World of Warships- The Most Controversial Premium Ship

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Hey guys, today on almost the one year anniversary of the end of the event, take a gander back at the Puerto Rico event and look at how the game has progressed since then, enjoy!

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  1. Last time I was this early battleships could still push

  2. Is that Pay-to-rico?
    Yup, it is

    *Cries with Pay-to-rico grind PTSD in the background*

  3. It was accually really pathetic and insulting event and response plus I don’t think it is “learned their lesson” type of thing but more like “Just DON’T” type where you just cannot think it was normal.

  4. ah good old puerto rico. The absurdity of the event was what finally drove me to quit the game for good. Having seen the effects of recent changes like the commander rework, it seems more and more like a good decision

  5. Cedric Munger-Scharff

    The other thing that WG did after the Puerto Rico dockyard event was straight up say that the current ship had to have a portion of its construction paid for, whereas with the Puerto Rico we’d been mislead into thinking we could get the ship entirely for free when the directives made that goal essentially impossible.

    • @Cedric Munger-Scharff Huh, I tried anyway knowing I would have no way of finishing them before anyone told me what was happening. I was too new to the game to know anything.

    • Cedric Munger-Scharff

      @Robert Chien I’d only been playing seven months at that point, so I still considered myself in noob territory as well. And, to be honest, I didn’t really find the ship all that appealing, which in conjunction with the ridiculousness of the directives, led to me being like “No thanks.”

    • A few thousand players did get if for free.

    • @mitchrc3 dick WG did mislead the masses. So stop been a douche.

    • @jasin butler Only idiots who can’t read were “misled”. Pay attention stupid instead of whining that you were fooled.

  6. I’ve been a player since DAY1 and that sh!t show was the first time in 5 years I could not finish an event for a free ship! I took it as a personal insult to be honest and it took me a while to start playing again.

    • Same here. Took one look at the requirements and just though ‘not a chance’. Some of the Hizen tasks are a bit over the top as well, given you have to complete 42 of them AND pay money. This company genuinely believes it should be the focus of your life..

  7. Sirocco The Hunter

    Yeah I guess we really needed yet another video on the PR

  8. Recently, the Thunderer has become controversial as being too OP because of it’s removal.

    The premium Yamato complete with the special upgrade being able to be bought without any grinding comes to mind also.

  9. The most mad of the mad-lads that grinded the Pay-to Rico without paying is Fr4gm3ntation – he streamed most of it on Twitch.
    He was far from unicum-skillz but he grinded 10-14 hours per day for it and got it with 1 or 2 days left:!/pvp/overview/

    • Yeah I cheered him on most of his videos I was there when he finished it at the very end the guy was literally crying

    • WorstCommenter2008

      Same for me, I woke up early in the morning and ended during midnight basically. All the way and finished a day and a half before it ended.

      Was not worth it, PR is trash and I regret my time lost.

    • @WorstCommenter2008 gotta respect the dedication though lol

  10. That thing is not even close to having a tankiness of a battleship

  11. ‘Controversial’?
    I remember the Puerto Rico dockyard event.
    It was a disingenuous dare I say dishonest way to milk money out of people.

    That’s what pissed people off at the time.

  12. The next time I’m this late, Soviet aircraft carriers will be put into the game, with SAP rockets, AP bombs, and Yolo Emilio torps, and can brawl better than German BBs, and have 20 km 406mm secondaries.

  13. The ship that showed the incompetence of wg.

    • It doesn’t show that at all, shows the incompetence of the playerbase still willing to put up with their shit. In any other business WG’s economic model would’ve failed and they had gone out of business but in a videogame scumbag companies can get away with pretty much anything they want.

    • @taserrr Name another mainstream game like this.

  14. I bought the Hizen outright, and if I recall, that was close to just what the starter packs were for PR.

  15. The dockyard was supposed to be an early access for the ship as well. They were supposed to bring her back later on but after the whole fiasco they decided not to. So the people that didn’t spend or grind it in hope to get it later got screwed over.

    • WorstCommenter2008

      They are lucky, I have the ship. It’s abysmal, you are always focused because of how easy it is to damage it for HUGE numbers. Anywhere on the ship is basically a 8k damage minimum guaranteed constantly. Now imagine 3-4 ships shooting at you constantly because of your horrible stealth and lack of range to even fire back or run away and fire back.
      This long range meta crap made the ship even worse now…

  16. i wish they add it again i really want it, 12 guns on a “alaska” looks fun and i like her long bow

    • WorstCommenter2008

      You don’t want it, it looks cool but it really performs about as good as a heap of trash with horrible guns.
      No really, have fun hitting all your shells and dealing like 2-4k damage and setting no fires constantly, while being shot back at and being hit with a single shell for 7k damage.

  17. “And they’ve learned their lesson”

    *laughs in Makarov*

  18. I hope they learn from the dead eye disaster.

  19. Honestly thought It was going to be the ARP Yamato

  20. I have a suggestion, any thoughts on Tier 8 German cruiser Prinz Eugen?

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