, and Mass, by contrast, have big, heavy, slow-moving shells that arc lazily towards (and down upon) the target, which reigns in that vertical axis and also means they plunging fire and have more of the target to travel through. The US tier 8 battleships are extremely dangerous in this long range, campy meta because of this.

  16. I miss when It had deadeye it wasnt OP not a Lenin or anything.
    I guarantee you can still get trolled at under 10km it’s a bb so rng still messes you up
    I dont know which guns I hate more French or this

  17. After grinding Veneto a while ago, holy hell Roma looks more fun by miles

  18. roma/littorio is amazing, i’ve had none of the issues everyone whines about

    I get to push in with great stealth and armor, then great AP to punish bbs, and the great traverse speed on the turrets is amazing for duels, can’t recommend it enough personally

  19. Hi guys. What’s going on with NA server? I mean MM is making teams where one side completa slaughter the other without losing any ship… I’ve been way from the game for a while and now that I’m back this I noticed that is happening a lot. And it’s not because of subs exclusively, it’s happening on matches without them and no cv too.

  20. I love the Roma. The guys in my clan laughed at me bringing her out for clan wars and then were in shock at how it dominated a pair of Bismarck’s and wreaked the cruisers.

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