World of Warships- The Most Nerfed Ship In The Game Got A Buff

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Hey guys, today we take a look back at the Tier VIII Premium German Aircraft Carrier Graf Zeppelin, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio


  1. This ship is weak asfff, it does still needs more buffs.

  2. I was thinking about 4 ways they could make her good, not op but just a fun thing to use.
    The first way is the meme way: give her a 12km conceal (currently 15km) and increase her secondary range to 10.8km.
    The second way would be to increase the ammount of planes in her rocket and dive bomber attack squads to 3, increasing her potential alpha.
    The third way would make it so one of her bombs, no mater what hits dead center in her bombing reticle, therfore making those bombs on hell of a lot more consistent. And maybe give her bombers the heal that the other germans have on the bombers.
    Number four would be, give that girl a heal+hydro. That would make her able to last in closer range where, she is always against the clock because, 1 she is unmissable and if you manage to miss a GZ below 9.4km (her current secondary range) you should realy question your aim or you are playing an italian bb. 2, she is to slow to react to any torps, (no seriously she cant take toros like bbs because her torp protection is so weak) and 3, goddammit , let me have hydro when i meme around with two bensons, having a smoke party while pushing a flank.

  3. WG should just buy into the meme and buff her survivability and secondaries

  4. I think plane spotting should give reduce dispersion

  5. I’m not sure the grass is upland is the most nerfed ship in the game. The side pan is really rough to play since the CV rebook. It used to be a bully and now you can get deep-planed easily if you get up tiered. You can still do great damage if you can keep your planes alive

  6. Embrace the meme, make it a full battlecarrier with a secondary range buff, concealment buff and hydro, maybe even a heal.

    • Have to say I’d actually like to see something like that.

      Many CVs were converted from other ships so having a paper battle carrier on something like a Bismark hull with say the new German battle cruiser tree armaments (torps, secondaries) and hydro/heal but limited planes and maybe a rear or forward main battery turret with smaller squadrons.

      Make it a ship where you can be a bottom tier CV or a brawler, like hybrid to the max. Just for the memes.

  7. Do you think she would get a secondary buff? I know the graft Zepplin was a really good secondary ship because I kept on dying to it when I try to destroy it in my DD’s.

  8. I really love this ship, is on my top 5

  9. Speaking of aircraft spotting, planes don’t notice the destroyer until after they’ve flown over it but they can detect a submarine under 40 meteres of water…🤔

  10. It used to be my favorite CV to play and I had a lot of fun with her, it had very little to do with her planes and a lot to do with the secondaries. Before when you could put manual secondaries on her it was just hilarious how good the secondaries were, now they are still goodish, but not even close to what it was. WG should really buff the accuracy of them or give this ship a smoke generator.

  11. Love the review. Agree with the secondary’s, my personal best is 354 hits in a match. This thing is fun to drive down the middle…..

  12. one of my best memories in GZ was a dd snuck up behind me and i detonated it with my secondaries.

  13. I just got my first solo warrior in this ship today. Very cool ship.

  14. It has a special place in my port and heart 🙂 Very fun ship to play if you know how 😉

  15. Reducing a bit the radius of the reticle of her bombers would be a nice small buff, less rng dependent

  16. They should do something about the roon.
    It’s fun but you get outmatched by everyone in terms of gunpower. You can just run away or skill them out.

  17. Whenever they did the 1 v 1 tier 8 matches long ago, Graf Zeppelin was the way to go.

  18. I still have distinct memory of fighting these bastards in seasonal ranked 1v1s years ago. I was in either a dd or a cruiser and it was painful.

  19. Alonso Ovando Chico

    At least Graf Zeppelin’s planes are fast. Kaga’s planes are slow and just as weak so this season of persistent AA mounts makes it rather hard to enjoy playing it

  20. My first Premium Ive ever had was KAGA, and its awesome… Some time later I got Zeppelin and I was really disappointed at how bad it performed compared to the KAGA. I got around 100k average damage on my Kaga, and I couldnt do much more than 50k on average with the zeppelin…
    Kaga worked so much better for me with 11km detection range, and lots of planes. The Kaga can even deliver a devastating guaranted 14k strike, and you can get out 2 of those with 1 attack squadron.
    Zeppelin on the other hand gets just 11k with lucky citadells. And its just the lack of planes the Zeppelin has compared to Kaga, that makes it so infirior. You cant afford to lose any. Id wish I would have bought another ship instead

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