World of Warships- The Most Painful, Salt Inducing, Anxiety Raising Game Mode

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Hey guys, today we go into ranked for some……… Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. wow that blind firing was something ummm super accurate.

  2. “Puts out fire, immediately gets 2 more fires” RNG SAYS SCREW YOU! Got to love it sometimes what this game will do. But yeah Ranked…..their is a REASON i have yet to touch it. Cus lets be real the ONLY ship you can really on is your self these days, SO MANY Ensign’s with captains caps ya know.

  3. I don’t do Ranked battles anymore, and I feel that is a good thing now that i look at this. I mostly play Randoms. Lol. Though, Im liking the live commentary gameplay videos, it’s a very nice change of pace. I think you should do more of these Mountbatten.

    Although, I remember one time that I was in my Nagato once, playing Ranked, and I destroyed 7 ships on the enemy team, all about them pretty much. That was glorious!

  4. Krzysztof Narloch

    Was i the only one who laughted after SLM got the two perma fires?

  5. Believe it or not , California got me through Bronze like a champ . I believe that she’s buffed accuracy wise . I did so many devstrikes and cits at range I couldn’t believe . Like an entirely new ship ….

  6. Ranked with a secondary Gneisenau was great fun for me, some matches really went to show my RNG in it though (It’s great, probably the big thing that makes Gneisenau enjoyable for me)

  7. I’d love a series of you just grinding up through the ranked hell. Coincidentally started doing some ranked also just yesterday, thought it was about time for me to aim for Bourgogne a little more seriously. Would love seeing the pain from another perspective.

  8. To me it’s the opposite.
    I don’t care for WR in ranked (which I do for randoms) so it’s a good place to try new tactics and new ships. No pressure since I don’t care about ranking out, I only play for steel. Also no subs, no superships and way less CVs which are the reason for high tier randoms to be the current crapfest they are right now.
    Also, since teams are smaller than randoms your individual contribution is heavier, so a good player actually can carry his team which is nearly impossible in randoms.

    • Totally with you. No idea why anyone prefers/plays Randoms, when Ranked is so much more rewarding.

    • @RS2Russ randoms are potentially more rewarding in terms of damage/XP because of bigger teams, but still. I am avoiding high tier randoms like the plague until superships hype dies down and subs population inevitably dwindles

  9. I actually do enjoy ranked, the smaller teams make me feel like i can make a difference, though i dont like how the point system works, im always scared to play or i might lose a star to a team i cant carry lol… i guess thats the problem.

    • You also get Steel, doubloons and camos for playing it, plus the games are quicker. No idea why anyone prefers Randoms to Ranked.

    • @RS2Russ Well, then think! 1. There are many ships that are unplayable in Ranked but good for randoms, so if you like those ships then you need to play random, 2. One idiot teammate (and about 20% of the community are one of them) ruins you whole ranked game if the enemy team does not have said idiot in their team. In randoms one idiot is less likely to ruin the game for you. 3. Its just for many people more enyojable to play with 24 ships, more ships more action and for some action=fun. 4. CVs are a even more of a pain in ranked than they are in randoms, if you are in a ranked battle with a ship without good AA and you have a cv, you match is ruined.

    • @RS2Russ yeah. I like to play DDs so Ranked is always interesting enough. And with shit-teams there is only so much you can do. Atleast in a DD you can provide all the information your team could need, than it is up to them to do something usefull with it. Much moar is not possible imho

  10. For me ranked is only for steel, i don’t care about the winrate or the rank, i learned a long time ago with people afk, trolling or complaining about other while doing nothing in every leagues that WR don’t really make sense when you lose because of one of your teamates, regularly, either because they are trolling or they just commited a mistake, at the end of the day nobody is perfect, we’re constanlty learning and what count is steel and fun.

  11. Håkon Steinsvåg

    I almost got to silver league with my german full secondary battlecruiser. Everything went fine until I needed two more wins, then suddenly my luck to a 180 and everything went to shit.

    • Seems normal for ranked. Before you grind another 5 hours of painful up and downs the game wont allow you to rank up.

  12. I consider rank battle the only place for fun now since there are less CVs no superships bullying no submarines and less number of ships overall, as a result, you can play more aggressively.

  13. Rng is the most BS thing in the game like one round be like:”oh you was hit by all the HE shells from the enemy team no worry you just lost an AA mount”
    And the next: “wait was that a single 127mm he shell on the main belt? Nothing we can do in this one scuttle the ship! (Kaboom)”

  14. I went through the bronze like butter, now the last 5 stars for getting to silver took 49 matches. It was hell. Silver was fun, but all I did was farm for the wins and rewards. never tried for gold.

  15. I’ve been enjoying ranked a lot recently but I don’t grind out for level 1 very often (although managed to get to Bronze 1 last sprint but stopped there). I get my wins in and use a premium ship to grind for credits, like the Nelson. I can usually get 300k to 500k a game, or more in a good win. Matches seem to be more interesting as people are actually willing to push and brawl a bit. Still get blowout games, idiot teams/teammates, and terribly unbalanced teams from matchmaking but it still feels better. I just want a tier 8 bronze now so I use it to grind out a few lines I have been static on, or got through tier 7 in current Bronze.

    Also the worst game mode I’ve seen so far has been the 9v9 Brawl with full stacked divisions. That was the most toxic game mode I’ve seen so far and really showed how out of touch with the game the devs are.

  16. Be cool if wargaming could change fires maybe just A LOT! I’m sick of catching like 9 fires in the span of 3 minutes and only actually having 12 shells hit me

  17. You know, this experience Battan had is the whole reason that since release I still haven’t played ranked once ever.


    Took me a bit to figure out the best ship for bronze. Fiji was amazing does so much damage and has heal and smoke. I can effectively deal damage to all ship types.

  19. I weirdly find it easier to take ranked less seriously than randoms. It changes too much to be the “default” game mode, and has become the testing ground for whatever nonsense WG is brewing that month. Plus, the teams being smaller means you have much higher impact and can salvage games more easily. Clan battles is the real competitive mode.

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