World of Warships- The Most Idiotic Group Of Players I’ve Played With

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Nothing but an overgrown pack of chimps

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Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. As Jager is basically an Austro-Hungarian ship it ought to have Captain Von Trapp (from Sound of Music) as its commander and sail around permanently to “The Hills are Alive…”. 🎉

  2. loved it, that was fun to watch 🙂

  3. It often takes a village of assorted misfits and screwballs to accomplish a common goal! 🙌

  4. How dare you have fun! WG will not be happy.

  5. WG upon seeing this: Too much fun was had, we must buff CVs and subs to prevent this…

    • That attitude’s kind of part of the problem. Video gives a great example on people just having fun with the game and not taking it too serious. Don’t fall into the trap of taking it too serious because its bound to frustrate you

    • Don’t forget to turn paper Soviet cruisers into veritable hard to sink battleships…

  6. “There’s no village idiot here, we all take turns”

  7. “How am I still alive” – light cruiser feels ya

  8. Had a bunch a fun with SL last night. I was the Iowa in the two brothers game

  9. Just A Normal Dude

    great videos, this one gave me one hell of a giggle

  10. We need more content like this lmao

  11. I wish more people played WOWS like this more. It honestly makes it more fun, when you just play just for fun and giggles. Since that’s how me and my friends play this game.

    • This is great. It is just a game and is supposed to be fun. Too many armchair admirals. I play this game for fun only and return to my glorious retirement whenever I am finished having a fun game. I say good day to all of the trolls in chat wishing me an early death and/or question my ancestry or that of my long dead mother. 😀

    • It would be this way if they removed the pissing contest win rate !

  12. Do more of these type of videos i find them very funny 😀
    Also keep up the good work

  13. This was so fun to watch !

  14. What fun. Wish we could have more than three in a div.

  15. That was the most fun i have had watching your videos i hope to see more like it

  16. This is how it is supposed to be done. Having fun.

  17. Nice to see folks actually having fun

  18. I was the Stalingrad on your 3rd game in video 😀 that was goofy how many TSIOF people you got in one game!

  19. My clan would do this from time to time after a bad night of a clan battles where we would just do a crazy make up of a roster of ships for fun. Like one BB and all DD’s. Or ships rarely seen in clan battles. Half the time we would actually win.

  20. Man this brings back memories of Tom Fullery on wows legends. Goofing around with 13km AA builds or making cursed divisions.

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