World of Warships- The Most Insane DeadEye Build

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the insanity that is DeadEye, on the Yamato with Aiming System Mod1 and the Yamato Unique Upgrade. Enjoy and let me know what you think below!

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  1. The Invincible Iowa

    was just talking about this with friends

  2. will you do a video on what skills to equipped to the most popular ships? love the work keep it up

  3. Republique is an absolute beast with dead eye !!!!

  4. I think that the if people want to snipe they can have this skill, but the skill for secondary BBs should be much and I mean much better to a point that a ship would be encouraged to push and obviously rewarded

  5. im sure if the fires were not as bad as it was then maybe BBs would push more

    • Say it louder for the people in the back!!!! Literally the only reason why I dont push, nothing fun about being on fire for the whole match and dying as soon as you push in a BB

  6. I would rather the buff survivability and secondary Builds to compete instead of nerfing dead eye. With it on roma it completely changes the ship and makes her so much fun.

    Unless they change the parameters. Guns 381 mmeters and smaller get 10% guns 420 mmeters or smaller get 7 any guns over 420 mmeters should get 5

  7. Montana with Deadeye feels like a big cruiser. It’s silly how tight the groupings are; I think 3-gun turrets are the sweet spot for Dead Eye. I noticed much better results in my Montana/Yamato than I did in the Thunderer/Georgia with it.

    • Thunderer won’t get much benefit as it already had very good dispersion 234m without deadeye. Yamato with legendary has 238 dispersion Montana has 260m dispersion. This is only half the story you also have to look at the sigma values Thunderer has 1.9 sigma Yamato 2,10 sigma and Montana also has 1.9 sigma so overall Yamato is still better even if you don’t have the legendary upgrade.

  8. Dude iv been getting like 19k he Salvo on the conquer with dead eye it kinda nuts

  9. Im so bored, like deadeye just makes the entire game boring.

    We lost so much for this trash rework…. RIP Seigfried

  10. “This skill is getting nerfed. It has to.” You do have high hopes 2 years after CV rework.

  11. Ah yes, the shots actually connect in this video!

  12. Classic WG balance protocol:
    Problem – A certain skill is making BBs overperforming and promoting passive sniping gameplay
    WG solution – Let’s NOT remove/fix said skill, but rather nerf the BASE STATS OF THE SHIPS instead

    So BB players who don’t want to use this skill will be screwed anyway, I suppose

  13. Whoever recommended and implementead that skill working in Wargaming must have no idea about the game or playerbase or whatsoever in general…

    • I’m undecided initially I thought they broke the game so BBs sit at the back sniping CA go anti concealment so BBs can target CA CA can DPM dump BBs
      DDs can spot CA way easier and can stay well clear of them The CA won’t be near the cap in case they get sniped (unless they have cover),
      DD gunboats got a straight-up buff as soon as they start shooting they get 10% to reload buff. Best 1 point skill in the game liquidator 30% increase in flood chance works on gunboat and torp boat. Halland can run meme build AA and liquidator
      CV lost stealth buff to planes apart from that pretty much unchanged biggest problem for them is that now you have 2 or 3 bbs in each others AA bubble which will make it harder to get strikes in. Most CA has decent AA anyway. They will find it harder to get isolated targets as everyone else will farm them first
      The biggest hit is brawling BBs notably secondary builds and close-range Russians. This in a way also affects island humpers and other HE spammers as everything is kinda out of their optimum range and if they get caught by a BB they are in big trouble they are also now a good target for torp boats as everyone else will be on the wider areas.
      It’s not optimal gameplay for anyone but certain ships broke the game and rather than address that problem they have taken a side route. Also, it will induce much discussion and take the heat away from CV by most players apart from the most dedicated CV haters.
      I expect skills will be tweaked in the coming weeks to the values they actually wanted in the first place they just go full-on then dial back to the value they always wanted and people are happy and think that WG listened to them

    • @sub ohm Yeah I tried builds for the soviet bbs as that was fav BB line… I hate sniping BBs I like to tank with my team. Conqs and Thunderers burn me to hell… There is no way to beat a half decent BB player of these ships. Funny factor is Best Build for Soviet BBs is dispersion build too and snipe as much as they come close to you. Now you dont travel towards the enemy as that buff affects soviet BB dispersion significantly… Much better than a secondary buffed soviet build for main battery reload as sov secondaries are crap… And scondary builds are usually inferior to snipe builds.

  14. Working as intended. No issue detected on spreadsheet

  15. Vermonts are just dunking people, it’s crazy.

    My examples: First time on my Yammy where I’ve had all 9 guns hit in one salvo. They were all ricochets, though.
    Second, I saw a Vermont literally one shot a Zao from a pretty long way off. (no detonation).

    • Literally any BB can one shot Zao from long range even without Dead Eye, bruh.

    • @x. su it happens more times than once in a blue moon. That kind of dispersion is something the old GK and new Kremlin without Dead Eye had and have. But now dev striking cruisers, is now a GK personality and other ships just do. And Zao has less health that some light cruisers, so one or two cits and a couple of pins do the job. So it ain’t rare. Maybe I’m lucky but I said what I saw

  16. slava with dead dye: so I started blasting

  17. Yes, meta tend to go there, but this skill is promote this playstyle even more

  18. Thanks WG for creating the sea equivalent of trench warfare.

  19. Then there are people running around with Worcester, Des Moines, Smolensk and Colbert builds spamming he more than ever

    • you can’t really lump Worcester and Des Moines in with the cancer’s known as Smolensk and Colbert. US Cruisers don’t set anywhere near as many fires or put out as much ordinance. the Smol and Col dpm is SO much higher then even the Worcester.

      Now if the Worcester had a smoke gen… then i’d lump it in with Smol and Col….

    • Actually even though Colbert doesn’t have smoke she requires a lot of skill to play compared to smolensk. I citadel Colbert here and there with HE bb shells.

  20. “the meta was always going towards sniping” “this skill has to be nerfed or this is what WoWs is going to be like.” Haha! Nah, Asian server play style has just finally infiltrated the other servers. Players that fled the Asian server to get away from it when the transfer was available subconsciously brought the bias with them, and now its going to infect you guys full force. This was the only play style you really saw on the Asian server, even before the rework.

    They should have designed the talents that if you spec’d into secondaries, you naturally picked up the tanking talents, like reduced fire chances and less fires, better dam con and so on. Make it so you could actually fulfil you god damn roll of brawling successfully. While sniping campers got none of that.

    Also, where is the indicator that these ‘activated’ skills are active. Where is the UI feedback.

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