World of Warships- The Most Fun I’ve Had In A While

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Hey guys, today I bring you guys a fun match I had in the Tier IX Italian DD, Paolo Emilio, enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. That double strike was amazing!!
    Btw – I say Edinburgh as a typical northern English person, so its like edin and bru haha “ed-in-bru” lol

  2. Edin-bruh for the most part in Scotland, though there are some variations. 😉

  3. Edinburgh is pronounce Ed-in-boar-rah or Ed-in-bruh if your feeling spicy

  4. Chat in this match is going crazy haha

  5. I’m going to sell my soul to get this party boat.

  6. I hate that this thing is bureau . No way I’m regrinding 2 lines for this, and that makes me sad

  7. Im confused. Yes they didnt really pay attention to you, but what is a lone bb supposed to do against a 50knots yolo smoke rush? run away with 20? shoot you once and then die?

    • @TheBananaBeat He had like 20 sec… he wouldnt even been able to turn around in the time

    • @TheBananaBeat yeah no the BB had no time for any of that. He should have been aware his death was coming and devoted himself to at least bow in and take a couple torps and unload 1 salvo of HE on the Emilio.

    • @Fadope he had like 35 sec, of which he used none because he was tunnel visioned, made worse by giving his position away by firing. If he’d have noticed he went unspotted right as the angry vape cloud started he could have held fire, turned right, and got as much distance as possible. The paolo would have been 3.5-4km directly behind when he finished the smoke run. Paolo torps seem to have a neato gap in each set that makes sure you can only get 1 or maybe 2 hits per set on a ship pointing out past about 3.5km. Again, he knew he wasn’t rpf’d so the paolo would have been going to where he was last spotted. It’s why I started running rpf on paolo

    • @TheBananaBeat And how much time would it take the paolo to chase a bb that just turned and accelerated with its modest 50knot speed?

    • @Fadope paolo turns like a bus, would have been heading wrong way, and would have to do a full 180 to get 3rd set off to finish him. probably another 45 seconds of being within 5 km of a pissed off bb and whatever else is shooting at him. I’m just saying that the BB had options, none of which he even tried. Probably still would have died, but could have made sure the paolo at least lost a huge chunk of hp to get the kill.

  8. definatly pronouced “Edin-Bruh”

  9. Great round Mr BB / super cruiser guy. Maybe we have another dd main in the clan now. Epic vid

  10. Ah, Yolo Emilio, the ballistic torpedo delivery system. Looks so much fun but unfortunately too much grind 🙁

  11. again…. eddin-burg?? I wont say a thing… not this time….. dammit… EDDIN BOE-RAH…. 🙁 (sorry) Glad to see you having so much fun. Looks like a fun ship.

  12. I’m glad they’re aren’t more of these to be honest. The maps would be covered with these little buggers.

  13. Still don’t have mine, thanks Clan Battles for making me grind meta T10s instead. But yeah if you wanted to play it safe when going for the Donkey make a sharp right before Stalingrad island and dump two sets at him. He was closing the distance and unaware of your presence so you could have been behind the island with a third set in reserve in case you missed or he wasn’t going towards the torps fast enough. Nice game man, was funny hearing you geek out in discord while this was happening.

  14. thats not a destroyer boys and girls, THATS A CRUISE MISSLE!

  15. I saw one of those things annihilate 2 Petropavlovsk yeah love that

  16. Sealord on discord not talking
    Shake my head my head

  17. Sea Lord Mountbatten, Sept 2020:
    “I’m a BB main.”

    Sea Lord Mountbatten, Oct 2020:
    “I’m a DD main.”

  18. It’s Edin-“bruh, stop touching my citadel”

  19. The problem with lots of games, is that its extreme rewarding for people who play a lot. Coal gives you better ships. Steel gives you even better ships. Research B … And this in turn also helps people gain more rewards. What in turn … Looking at the snowflake events, same. People with big line-ups of premium, Coal, T10, Steel etc ships gain so much more in rewards and flags, that help them grind even more tech ships / rewards. For the casual player, your choice is spend money on premiums or whatever you unlocked in your less aggressive playtime. FDR? If you are a clan player, … easy to get. Normal players… Hell, i have in all my years sinds Beta, only 3K steel because i play casual random. Coal … 150k in total ( what gets used on lower tier things because you know those 225K coal ships are out of range for casual playing ). Its a shame but Wow is not a casual players game, especially with the constant meta changes making your older tech line ( and even premiums ) obsolete and just damage farming objects. What in turn results in even less time playing because nobody wants to be a pinjata for others. And WOW player base is collapsing because of this. At some point your left with hardcore players and whales, and the rests simply stop because its no fun being farms for others. Palo looks like a fun ship but again, out of reach for most casual players. Even as a steel or whatever ship.

    • Then the other refinements (lol) of paper ships stronger than historical ships, and submarines which almost never showed up in fleet battles .

  20. “Paolo emilio is the fastest ship in the game, faster than marceau /kleber” : FALSE 43.5 nodes for the emilio and 44.0 for the marceau/kleber

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