World of Warships- The Most Cursed Thing You’ll See Today

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Hey guys! Today we have an interesting moment from a match with everyones favorite Tier IX Premium American Battleship, Kearsarge, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Personally I find most people play it more like a cv that a bb and just sit at the back behind an island launch planes and snipe. Total waste of a team member

    • Empoleonman522the2

      *Sec spec Kearsarge insanity intensifies*

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Yeah, many focus of the planes rather than the guns being the primary source of damage

    • rofl im the opposite, I try so many builds with kearsarge secondary included and now im running max reload furious closer quarter and fire prevention the ship becomes more fun if you try more builds. The full reload build was an idea I thought to try because sometimes no BB want to take the initiative to get on the frontline or take crucial flank position so with this full reload I hoped to engage other bb bow on if we ever meet and have at least faster reload for that situation.

  2. It was designed by an engineer during his sleep while having nightmares.

  3. Wargaming: Kearsarge is one of the most powerful tier 9 ships with tiny tims!
    Stalin: I have approved some wierd and ugly ships in my day but oooooooooh boy this one takes the cake

  4. its like the Montana lost her superstructure by crashing into a bridge

  5. I struggle to do any damage with the planes. I now realize that I’m assuming way too low on the ship. It seems that you are aiming beyond the ship.

    • that is a replay bug, however from my experience (in every cv that isn’t german), you want the horizontal line to be abour where the ship’s belt touches the water on the other side (so on the oposite side of your aproach), like that most of the rockets will hit the superstructure. This assumes a target that doesn’t move.

  6. I got the Ise from a santa container. I am bad at cv but I thought I give it a try. But even when you can get pretty big hits with you aircraft I thought that I would do more with my guns most of the time

  7. Don’t forget that Cunningham has Ruthless which can do the same thing for Eagle, not to mention he also has lightning fast to boost the British Jets to faster speed too. Now imagine if Japan or Germany ever get super carriers for Yamamoto or Lutjens…

    • What do you mean imagine , they are probably already in a folder on a devs system.

    • I’ll be real with you and say that If its IJN, its definitely gonna be IJN Shinano w/ Yamato armor, Nakajima Kikka and JBM1/2 jets. Lets add in some Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka
      because “historical accuracy” and, WeeGee loves to go against their word. Literally throw expendable planes at AA. This will complete the WG cycle by causing mass community outrage.

    • @Royce Phillips and that ohka will go kamikaze as it’s special skill, with “tenno heika banzai” special voice, lol

  8. My Fav BB ship t9. It’s easy for farm and get 130k+ damage. On my history use this Ship, I can get 45k Damage from Full health Cruiser t8, and make the health left 1% from 21 Km distance.

  9. Too bad I wasn’t around anymore to see this live, would’ve been awesome to see all the reactions live 🙂
    Cya next time, dutch777

  10. I just watched a video on the worlds ugliest war ships to ever sail. Im just gonna say if War gaming tapped this resource it would have an entire game worth of tier 2-6 ships. Theres hundreds of real world ships that actually sailed the ocean they could use.

  11. Thank God that WG listens to player-feedback and has reacted to our CV-complaints by putting more aircraft into the game.

    • Maybe because complains about CVs don’t hold up to proper argumentation ? Yep.

    • @Anjayl Actually, they do hold up, even WG acknowledged carriers to be broken and have provided tons of stats showing them outperforming everything. Kinda also why they are artificially nerfed to 1 (sometimes 2) per game. This is not a new topic, it’s pretty well known by now (for years?).

    • More to come with super carriers

  12. Always appreciate these vids. I find BB positioning is so important, and I learn from the talk-throughs (slowly), as I’m working up the USN BB line.

  13. These hybrids should have had plane loads that were consumable based, and an attack timer on the plane once it launches max 1 min maybe 45sec like a long range radar The one thing to also change would be add a fighter defence squadron on the same timer, so you can choose to have an attack or defend squad out but 4 charges only of each comparable to the torpedo reload boosters system. The Kearsarge was going to be Pobeda on what I have read, it also means the devs can take a variant of this ship into game for the Russian line.

  14. Like PQ said it, this ship is so op because u bring that detection ability on a bb. No radar ship needed, no dd needed. If u are a decent player u can just flight ur planes around the enemy and light them up all day

  15. Funfact. While planes are in attack mode they take reduced damage.
    Don’t wait till the reticle is on the enemy ship to start the attack.
    You can easily start it one or two widths of the ship early and take less damage on the approach.

  16. The huge weakness Kearsarge, Ise, and Tone, that can be easily exploited is: when they launch their planes they are not in control of their ship. Unlike a CV player, they cannot go between their ship and planes. Usually that makes them an easy torpedo target as their speed and direction are usually constant.

  17. Love your game play, you seem To be quite a formidable aponent! Well done on that!

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