World of Warships- The Most Expensive Premium Ship In The Game

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Hey guys! Today we are continuing to look back at the ships of yesteryear today with the infamous Puerto Rico! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. I know what the Pay-to-Rico was, it was the ship the forced me away from WoWs, and I’ve never looked back.

  2. Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

    Kinda feel there should be some partial refund for those who spent money on this ship; maybe like a 20-30% refund of the amount of real money you used for this ship

  3. Got it by paying two boosters. Was never my favorite ship to play.

  4. you got on that pr match around 2,5m pot damage , thats not so bad at all

  5. Marcus Jones Stinks

    I was the other PR thx for letting me div with you SLM that was fun :). That PR was full price for me, but I still love playing her.

  6. The funny thing is, that if WG had done the PR dockyard 4 months later many people would have been in lockdown with plenty of time to grind her.

    • No, the tasks where so insanely stupid that no one would have been able to complete them, not even the hardcore players that make a living from playing this game.

    • @Shifty mmh not rly hardcore and got it anyway ..took me 5-6h/day ..10h on weekends farming .. .. … ok by typing this i rly need to call me grindwhore xD

    • Nope, was only achievable playing around 8-12 hours/day depending on flags and experience and only with a few specific ships. If I remember correctly one of the directives was getting 600 ribbons in a game or something, and 90% of ships can’t do that.

    • Even that wasn’t enough.
      The directives were insanely grindy. Like you had to get 48 million potential damage in cruisers(twice, using different nations) and 350,000 free XP three different times(using different nations). They also don’t stack, so you’d have to do them one at a time. They were beyond stupid.

  7. It’s funny you post this video today!
    I got the PR for half price when the event was running, I played at most 10 battles in her at the time and not long after got bored of the game and stopped playing!
    After a year off from ships this past couple days the flame has been reignited and the ship I’m enjoying playing the most is in-fact the dreaded PR! I’m loving it even more now because I feel a lot of people don’t know how to deal with her because she’s kind of rare in the battlefield!
    And the same Anchorage too!

  8. Literally everything he said from 6:00 to 7:00 contradicts itselfs in the gameplay in background 😂😂😂😂 just watch 😂

  9. Ah, the Pay-2 Rico. I myself avoided getting this ship as I already have Alaska and she’s better lol. I did get the freebee Gorizia on the very last day of that dockyard and I considered it a win. There were about seven dockyard directives (if I remember right): and got as far as the third directive. Boy, times have changed lol.

  10. NegotiatorGladiarius

    Average person nothing. I had not taken my vacation time, so I dumped it on getting this ship, although I did buy the initial boosters. It was a 14 hours a day or so job, pretty much. I didn’t even see my family over that holiday (which, I guess, was the only positive about this grind;)) I doubt that the average person had as much time to sink into even that, unless the average person is unemployed. Get it ENTIRELY for free? Even many unicums doubted that it’s possible for them in that time frame.

    And then I had to deal with the backlash, because a lot of people assumed that everyone who had a Payto Rico had bought it for hundreds of dollars. People were super-hostile if you showed up in one in some games. If you were LUCKY, you’d only get focused by the entire enemy team. People would rather ignore the DD busy torping them from 5km to shoot at a PR across the map as soon as it became visible. If you weren’t lucky, your own team would shoot or torp you right at the start of the game. Plus the hostility in chat in some games.

    I pretty much worked the equivalent of two jobs getting it, and that’s what I got to show for it: a lot of hate :p

  11. I just played the PR last night. I still like it and I will never tell my wife any different as she got it for me.
    It was just a co-op and I hit 5 citadels with her. The guns work.

  12. TheGuardianofAzarath

    The Rico is the ship you take into randoms when you absolutely positively want to be the focus of the entire red team’s anger and hatred 😛

  13. I was kinda expecting Missouri given how much money ppl threw at the game to get it from random bundle, but forgot Peurto Rico was a thing back then. Its been so long since ive seen one in battle.

  14. I ground the PR down to $50 and I think that is reasonable. The second big problem other than price is the Rico isn’t enough better than Alaska to justify the massive difference in price.

  15. I ground that thing out and paid for the last couple spots. SO I think I ended up paying 20-50 bucks for it? Either way the grind was terrible but I dont think I really regret it. i like the unique ships you dont see a lot of. The rework ticked me off but hey what can you do.

  16. “This was the single worst disaster for WG before the current one”
    What a game, man

  17. Prisoner of the Highway

    I was sad that PR was never going to be in my port as I have a family to hang out with and bills to pay lol. I was less sad after killing a couple whales in clan battles with my rented Hindi lol.

  18. I dont play alot of wows pc im mostly a console wows ,player but just wanted to say i love the videos there always entertaining and fun to watch. 👍

  19. Im surprised they haven’t tried to sell it again 😆

  20. WG sure got the psychology of spending figured out eh?

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