World of Warships- The Most Important Class In The Game

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Hey guys! Today we take a replay from MarkWreckless showing us just how important and deadly Destroyers are! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music: GET AWAY by tubebackr is licensed under a Creative Commons License.…

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. Nice to see destroyers, that’s rare for this channel but that’s what makes it special!

  2. Hallimar Rathlorn Studios

    I was wondering if you could do a video about what makes a good [insert class] player for a team. Preferably what makes a good CV player for the team since that’s the class I often main. Maybe even all classes, but that might make a very long video.

    Basically: what makes a good CV teammate. In addition to other classes, maybe. It’d make a good video or even a series.

    • Gather intel for your team using your fighters and squadrons (spotting), support your team with your squadrons (damage), and _try_ to keep the enemy CV off your team (Not that WG did you any favors with the CV rework).

      If you can get the fighter squads in cheeky spots (IE in spotting range but outside AA range) you can passively spot enemy ships without your planes present so you can get more strikes off else where. Spot DDs and Submarines (trust me, your team will remind you), and _try_ to make the enemy CVs job harder.

      Thats my opinion anyway.

    • @Jay Werner Yup and as a battleship main, my team always thanks me for being the center of attention. Your job is to get shot at and to shoot back. If the enemy is focused on you, your teammates can flank, destroyers can torp your enemies to death and cruisers can hunt destroyers down.

      The cruisers I appreciate the most are the ones that sink the enemy destroyers first chance they get. Lets me stay afloat longer and once that’s done, they usually shoot at whoever I’m shooting, killing them faster.

    • ​@Jay WernerI’d like to add on that focusing down the enemy dd/sub initially off the cap will help the friendly dd push up and by doing that hopefully the cruisers and bbs will push up as well which will move the flank into a more favorably position.

      I like to hit the enemy dds initially in the first 8min of the game to make my presence known in their mind to push them off the caps. This let’s my team have an easier time to control caps which means IF THEY CHOOSE TO FARM they’re free to do so once cap control is assured since our team has point and cap advantage.

      Depending on cv I use my bombs or torpedos on bb/cruisers to make them turn when they’re already engaged as well to provide either my team a broadside to peg or free damage from me. Either way they turn they’ll take damage.

    • one that spots for his team like in the old days

    • Move up whenever possible as you’ll be able to cycle planes faster. Also, if you attack an enemy and end up in multiple players AA zones it’s better to just end the strike and get the planes back than trying to get another attack off unless it’s already lined up after the strike.

  3. For the record, the Gearing does have a set of torpedos you can research, Which is what is being used in this video. When you first get the Gearing it has the Fletcher’s Torpedos. Edit: RPF will point at a sub on the Surface or Periscope depth.

  4. That was a master class Mark. Well done! And thanks SeaLord for sharing it

  5. Yesterday i had a game(playing Yamato) where we had 2 DD’s(no CV) 8who both went down the B cap and one of them died instandly.

    This means we had 0 spotting on the A cap and C cap. The result was an overwhelming stomp where our A cap could not push and our C cap got overrun in a few minutes.

    As a BB player i had basically 0 game inpact because there was nothing i could do beeing spotted permenently by thier DD while not getting any spotting myself. I was burned down from behind two island and barely managed to get 75k dmg.

    • Sounds like a normal game for me.

    • @Gotham Goon Since i have been put on the ‘blacklist’ it’s become the norm where i rank 1st in my team but we always lose in less than 10 minutes.

      I guess WG must be proud how well the blacklist works.

  6. He was also 5 seconds from winning the centre circle but chose to go out straight for the CV kill. Could he have got both I wonder? But … wow!

  7. Congrats Mark. Enjoyed your replay.

  8. The CV spamming first the Hipper then the Yamato to go and get buffs right in front of several enemy ships is peak WoWS.

  9. excellent play, with minimal risk. well done. i think the best dd game of recent history.

  10. The problem isnt dds dont cap or spot the issue is when friendly cruisers/bbs hang back and farm damage instead of helping kill enemy dds

    • do you know how you, as a dd, make those people push forward?
      Stop spotting.

      Those crratures are simple, if they can shoot, they will shoot, less they know if they keep shooting they can’t go dark and turn the ship forward.

      By stop spotting, you effectively make thhe simple creature stop shooting hence they can use what have left in their brain to do other task than shooting

    • @HAWK I get yer. Number of games where I’ve fought my rear off,tried to push,tried to make things happen and you find a couple of folks at B1!

      Who then nick your kill as your waiting to reload!

    • You have no idea how infuriating this shit is. I’m potato player, so I decided to try IJN torpboats to learn DDs. Focusing on spotting and supporting above personal dmg. Imagine outspoting enemy t11 russian DD for 3 FUCKING MINUTES STRAIGHT as Yugumo, and NOBODY even shoots at it. And the moment I was forced to get to close by CV, I get instantly deleted by funny button. Sadly people are too focused on farming on “muh big numberz” to actualy care to delete most important targets.

    • @Trent Riley I agree with your statement but the BB players are the first ones to start bitching and crying when the DD doesn’t go after the cap to start the game especially on the weak side knowing dam well the BB player basically wants him to sacrifice himself just to get off a couple of rds at the 2 or 3 ships he initially spotted. We also know the BB players know we are not taking that cap to start the match and like you said they are too far away to either reach the enemy BB player who was spotted or hit the DD. Might get lucky and get a good salvo off on the cruiser but that’s it.

    • I agree for the most part, but as a BB player that tries to soak up damage for cruiser and dd players when I can I rarely get any help. Everyone just watches me get focused out and destroyed

  11. Its crucial fot every “Team” hunting Down Enemy DDs first!
    This should b Always nr 1 on the list.
    Because Once they are gone,enemy team is ,as a matter of fact,almost “blind,eccept theres CVs or subs involved.

    First of all,friendly DDs/Cruisers can get closer, because they are not so easyly spoted and theres less Torp thread.

    Seccond ,BBS are able to Push faster,..also bec of less enemy torps.

    Everyone knowes how painful it is to watch your own DDs being killed,and loosing cap/Spot Advantage.

    Some Games are just lost, because DDs are Not propper spoting,or being positioned badly.

    So..keep ..your…DDs…alive,Mates!😉

  12. HAVOC Shooting Solutions

    People underestimate Gearing for sure. Great game!

  13. DD’s for me are feast or famine. Either lots of damage and spotting or dead from a bad choice 2 minutes in.

  14. A very very good game , its how a lot of us would like or dare to dream of doing bring on more replays like that.

  15. Thanks for posting this video Mountbatten, and thanks to all for the kind feedback.
    I have to say that I was pretty lucky in this battle. The stars really aligned for me on this one!
    But I think I pretty much maximized all the the opportunities that arose. Prudence and patience paid off.
    Thanks again!

  16. Awesome battle Mark, full respect!!

  17. As a guy who can’t play neither type of destroyer for his life, having good dds on my team always makes my day when I’m in a bb, under appreciated and frankly quite difficult role

  18. Whoa! What a killer match! Well done! Thanks for the commentary!

  19. I just got a gearing and I’m hoping I can use it well. Also, could you do a tier list of CVs? I’m trying to decide which one best fits me.

  20. 11:21 “his team is trying pretty hard to die as fast as they can” -enemy team: challenge accepted.

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